Top 20 Best Smallest Apps For Android [New] 2022

by Narendra
Fake battery, Via browser and more. Here are the best smallest apps for android.

Thanks to mobile apps, everything we need in our daily life is getting done in a mere second at the tip of our fingers. These applications have transformed the way we lead our lives. Play store offers us a wide range of apps, even hundreds for the same purpose we get confused about which one to be selected. 

The one problem while downloading them is the concern with the storage space. When we look at the play store almost all of the apps are designed for medium or high-budget phones, leaving many android phone users with their old phones with less memory space in vain. 

Secondly, the quality of apps also does matter. Even though they are convenient to download, they will be basic and lacks an inefficient user experience as compared to large apps. 

But don’t worry, we are here to help you. Here is a list of the top 20 smallest apps available in the play store for android phones, which is very useful. Most of them are below 1MB, so no further ado let’s check out low MB android apps.

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Best Smallest Apps for Android 

Here is the list of top 20 small size android app‘s that can be downloaded without wasting extra space on your phone. Remember all these apps may not be as good as larger apps. But they are very useful for sure. 

  • Via Browser
  • Look watch- Thief Catcher
  • Click to chat
  • Gurk
  • DiskUsage
  • MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker 
  • Bubble Breaker
  • Renegade Launcher
  • Doodle Cricket
  • Fake Battery
  • Photo Editor Ultimate Free
  • Notification Stop Watch
  • Empty Folder Cleaner
  • ColorNote Notepad Notes To Do
  • Draw15
  • Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser – Private Browser
  • Dimly – Screen Dimmer
  • Notification Shortcuts
  • All In One Shopping App: Online Shopping App
  • J Touch 

Let’s see the above in detail. 

1. Via Browser [ Smallest browser for android ]

Here is the top on the list of best smallest apps for android. A minimalistic app yet a good alternative for slower browsers. Features like incognito mode, night mode, web page save, network log, desktop view, etc are available. If you are looking for an additional browser other than the default one this is a good option. 

Size: 525 KB | Downloads: 5 M+ 

Download from here: Via Browser

2. Lockwatch- Thief Catcher [ Smallest app for security ]

Do you think someone is often trying to unlock your phone in your absence? Lockwatch can help you by taking a secret photo of the intruder if he tries to open your phone with a wrong password. Then it will email you the photo along with the location. So, even if your phone went missing, don’t worry. 

Size: 213 KB | Downloads: 1 M+

Download from here: Lockwatch – Thief Catcher 

3. Click to chat [ Useful Smallest App for android ]

If you want to have a WhatsApp chat with numbers you don’t want to save download this app. This app is actually an improvement of a feature in WhatsApp that allows you to chat without saving the number, where you need to use a link every time while starting a new chat. Save the number in this app and you can easily chat through WhatsApp anytime. 

Size: 99 KB | Downloads: 5 M+

Download from here: Click to chat [small, no ads] 

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4. Gurk [ Smallest Android Game ]

Gurk, the 8-bit RPG is for old-school RPG fans. In this game, there will be 24 dungeon levels, 44 different items a 23 unique monsters with 3 main characters- knight, archer, and the wizard. So if you are a fan of old-school gaming & looking an android game in less than 1 MB then this is the best smallest for your android.

Size: 89 KB | Downloads: 500 K+

Download from here: Gurk, the 8-bit RPG 

5. DiskUsage 

Want to know how much memory space does all the apps and data in your phone uses. Try DiskUsage. This app will give you storage analysis in proportion to the total space available on your phone. DiskUsage comes in handy if you are using an old or low memory phone. 

Size: 204 KB | Downloads: 1 M+

Download from here: DiskUsage 

6. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker 

You just heard a new song and want to make it your ringtone. Searching for an easy tool for cutting the song? Use MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker. Here you can record a new song and edit it as you wish. 

Size: 2 MB | Downloads: 100 M+

Download from here: MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker 

7. Bubble Breaker [ Smallest android game ]

A classic puzzle game that suits phones with low memory space. It’s a simple game. There will be bubbles on the screen and you need to match the color group of bubbles. Then click on a color group of bubbles to destroy them. The more bubbles you destroy, the higher the score. 

Size: 2.2 MB | Downloads: 5 M+

Download from here: Bubble Breaker 

8. Renegade Launcher [ Smallest android launcher app ]

A great app to go for if you want to change the way your smartphones look, with its floating apps. This customizable app brings a new concept that is better than conventional ones. 

Size: 195 KB | Downloads: 100 K+

Download from here: Renegade Launcher (Beta) 

9. Doodle Cricket [ Smallest Android Game ]

Another small game app. With added sound effects, game pause options, and full of fun. If you are looking for real fun with cartoonish character cricket games then doodle cricket is definitely for you.

