Twitter Alternatives: Try More Awesome Alternative Like Twitter

by Narendra

Hey, are you looking for best twitter alternatives?

There is no doubt, twitter becomes the most influencing online news and social networking site where folks tweet and describe their words on the event, by using hashtags, however, by the same, it also becomes a most scamming site that makes Twitter less valuable.

Apart from Twitter there are more twitter alternatives which also do the same works with new and more feature but that are in the underground that you should have to use here in this article I will going to discuss those Twitter alternatives, that are more awesome then Twitter.

Best Twitter Alternatives

  • Mastodon
  • Tumblr
  • Gab Social
  • Plurk
  • Amino
  • Peeks
  • Reddit

1. Mastodon { Recommend Twitter Alternative }

Here is mastodon which works almost the same as twitter, it’s like a microblogging site where you can toot instead of a tweet, like twitter with having a word length of 500 words, if you want to try something new then mastodon is the best alternative of twitter.

Mastodon twitter alternative

Here you can set different timeline-like local timeline, where new toots are shown and one is a federated option, where toots are shown by globally from the word. The best part I like in mastodon is here you explore many people toots and choose which you want to follow, Moreover, you can also follow hashtags to get personally toots regarding that.

Platform: (Web, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, BSD, Mac OS)

Release: August 2019

Website: Mastodon

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2. Tumblr

Tumblr is another best alternative of twitter, That I just loved it, In Tumblr, you can share your post, quote, link, chat, and much more same as twitter but the most important point, that I like is the user interface and dashboard, not like twitter but more than that, here you can choose your favorite topics, hashtags and people you can follow that was shown in your dashboard and also you can make post on it.

Tumblr twitter alternative

It’s amazing to experience to share posts, blogs and follow other your favorite categories blogs and interact with them, if you are looking for more great experience then you should have to try Tumblr that’s really amazing.

Platform: (Android, iOS, Windows)

Release: 2007

Website: Tumblr

3. Gab Social [ New Twitter Alternative ]

Here is another social media platform (Gab) you can use instead of twitter, where it launched in 2016 which gives the same feature and function like tweet and follow hashtags, The new thing I like in gab is there user interface which is quite attractive then twitter, From the launched gab it’s quite fast to gains new user now it’s having 800,000 active users in platform.

gab twitter alternative

Moreover, Gab is also the best platform to show your post to the user and build a community if you need your post by engaging more and read then try gab social a twitter alternative which is again a new and fast-growing social platform.

Platform: (Android, Windows, iOS, macOS)

Release: August 2016

Website: Gab Social

4. Plurk { Something Different }

Here is another new and unique social networking site (Plurk), here instead of the tweet on twitter here you can send plurk in which you can give trending updates to all by chatting in a unique way, and after all the function and feature are done in the same way.

plurk image

If you need to enjoy the new look of twitter, then this twitter alternative “Plurk” is the best. Here you can post a picture, Plurk news, replurk, like, response, and much more, you can follow your categories and see what going trending on Plurk with the new interface.

Platform: (Android, Windows, macOS, iOS)

Release: May 2008

Website: Plurk

5. Amino

You can not be called as a perfect twitter alternative but also not less then that, if you are looking for something most interesting where lots of active users there to chat in groups or private chat, or even you can call them then amino is the best app to do.

amino image

Here you can communicate with various folks where you can share videos, stories, blogs, as per your interest, you have the option to choose the various categories of interest which you wanna talk and write about that. No doubt, amino is interesting and timepass app where you can share anything you want.

Platform: (Android, iOS)

Release: Jan 2014

Download: Amino

6. Peeks { Unique Twitter Alternative }

Unlike the twitter but here in peeks you can do live streaming with chats and do conversation with hashtags moreover peeks contains lot more great feature that you very less shown on other social networks, here you can choose #topic that your interest and chat or take the information.

peek twitter alternative

Apart from that here you can do desktop streaming, browse lots of channels related to topics, take broadcast and much more. In peeks social I mostly like the user interface and live chatting and taking, you should try peeks if you want to enjoy.

Platform: (Android, Windows, iOS)

Release: July 2011

Website: Peeks Social

7. Reddit { Most Popular }

No doubt, many of you already know about Reddit, it’s an amazing platform of huge community where peoples love to share interests, solve problems, and follow their favorite topic. Reddit platform is best for those who want to gain more knowledge about there field, here on Reddit you will find millions of users on the same interest as you, they help and share their detailed information with everyone, you just have to follow your favorite interest subreddit, and start interacting.

reddit twitter alternatives

At last, we recommend you to join Reddit if you love to be updated with the latest news, new information, and interesting conversation.

Website: Reddit

Additional Twitter Alternatives You Might Like

  1. Minds
  2. Diaspora
  3. GNU Social
  4. Nitter
  5. Twister

Wrapping Up: Best Twitter Alternatives

These were the best twitter alternatives which work better than twitter, where you do everything that you are doing on twitter with having much more great feature and create new global communities to talk and share your words on recent topics, some are microblogging sites who loves to write and share with others people it’s the best platform to do, check them all and tell me which twitter-like apps or website you like the most.

Query to Solve:

1. Which App is mostly like as twitter?

In my recommendation I mostly prefer to use mastodon, which gives you the feel of twitter because it contains lots of the same features as twitter have like a tweet, reply, like and many more.

2. Is there any app Like Pinterest in twitter alternative?

Yes, there is one website peek social which seems like Pinterest where you can share photos, videos and do live streaming and share those video as well check them out.

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