Chrome Flags: Enable Advanced User Settings In Google Chrome

by Narendra

Here’re the best chrome flags that you should know about.

For an advanced user, there are lot more advanced features settings in google chrome.

Chrome flags are one in that hidden feature! Chrome flags define the pro-level user experience that you will never know if you are normally using google chrome.

Let’s know the great feature in google chrome flags in detail.

So the first question comes in mind.

What is Google chrome Flags?

question mark sign

Chrome Flags is an experimental database hidden feature that makes you an advanced use of google chrome.

There is lot more advanced feature that google chrome not gives permission to do but having the option to enable at your risk.

Pro user is never afraid of losing data!

Make sure you are agreed above the line and go-ahead to use the chrome flags features.

Where I will find chrome flags?

search bar chrome flags

Just open new google chrome tab and in the address or URL bar type chrome://flags and hit enter.

You will automatically redirect to the page and where clearly shows you the warning of these experiments and much more hidden unknown features to optimize your chrome experience.

Note: Chrome flags features only work when you relaunch the google chrome.

Best Google Chrome Flags

1. Smoothly Scrolling : Chrome Flag

After enabling smooth scrolling you will experience much better scroll of articles pages and it gives you an extra professional feel while reading the article.

smooth scrolling chrome flags

Most of the time scrolling on websites does not happen properly and we think the internet not working properly. but After enable this chrome flag option, your web pages will smoothly scroll and provide you great UX.

Search to enable this chrome flag: #smooth-scrolling

2. Picture In Picture Mode : Chrome Flag

Picture in picture mode is one of the popular trending feature in android smartphones, To experience PIP mode in desktop chrome you just have to enable this chrome flag. After enabling this feature you will able to watch videos in the mini screen pop out in the window screen. To do you just have to right-click and click on the picture in picture option to play video. Cool right?

PIP chrome flag picture

Search to enable this chrome flag: #enable-picture-in-picture

3. Tab Discarding feature : Chrome Flag

If you’re habitual to open lots of tabs while searching on google and don’t want to close immediately, then this chrome flag is best to work for you, by enabling this feature it will automatically discard tabs from memory to give you good experience throughout surfing although discard tabs still visible on tab strip and work well when you reload it. Isn’t it amazing?

tab discarding chrome flag pic

After enabling the tab discarding feature you don’t have to care more about tab opening.

Search to enable this chrome flag: #automatic-tab-discarding

4. Password Generator : Chrome Flag

Most of the time websites or forums ask for a strong password to enter and we don’t know what to enter, is that the same case with you? Don’t worry!

password generator chrome flag picture

Here this chrome flag feature comes in handy, It will automatically generate a strong password and recognize it as well. So yeah, it’s a pretty helpful feature to make a strong password in no time.

Search to enable this chrome flag: #automatic-password-generation

5. Show Website : Chrome Flag

Sometimes due to slow internet, website page does not load properly, and where this chrome flag feature works well. As you enable this chrome flag it has work to store every visited site data in cache format, So next time you visit that particular site then it will automatically show you cached page that comes in handy when your internet is slow or no internet. Pretty helpful!

show website chrome flags

Search to enable this chrome flag: #show-saved-copy

6. Offline auto-reload : Chrome Flag

After enabling auto-reload chrome flag you can easily load the offline website when the browser online without losing data of the website.

offline auto reload chrome flag

Search to enable this chrome flag: #enable-offline-auto-reload

7. Mute Tab : Chrome Flag

Most of the time video will automatically start without permission on websites, so after enabling this feature you will have control on the website to mute the audio by just right click on the tab and choose the mute tab. After enabling the mute tab feature, website will not disturb you by automatically play videos.

mute chrome flag

Search to enable this chrome flag: #sound-content-setting

8. Reader Mode : Chrome Flag

If you love reading blog posts then this reader mode chrome flag helps you a lot, after enabling the reader mode you will be able to read the whole article without any distraction, i.e there will be no advertisements, font & letter size is pretty good as per reading more, scrolling of page will be much better.

reader mode chrome flag

To do that first just enabled reader mode chrome flag then go to the three dots right corner where you will see the option of distill page click on it to launch reader mode, make sure you open that article you want to read.

