Top 3 (High Quality) Screenshot Apps In 2019

Every smartphone having screenshot option to take screenshot but lack of editing option or lack of features we need to use third-party screenshot apps which will help us to take screenshot fast and more editing option, If you are a blogger like me then you will need to take screenshot and edit as per need to more clearly understand your blog post. Here in this article, I will discuss some best screenshot apps for android which having screenshot option as well as recording feature so that it will help to take video as well.

Best Screenshot Apps for Android In 2019 ( Latest )

1. Screen Master: Screenshot & Photo Markup

Screen Master is one of the best apps to take screenshot and much liked feature is you can edit your screenshot with number of different editing tools you don’t need any photo editor tools to edit your screenshot its a free screenshot app which comes with many great features like it having floating button n screen to take fast screenshot every time, you have the option to stitch any two photos in pictures and my favorite feature which I liked the most is spotlight through which you can easily highlight any part of screenshot.

If you are blogger like me then screen master is best screenshot tool to be used you don’t need to edit your mobile screenshot on photoshop here have some great feature tools using them you can easily edit picture like you have to indicate some part then you can use draw arrow tool, crop image, pixelated image, and also you can add some stickers on it, Screen master gives furthermore features beyond editing like you can take screenshot by just shaking your mobile, You have the option to choose different file formats like JPEG, PNG. It will capture the whole web page and save an image in high quality and have the option to share with your friends. In my opinion, this is the best screenshot app you have to use.

Install : Screen Master (Free)

2. Screenshot Easy

Screenshot Easy another great option to be chosen after Screen Master here in this app you will get more feature more option to do multitasking like most of the app is only developed for taking screenshot but through screenshot easy you have the option to record screen, you can take scrolling screenshot, Website Screenshot and having same great image editor features like Drawing, Emoticons, Layers and most of same as screen master but here you have option of folders where you can arrange your screenshots as per different categories.

Besides from screenshot you can also edit your record videos in the same app like you can trim the video for short size, Have options to join two different recordings in one, you can make slideshow of your screenshot and customize as you want, here also you can change the file format and make shortcut and much more feature then that if you looking for screenshot as well screen recorder then surely you have to go with this screenshot easy that’s have fast and simple user interface to use perfectly I give thumbs up to the app for best multi options.

Install : Screenshot Easy ( Free )

3. Touch shot

If you are looking for simple and having lots of features then touch shot is the best option to be choose here in this app you can capture screen with very easy floating button on screen by just touch with the great high quality images you can also have options to reduce the quality size and having simple editing tools like stamps of arrows, Brush options, Text editor and good color combination, besides from screenshot you can also use a screen recorder where you can record screen with the best quality by just simple tapping on play button.

Touch shot screenshot not required rooting it will all works for free and quite easy to use for the beginner if you are YouTube then this app helps you a lot to record your screen without paying other video recording apps. If you don’t want any complication in the app then touch shot is the best option to choose.

Install : Touchshot ( Screenshot)

Wrapping Up : Top 3 Screenshot Apps for Android

These are are the best screenshot apps for Android which you can use to take screenshot and record video as well. I personally use screen master to take the screenshot, which app you like the most comment down and give more suggestion for the better app than this.

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