Best Clipboard Manager For Android in 2024

by Narendra

Hey, looking for clipboard manager for android?

Every android has a default clipboard manager that manages the copy texts but with there a limitation of copy one thing at a time and losing after that quite make frustrating, sometimes we want to copy more texts from different locations at the same time and where this default android clipboard manager does not work well.

But don’t worry in the google play store market there are tons of best free and paid clipboard managers app are available that provide lots of features as it saves your all copy texts and whenever you need you can use it.

For that to provide you the best clipboard manager here in this article, I will tell you the latest clipboard managers apps that have tons of features and great user experience.

1. Clipboard Manager

Here is one of the best clipboard manager app whether you are looking for tons of features or text copying experience, Every time you copy text from anywhere it just creates an automatic note in the manager with well categorized, which you do edit, share, and much more.

Apart from that, it’s come with simple clean UI and is less complicated that performs much better if you do lots of copy and paste.

The best thing I like about the app is it’s free of cost where you can create unlimited categories, notes that other clipboards do not give. But here the app misses the feature of the pop-up tray sharing option, so to look or share the copied text you have to visit clipboard manager.

Overall, if you are looking for a simple and fast clipboard manager app for your android then I strongly recommend you to use this app which is so easy to use.

Download From Here: Clipboard Manager (Free)

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2. Clip Stack- Clipboard Manager

Here is another great usable and most likely clipboard manager app that I always prefer to use not because it remembers clipboard for infinite days but because it has feature of notification as you copied the text where it gives lots of options like search, on map searching, translate, speak and also QR code, that quite handy to use and less open to app.

Moreover, here also you can copy text as much as want, it automatically stores in-app with date categorization, furthermore, you can also star mark the important text so it does not mix with other usual text.

The advanced feature that I like in the app is here you can also password protect your clipboard from a spy person to never lost your privacy and for more security, there is also have a backup option that can store your text into google drive and SD card as you prefer best for you.

Additional: Ads free, and Password Protection.

Download From Here: Clip Stack (Free)

3. Clipper

Here is the app with most popularity on play store with having 1M+ downloads and tons of positive reviews, because of its simple and great user experience where you can also customize and organized clipping settings as you want, comes in the free version but here you can only store 20 copied text and for more, you have to upgrade.

Moreover, the app popularity is also of because it’s the seamless organized way and fast automatic saves in manager through you can editing, make a custom folder and quick access in an easy way and much more

Overall, if you want a more advanced option that makes your copied text handy to use then upgrading is the best option, In the free version, the best thing is well categorized and easy to look at copied text from notification or from clipboard manager.

Download From Here: Clipper (Free, App In Purchase)

4. Multi Clipboard Manager

Want to simplify and well organized your copied text with different colors and amazing features then the multi-clipboard manager is best for you. Moreover, the best feature I like in multi clipboard manager is a web app feature from which you can access your clipboard manager from anywhere from any device you want.

Apart from that to improve UI, It has color customization, recycle bin feature, and much more like sharing, copying text, direct searches for text.

Download From Here: Multi Clipboard Manager (Free)

5. Clipboard Action & Manager

Want to save your time? by finding tons of feature clipboard manager app then I am sure that you gonna love this app by its features, moreover the best thing app is ads-free and no freemium.

But in case of UI personally, I don’t like its user interface, I know it has dark theme, system theme but not so great as above app has, so if you are an UI lover then this app is not for you.

For features lover, this app is more awesome than any other. Here you will do lots of stuff with copied text like you can search, speak out, link shortener, QR code, define the word and much more with a single option.

The best part here is no limit to the store of copied text it has a systematic arrangeable setting that customized your copied text automatically to date and time and also you can create a different folder as you want.

Download From Here: Clipboard Action& Manager (Free)

6. Clipboard Pro

Looking for the most convenient clipboard manager which can store unlimited copied text and open like a mini window on the home screen for a great experience then here is the app “clipboard Pro”.

Here it comes with an overlay clipboard which solves a lot of problems of seeing copied text. It’s easy to use and you can quickly open it anywhere on a smartphone as you required.

Apart from that, it comes with simple UI and useful features to manage your text, moreover, for important documents here it also has a password protection feature as well as you can do a backup on your drive.

Download From Here: Clipboard Pro (Paid)

7. Text copy- Copy, Paste

Last but not least, Textcopy is another clipboard app that you can consider using. Here it provides you several features to use effortlessly.

The best thing that attracts me to add text copy in the list is here you can copy text from almost everywhere for instance text from image, text from browser, book, Instagram, and much more. What’s more, here you will get plethora of options that help you to manage your copied text without any hassle.

Text copy- Copy, Paste

Download From Here: Text Copy (Free)

Wrapping Up: Best Clipboard Manager For Android

These were the ultimate list of new clipboard managers that perfectly works with android 10 android 11 and android 12 android versions. That helps you to copied tons of text, so after using these clipboard apps there will no fear of losing text you had copied. Be fearless and do smart and fast work with these advanced clipboard managers apps.

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