Search to enable this chrome flag: #enable-reader-mode

9. Tab Switch : Chrome Flag

If you are one who frequently switches the tab and wants better chrome experience then the Omnibox tab switch is the best chrome flag which you could use, after using the tab switch flag you will experience fast and without animation tab switch which helps you to work fast.

tab switch chrome flag

This flag is for those who want fast processing of chrome while the opening of many tabs if you are one of them you should have to try tab switch chrome flag.

Search to enable this chrome flag: #omnibox-tab-switch-suggestions

10. Parallel Downloading : Chrome Flag

Downloading speed entirely depends on internet connection but that does not mean you can’t control downloading speed, using parallel downloading chrome flags you can boost your downloading file speed, it basically stops the unusual activity which eats the internet to start focusing on a single file.

parallel downloading chrome flag

Using parallel downloading you can increase your chrome file downloading experience and after that, you don’t need any third-party software to do.

Search to enable this chrome flag: #enable-parallel-downloading

11. Show Autofill Prediction : Chrome Flag

How great it was if your browser automatically fills the details of your online form in just one click like name, zip code, mob no, email address, and more to make your daily work straightforward. Cool isn’t it? So for that, you just need to enable this chrome flag and after that whenever you enter someone detail it asks you to save those detail. Say yes! then after you needn’t worry about the form it always shows you a prediction of detail and autofill with ease.

 Show Autofill Prediction

Search to enable this chrome flag: #show-autofill-type-predictions

12. Tab Groups Collapse Freezing : Chrome Flag

If you’re like me who have habit to leave multiple tabs opened in google chrome then this chrome flags work well for you. As the name suggests Tab group collapse freezing, By enabling this chrome flag feature you will able to save your RAM memory, in simple words, this flag will freeze your unused tabs so that you can utilize your memory in other work as well as it will increase your laptop & chrome performance.

Tab Groups Collapse Freezing

More importantly, this flag will not delete or remove those tabs it only freezes them, So whenever you get back to those tabs it will automatically defreeze them. Isn’t it awesome to use?

Search to enable this chrome flags: #tab-groups-collapse-freezing

13. Experimental QUIC protocol : Chrome Flag

If you’re looking for chrome flag for browsing security then here I’d recommend you to enable “QUIC” flag. This is a new protocol that google works on that combines elements of TCP and UDP to make browsing fast & more secure than previous. QUIC works by reducing no of connection request to provide user with a safe & secure website. Pretty much good chrome flag that you can consider enabling.

Experimental QUIC protocol

Search to enable this chrome flag: Experimental QUIC protocol

14. Lazy Image Loading : Chrome Flag

Lazy image loading is another ultimate chrome flag that you can consider enabling, The one will provide you ultimate experience while surfing on websites, In simple words, there’s a plethora of website that load slow due to heavy images, Now where lazy image loading chrome flag work well that prevent loading all images at once through which site load fast and as you scroll it automatically display on the screen. Amazing isn’t it?

Search to enable this chrome flag: Lazy Image Loading

Lazy Image Loading

15. Heavy Ad Intervention : Chrome Flag

No one wants to browse webpage that contains lots of ads that disturb overall experience, chrome already blocks bad intrusive ads but if you want to block more ads & want a clean experience then I’d recommend you to enable this chrome flag. But make sure, after enabling this flag site might not work properly because it removes several codes from the site, So yeah some websites might work good & some not.

Search to enable this chrome flag: Heavy Ad Intervention

Heavy Ad Intervention

16. Tab Hover Card Images : Chrome Flag

Here is another best google chrome flag that gives you ultimate experience, As the name suggests “Tab hover card image” As you enable this flag then you will be able to see the tab as an image with information, In simple words whenever you hover your cursor on any of your tabs then it will automatically show you image with information of that tab without opening it. So yeah by enabling this chrome flag you can effortlessly see multiple tabs by just hovering.

Search to enable this chrome flag: Tab Hover Card Images

Tab Hover Card Images

17. Force Dark Mode : Chrome Flag

If you’re like me who love dark mode in everything then this chrome flag you will gonna love, As you enable this flag it will force your browser to open all your web contents in dark mode. Isn’t it cool? Another advantage of dark mode is that it gives you better reading experience without strain in your eyes and looks awesome to work.

Search to enable this chrome flag: Force Dark Mode

Force Dark Mode

18. Quieter Notification

Almost every website takes advantage of the notification permission and repeatedly encourages the user to allow notifications to be sent. In contrast, when the Quieter Notification flag is enabled, the notification prompts are completely prohibited from appearing. I mean, how cool is that? So go to chrome:/flags and check the “Quieter notification permission prompts” checkbox, and you’re done with it.

