Best Background Eraser Apps For Android & iOS 2022

by Narendra

Edge-tracer, Media coding, and more. Here are the best background eraser apps for android & iOS.

I just literally hate random clicked photos, not because my picture is not perfect, but you know whenever I took pictures there is always something in background that flushing the awesomeness of photo, Is that the same problem with you, whenever you take pictures from your smartphones, If yes, then don’t worry anymore.

There are plethora of background Eraser apps are available through which you can easily erase the unusual background from picture to make it perfect. And to make it easy for you to choose the best background eraser app that effortlessly removes background from any picture, Here I compiled the best list of background remover apps for android & iOS that you try. So no further ado let’s begin.

Best Background Eraser Apps 2022

These are the free background remover apps at a glance:

  • Media Coding: Overall Best Background Eraser App
  • Edge Tracer: Featureful Background Eraser App
  • Kite: Simple & Fast Background Remover App
  • Photo Cut: New Featureful Background Eraser App
  • Background Remover Pro: Fastest Background Remover App
  • Adobe Photoshop Mix-Cut out: New Background Eraser App
  • Deleo: Latest App To Remove Background With Editing
  • PhotoLayers: Editing & Background Remover App

1. Media Coding Background Eraser

Trust me, here is the best background remover app you can use to remove any background of your picture, The app having perfect smooth functioning tools through which you can easily outline the photo and it makes the cropping work so easy that seems like natural pic. Apart from background eraser, the app contains lots of great feature like Filters, Stickers, Square pic art, Picture blur styles, and the best one you can also make scrapbook with having lots of styles that makes the book awesome, If you are looking for simple UI, Lesser ads, and great features then you should have to try this background eraser app.

background eraser app pic

What I Most Like

  • Its User Interface and Simple to Use.
  • It contains every feature that you want.
  • Cropping and edging are done perfectly without hanging.

Installs: 1M+

Size: 25MB

Download: Background Eraser

2. Edge Tracer- Remove Background

Here is next runner up of background eraser app, which also works perfectly to remove picture background, here in this app you will have the option to automatic eraser where you just need to point out cursor to remove background, and with that, it will automatically determine the picture border and takes smoothly from edges of photo, Moreover you can also remove background manually plus, it also works perfect on edges or choose the different size of brushes that helps you, apart from background remove here you will get lots of new features that make works so easy and fast.

edge tracer picture

What I Most Like

  • Having an awesome automatic feature to remove the background.
  • Fast and simple to remove the background.

Installs: 1M+

Size: 26MB

Download: Edge Tracer

3. Kite Background Eraser-bg remover

Looking for simple and fast working background eraser app here you have to look, kite background eraser is best for you, using their advanced background removing app you can fastly remove background, The app has automatic and manual option, but I like mostly used to automatic that makes the work easy as compare to manual, where you don’t have to manual erase, but in automatic eraser there is one con that is it little slow here it takes tiny section and remove, in manual you can do fast as you want with smoothing edging support.

background remover pic

What I like About Kite Background Eraser App:

  • It having simple and easy UI for a better experience.
  • Having only useful feature to remove the background.
  • Smooth functioning while removing the background of the photo.

Installs: 1M+

Size: 5.8MB

Download: Background Eraser-bg remover

4. Photo Cut- Background Eraser

In the list of background eraser app, photo cut comes on, which will help you to erase background in various different way, here is the app which has the most useful feature but some are free and for some feature you have to pay, using the app you can effortlessly remove background with their tools like cutout, eraser, smart select, smart erase that makes the work fast and make a professionally editing of photo, it also has lots of filters to give picture new look.

photo cut background remover pic

If you want to work more professionally you can also upgrade tools like magic plus, magic brush that an awesome tool of photo cut, In the paid version you will get unlimited access to various tool and it gives ad-free, premium filters, and much more features, you should have to try the app if you want more to upgrade picture.

What I like About Photo Cut Background Eraser App

  • It has an awesome feature that makes background removal easy.
  • It’s simple and has standard UI.
  • Works very well in free as well in paid.

Installs: 10K+

Size: 16MB

Download: Photo Cut- Background Eraser

5. Background Remover Pro

Need a quick background eraser app here is background remover pro which is really fast and simple, using the tool you can remove background within a minute, The app has a freehand tool which perfectly does the work after that you can also do minor finishing of an image manually, it a very simple and easy to use which is totally free background remover. Apart from that it also has features that help you to make the image more fantastic.

background remover pic

What I like About Background Remover Pro App:

  • It’s Having a simple and easy to use tool that everyone can use.
  • Having great tools that work really fast.

Installs: 5M+

Size: 7.2MB

Download: Background Remover Pro

6. Adobe Photoshop Mix-Cut out

Wow, what a great app made by photoshop, here you can comfortably remove the background using cut-out tool, trust me its a super-fast tool and one of the best tool I ever have seen to remove the background, thanks to photoshop, it’s fantastic moreover, in cutout you have more option like how you have cut photo from background, the tool gives perfect smoothing from edges and other more option do, apart from background eraser it also contains a feature called looks where you can choose filters, color to make a perfect pic. The app is totally free which gives a lot more features with great experience you should have to try this App.

adobe Photoshop pic

What I like About Adobe Photoshop Mix-Cut out App:

  • It surprisingly fast background remover ever with various options.
  • It makes the high-resolution images cutout.
  • Perfectly cut out the image from edging and remove the background.

Installs: 10M+

Size: 42MB

Download: Adobe Photoshop Mix-Cut out

7. Deleo

Here is another simple and perfect app to edit photos and cut-out the image from any picture, just like photoshop do, The app is more than background eraser here you can make a perfect picture whether you have to cut particular section and it matched with other images, its just perfect tool, and here our work is also done to remove background, the app is made for cut out the images from any condition and make it perfect. If you are looking for photo editor and background remover then deleo is one of the best apps to use.

deleo pic example

What I like About Deleo App:

  • I really like the smooth work of app.
  • The app is uncomplicated and perfect to cut-out pic and removes the background
  • Quite active and less hard work you have to do.

Installs: 500K+

Size: 25MB

Download: Deleo

8. PhotoLayers

Want some more great background remover app, here is photo layers which also a perfect simple, fast and easy background remover app, This app has one great feature that I liked the most is color tool through which you can do top-notch editing like changing of opacity, make picture blur, changes of colors and much more, if you need fewer ads on app and which is only works to erase background then photo layers is the best app for you.

photo layer pic

What I like About PhotoLayers App:

  • Its a simple and easy to use app in very low size.
  • The perfect app for every device and works smoothly.
  • It will make your picture awesome with color tools.

Installs: 10M+

Size: 4.7MB

Download: PhotoLayers

Wrapping Up: Best Background Eraser Apps

These were the top-notch high rated Background Eraser apps, which help you to make your picture-perfect by removing background from it, I Mostly prefer to use Photoshop mix app, which is one of the best background remover apps I ever used, it will surely help you in an easy way, and cut out the images very fast.

Are there any more apps you like to add on this list? Then feel free to comment below.

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