Best Screenshot Apps For Android [New]

by Narendra

Screen Master, Screenshot Easy, and more. Here are the best screenshot apps for android.

Every smartphone has screenshot option to take a screenshot, but for lack of editing options and lack of features we need to use third-party screenshot apps, which will help us to take screenshot fast and provide more editing options. If you are a blogger like me then you need to take screenshots and edit as per need to more clearly understand your blog post. Here in this article, we are going to present some best screenshot apps for android which have a screenshot option as well as recording feature so that it would help to take video as well.

1. Screen Master: Overall best screenshot app

Screen Master is one of the best screenshot app for android to take a screenshot and the much-liked point is you can edit your screenshot with a number of different editing tools, you don’t need any photo editor tools to edit your screenshot. It’s a free screenshot app which comes with several surpassing features like it has floating button screen to take a quick screenshot every time, you also have the choice to stitch any two photos in pictures and my favorite trait which I like the most is spotlight through which you can clearly highlight any part of the screenshot.

Screen Master  Overall best screenshot app

If you are a blogger like me then, screen master is best screenshot tool to be used, you don’t need to edit your mobile screenshot on photoshop here it has some great feature tools using them you can easily edit pictures. Like if you have to indicate some part then you can use draw arrow tool, crop image, pixelated image, and also you can add some stickers on it.

Screen master gives furthermore, features beyond editing like you can take a screenshot by just shaking your mobile, You have the option to choose different file formats like JPEG, PNG. It will capture the whole web page and save an image of high quality and have the option to share with your friends. In my opinion, this is the best screenshot app you have to use.


  • After taking a screenshot you can also do annotation.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Variety of editing tools available.


  • It’s not working on the restricted screenshot app.
  • Contains ads.

Downloads: 1M+

Size: 8 MB

Install: Screen Master (Free, In-App Purchase)

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2. Screenshot Easy : Best featureful screenshot app

Screenshot Easy is another great option to choose after Screen Master, here in this app you will get more features & more options to do multitasking like most of the app is only developed for taking a screenshot but through screenshot easy, you can also record screen, you can take scrolling screenshot, website screenshot and having same great image editor features like Drawing, Emoticons, Layers and most of same as screen master but here you have the option of folders where you can arrange your screenshots as per different categories.

 Screenshot Easy : Best featureful screenshot app

Besides screenshots, you can also edit your record videos in the same app like you can trim the video for short size. More importantly, It has options to join two different recordings in one, you can make a slideshow of your screenshot and customize as you want.

Furthermore, here you can further change the file format and make a shortcut and much more features than that. If you looking for a screenshot as well screen recorder then surely you have to go with this screenshot easy that has a fast and simple user interface to use perfectly I give thumbs up to the app for best multi-options.


  • Best for Multitask like video recording & editing as well.
  • Fast and also take a scrolling screenshot.
  • Having great editing tools.


  • It does not save the screenshot directly to the gallery.
  • Contains ads.

Downloads: 10M+

Size: 5.26MB

Install: Screenshot Easy (Free, App in Purchase)

3. Touch shot : Simple with features screenshot app

If you are looking for simple and want lots of features then touch shot is the best screenshot app for android to choose, here in this app you can capture screen with easy floating button on screen by just touch with the great high-quality images you can also have options to reduce the quality size and have simple editing tools like stamps of arrows, Brush options, Text editor and good color combination, apart from the screenshot you can also use a screen recorder where you can record screen with the best quality by just simply tapping on the play button.

Touch shot : Simple with features screenshot app

Touch shot screenshot not require rooting, it all works for free and is quite easy to use for the beginner if you are YouTuber then this app helps you a lot to record your screen without paying other video recording apps. If you don’t want any complications in the app then a touch shot is the best option to choose.


  • Free, without root screenshot app.
  • It also has a feature of multitasking while screenshotting.
  • Simple and easy to use.


  • Unable to record video properly.
  • Cast application has a problem to take a screenshot.

Downloads: 1M+

Size: 2.4MB

Install: Touchshot (Free, App in Purchase)

4. Droid Screenshot : Best screenshot app for edits

Need a screenshot app that has excellent editing tools and features? then droid screenshot app is best for you. Through the app, you can take quick screenshot from the navigation bar or you can manually add button on screen for the tap to screenshot. The app contains lots of free features through which you do your work, free of cost, it’s fast and simple to use app, you should give it a try if you need featureful screenshot app for android.

Droid Screenshot : Best screenshot app for edits


  • Take a screenshot and edit instant will great tools.
  • There is no manual launching, works well in the background.
  • Having the best editing tools.
  • Simple and comfortable to use.


  • The design is old and creep.
  • It also contains ads.


Size: 23MB

Install: Droid Screenshot (Free, App in Purchase)

5. Firefox Screenshot Go : Best UX screenshot app

Here is unique and different featured screenshot app for android (Firefox Screenshot go) where it solved the major problem of finding screenshots from gallery, using firefox screenshot you will be able to find screenshot by text including on that. It means it captures the text on your screenshot and gives search bar to search particular screenshot.

