How To Take Long Scrolling Screenshot In Android & Windows

Every Android smartphone user knows to take a screenshot using by just pressing (Volume down+Power off) Button and some of the new Android phones come with screen capture icon to take a screenshot. And in windows, you can take a screenshot by pressing (win+ prt sc) keys. That’ very common, everyone knows that.

But the problem arises when you have to take long WhatsApp conversation screenshot or any important web page full sized scrolling screenshot that time normal screenshot method doesn’t work, to solve the problem there are lots of best third-party screenshot apps & software which will help you to take scrolling screenshot in Android smartphones as well as in windows. Here in this article, I will tell you the best methods and third-party software through which you can easily take long screenshots.

1. ( Best Third party Android Apps for Long Screenshot )

1. Long Shot ( Best For All )

Here is the first Android app ( long shot ) which help you to take any long screenshot whether it’s your private conversation or any web page full sized top to bottom shot through the long shot you can also stitch any photos and make them like long screenshot, here in the app you have three option auto scroll, speed mode, and manual capture through you can take screenshot in the best quality.

The best feature I liked is you can stitch lots of images in vertical or horizontally in direction to make a long image, without any loss of picture quality.

Download: Long Shot

2. Screen Master ( Best for Web Capture & Stich Photos )

If you want to take long screenshot of your web pages then I recommended you to use the screen master where you will easily take screenshot by just click on where to start and where you have to end or you can also take full-screen capture by one click, really this app helps me a lot while copying notes from Wikipedia without losing picture pixels.

Sam as long shot here also you can stitch different images in one long screen and having more option to crop, edit, stickers, and my favorite spotlight to focus on the main portion.

Download: Screen Master

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2. Take Long Scrolling Screenshot In Windows PC

Same as Android devices here also some best third party long screenshot apps through which we can take the best screenshot in our windows PC in free, With this third-party software you can take a screen shot by just scrolling in a webpage or any other screen, here I tell you the best apps to take a screenshot.

1. PickPick

Here is the best long screen capture software which help you to capture anything on screen you can capture entire screen, specific region, scrolling window or any active window with the help of pickpick, most of the software don’t have editing or enhance option but here you will edit your image, enhance with different effects using best graphics tools and you can also share your screenshot with friends online.

The best thing I liked in pickpick is there is tons of great option then any other software if you want to take free hand shot then you can take, or you have to take color from the screen then also you can use pickpick and there is many more great option that makes it different.

Download: PickPick

2. Full Page Screen Capture ( Chrome Extension )

Here is another great way to take a full-sized screenshot using (Full Page Screen Capture) Chrome extension if you are using google chrome then you can take any web page screenshot within a second using just one click that’ it. You don’t need any software to use, just install the chrome extension and click on the icon to take any screenshot easily.

If you Don’t want to click on the icon, you can also use the shortcut key ( Alt+Shift+P) to take a screenshot you can download image or PDF also. This extension made the window screenshot more easy to use.

Download: Full Page Screen Capture

3. Snagit

Here is the great software ( Snagit ) with the help of this software you can do multiple tasks like capture whole screen, custom screenshot, edit images, screenshots, and capture video recording also. It’s advanced software, for professional use you have to pay for it’s otherwise the program gives you a trial period to use and experience the software. If you have professional work to capture screens or record screen video then Snagit is the best software for you.

The best part I like is there are many options and fast editing function that makes your work more immediate, software having lots of sharing option of your screenshot so don’t worry about social sharing.

Download: Snagit

Wrapping Up : Scrolling Screenshot In Android & Windows

Scrolling screenshot is the best way to capture the whole page image in single frame, using third-party apps you can take screenshot in android & windows, I always prefer to use google chrome extension to take screenshot in the fastest way as possible, tell me about yours which app or method you like the most, if having any query then comment down to ask.

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