Size: 303 KB | Downloads: 1 M+

Download from here: Doodle Cricket

10. Fake Battery [ Smallest Prank App ]

Ever been in a situation where you had to hand over your phone to another person even though you hate it? This app can help you. When you launch this app a set of combined images like ‘Low battery, connect charger” will appear on your smartphone screen, so that you can fake and make an excuse. 

Size: 170 KB | Downloads: 100 K+

Download from here: Fake Battery 

11. Photo Editor Ultimate Free [ Smallest photo editor ]

It is one of the best photo editing apps available. You can edit, retouch, and send images in your gallery using this app. Furthermore, you can also do a plethora of things, for instance, adding stickers, filters, professional photo editing, and much more. You should check app if you are interested in photo editing and want small app for android for free.

Size: 6.6 MB | Downloads: 500 K+

Download from here: Photo Editor Ultimate  

12. Notification Stopwatch 

An open-source stopwatch that can be controlled from the notification bar. Saves time that we usually spend finding the default stopwatch on the phone. 

Size: 34 KB | Downloads: 10 K+

Download from here: Notification Stopwatch 

13. Empty Folder Cleaner [ Utility Smallest App ]

Easy to use an empty folder cleaner. It helps to scan, delete the folder from internal and external storage using multiple options so that you don’t have to worry about unwanted folders wasting your storage spaces. 

Size: 526KB | Downloads: 1 M+

Download from here: Empty Folder Cleaner 

14. ColorNote Notepad Notes To Do 

It is basically a notepad app that helps to organize your notes, checklists, to-do lists in the order of its colors. It also has features like reminders, searches, online backup, calendar view, etc. 

Size: 2 MB | Downloads: 100 M+

Download from here: ColorNote Notepad Notes 

15. draw15 [ Smallest drawing android app ]

A minimal drawing app specially designed for low-end devices. It has a zoom-in 64x and zoom-out 4x option. Even though it is still in development you can draw or make easy handwritten notes in it. 

Size: 150 KB | Downloads: 10 K+

Download from here: draw15 

16. Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser – Private Browser 

One of the best incognito browser apps for android. Dolphin Zero will never track or save your history, data, location, passwords or cookies. 

Size: 453 KB | Downloads: 1 M+

Download from here: Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser – Private Browser

17. Screen Dimmer [ Best smallest app ]

Ever got tired eyes because of reading from the bright screen on your phone? Go for Dimmer app for android. Night eye protector app using which you can adjust the screen brightness as per your comfort. Plus it is below 1MB, requires comparatively less memory space as compared to other apps with the same feature. 

Size: 23 K | Downloads: 100 K+

Download from here: Screen Dimmer 

18. Notification Shortcuts 

As the name indicates it adds shortcuts to your smartphone notification area so that you can easily find them in urgent situations. Using this app you can create shortcuts for apps, bookmarks, and settings. 

Size: 842 KB | Downloads: 50 K+

Download from here: Notification Shortcuts 

19. All In One Shopping App: Online Shopping App 

Tired of dowing loading multiple shopping apps? Worried about all these apps wasting too much space on your phone? All In One Shopping App can be a good answer to this problem. It has 10+ categories and 100+ online stores available just for shopping in need only under 2MB of system space. 

Size: 1.3 MB | Downloads: 10 K+

Download from here: All In One Shopping App: Online Shopping App 

20. J Touch [ Useful smallest app ]

JTouch is an assistive touch button using which you can perform actions like a home key, back key, recent apps, notification panels, and many more by simply swiping or tapping it. 

Size: 627KB | Downloads: 500 K+

Download from here: J Touch 

Popular Lite Apps 

The list doesn’t end here. Not only app developers but also the technology giant Microsoft and other top social media platforms are also offering small size apps that fit all android users without compromising quality. 

In 2017, Google launched Android Go, an optimized version of Android Oreo with preinstalled default apps for android mobiles with low storage or low memory size. 

  • Google Go
  • File Go
  • Gmail Go
  • Google Maps Go
  • Google Assistant Go 

Other popular lite apps are: Smallest Apps

  • Facebook Lite
  • YouTube Lite
  • Facebook Messanger
  • Twitter Lite
  • Skype Lite
  • LinkedIn Lite
  • Uber Lite
  • Amazon Kindle Lite 

Nowadays almost all apps have lite versions.

So, this is it. As you all know there are hundreds of small but useful app available for android users. This list only has the top 20 of them. If you use or know about more smallest apps for android then kindly share in the comments below. 

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