Apart from this it has a feature you can also easily take a screenshot by just one tap floating button, and it will perfectly organize your screenshot in the collection or you can also search particular by typing keyword.

Firefox Screenshot Go : Best UX screenshot app


  • Find Screenshot easily with a well-organized gallery.
  • A simple way to take a screenshot.
  • It contains fewer ads.


  • It will not take long screenshot.
  • There is no screen recording option.

Downloads: 100K+

Size: 4MB

Install: Firefox Screenshot Go (Free, App in Purchase)

6. Screenshot-Quick Capture : Fast screenshot app

As the name suggests screenshot quick capture, using this app you can take a pretty fast screenshot without any lagging. The screenshot is only made for taking quick screenshots there are sometimes when we have to take lots of screenshot without any editing, where quick capture screenshot works well, you can take screenshot with simple floating icon by just tapping or there is also an option in the notification bar.

Screenshot-Quick Capture


  • Best for taking a fast screenshot.
  • Easy and simple user interface.


  • The app does not contain any more features.
  • There is no editing option.
  • It does not take a long screenshot.

Downloads: 500K+

Size: 3.26MB

Install: Screenshot-Quick Capture (Free, App in Purchase)

7. Go Screen Capture : Organized screenshot app

Here is another best screenshot app for android you can use where it has easy to take screenshot option on navigation bar & as well floating icon by once manually start button, after that, you can also edit that screenshot. The app has a simple user interface and well-organized screenshot galley where you can choose and edit that picture.


  • Simple to take a screenshot.
  • Having editing options to edit the picture.


  • It contains Ads.
  • Not works for a long screenshot.
  • Having fewer editing tool.

Downloads: 100K+

Size: 5MB

Install: Go Screen Capture (Free, App in Purchase)

8. Screen Scissors: Screenshot & Free-Form Snip

Need screenshot app through which you can take any particular screenshot, here is the app screen scissor through which you can take a free snip of any part of the screen, the app really works great there are lots of conditions where we have to take a screenshot of the very smaller region through screen scissors you can take it easy. App have a floating icon as usual where there is an option to take a snip of smaller sections.

Go Screen Capture Screenshot & Free-Form Snip


  • Best for free form snip screenshot.
  • The well-organized gallery feature
  • Capture all type of screenshot shapes.


  • No more advance features.
  • Old user interface.

Downloads: 10K+

Size: 3.1MB

Install: Screen Scissors (Free, App in Purchase)

9. Screenshot & Screen Recorder : Multi-featured screenshot app

Screenshot & Screen Recorder is surpassing option where you will get sufficient experience while taking screenshot, the app provides you all type of screenshot like the long screenshot, particular area screenshot, full screen and with that you can also record your screen, Using the floating window you can choose a different type of screenshot option and for fast experience, it having stick notification toggle to capture screen.

Screenshot & Screen Recorder : Multi-featured screenshot app


  • It gives you fast user experience to take a screenshot.
  • It’s fully free of cost app.
  • Contains All type of screenshot and recording as well.


  • The screen recorder not having the audio recording.
  • Long screenshot have poor quality.

Downloads: 50K+

Size: 4.46MB

Install: Screenshot & Screen Recorder (Free)

10. Google Assistant

Last but not least, Google assistant is the best screenshot app to wrap up the list, Here is google assistant through which you can take a screenshot by just voice, google assistant take a full screenshot by just one voice command its works well when you don’t want to touch screen, after that, you can also edit that screenshot with various third-party apps.

 Google Assistant


  • No need for manual settings.
  • Works well on voice commands.
  • It takes quality screenshots.


  • It does not take a scrolling screenshot.
  • There is no editing option.
  • No selection of screen manually.

Install: Google Assistant (Free)

Frequent Asked Questions:

Q.1 Why My Screenshot has Bad Quality??

Ans: Ok, So nowadays the trend is going on for large or medium size screen smartphones and that result smartphone company has more focused on big resolution screen rather than smaller one, So what happened is whenever you take a screenshot then it create a big file then it automatically compressed, as per screen resolution. In that screenshot, you face quality loss. But In small-size resolution smartphone, it won’t happen. So for better screenshot quality, I suggest you go with a small screen.

Q.2 In which Android Version screenshot invented?

Ans: Screenshot feature in android was invented in version 4.0 Ice cream & Sandwich, After that, all android versions were getting these features.

Q.3 Does Screenshotting reduce quality?

Ans: Yes, whenever you edit or do some changes to original image it reduce quality and same here screenshot compressed the image quality.

Wrapping Up: Best Screenshot Apps For Android

These were the best screenshot apps for Android devices which you can use to take screenshots and record video as well. Every screenshot app having a different feature that describes in detail through which you can choose best screenshot app for you, I personally use screen master to take the screenshot, which app you like the most comment down and give more suggestion for better apps than this.

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