19. Password Import

Although Google Chrome has provided the ability to export passwords for quite some time, if you are switching from one of its competitors to the most popular browser and wish to import your password, you should enable the #PasswordImport flag as soon as you can after downloading the browser. In order to import your passwords, you must first go to “Settings -> Passwords” and then tap the “three dots” symbol next to “Saved Passwords” in order to view the ‘Import’ option.

20. Secure DNS Lookups

In order to always force HTTPS connections while browsing, many users, including myself, have been using the HTTPS Everywhere extension for a long time. And now, Google has introduced a flag that accomplishes the same goal as before. So all you have to do is enable the flag, and Chrome will attempt to use a secure HTTPS connection for any website that you are currently browsing. By the way, Mozilla has already made DNS over HTTPS a default feature in Firefox. Read on for more information.

21. UPI/VPA Values

Because Google Pay has become increasingly popular in India, and because UPI is fast becoming the primary method of payment in the country, Google is introducing an option to autofill UPI/VPA values in payment forms. Chrome will be able to recognize your UPI ID or VPA after you enable this flag and will offer you the option to save or autofill your VPA address in the payment box. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?

22. Heavy Ad Intervention

Google Chrome does a good job of reducing the amount of obnoxious advertisements that appear on the internet. For those who prefer an even more aggressive approach to ad detection and blocking in Chrome, there is the heavy ad intervention Chrome flag to enable this. When you enable this flag, Chrome will begin aggressively blocking ads that are resource-intensive on your computer’s operating system and browser. Consequently, you will see fewer advertisements and your browsing experience will be faster and more fluid.

23. Reading List

If you read a lot of articles on the internet, you probably use apps like Pocket to save some of them to read later, right? Well, Chrome now has that feature built in. All you have to do is turn on the “read later” flag in Chrome, and you’re ready to go.

When the flag is turned on, you can click on the bookmark icon and see a new option that says “Add to Reading List.” This is great because you can easily keep track of all the pages you want to read later and mark them as read or unread.

24.  Hover Cards

Hover Cards are a new way to find tabs and move between them. It helps a lot when you have a lot of Chrome tabs open at once. Basically, if you turn this flag on, a hovercard will show a preview image of the tab. I use this feature on my Chromebook, and it’s great for making it easy to moveștiingștiing.

25. Treat Risky Downloads

If you are showing someone who is new to the internet how to use a web browser (in this case, Chrome), you might want to turn this flag on. It stops you from downloading files like EXE, DMG, DEB, and more that can be run on your computer. Chrome does this so that new users don’t accidentally get malware or adware.

The flag also stops downloads that come from pages that aren’t safe. If you want to know more about how to make Google Chrome safer, check out the article we linked to.

26. Back Forward Cache

The back and forward navigation keys in Chrome are extremely useful for navigating between websites and search results. This will be one of the most useful Chrome flags you’ve ever used. To enable the back-forward-cache flag, navigate to chrome:/flags/#back-forward-cache and click Enable.

Now, Chrome will begin saving entire websites in the cache, so that when you navigate using the back or forward keys, the webpages will load instantly and without any loading time delay. Furthermore, they will continue to load even if your internet connection is lost for some reason. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

27. System Emoji Picker

If you frequently use emojis when texting or writing messages, you’re probably aware that you must enable the virtual keyboard in order to send emojis to other people. Fortunately, one of the best Chrome flags for Chrome OS can help you rectify the situation. To enable the flag, navigate to the URL chrome:/flags/#enable-cros-ime-system-emoji-picker and click on the checkbox.

You will now be able to bring up the emoji picker in Chrome OS without having to enable the virtual keyboard by long pressing or right clicking on the screen.

28. Share Clipboard Across Devices

You can easily share whatever you have copied (such as URLs and long texts) on your smartphone and paste it on your desktop without having to restart your computer. What an incredible feat! To enable it, search for “clipboard” and select “shared-clipboard-ui” and “shared-clipboard-receiver” from the list of available options.

It’s possible that you’ll need to enable this flag on your desktop Chrome as well. Afterwards, select a text message on your smartphone and press the Share button. In the share sheet menu, you will now have the option to share the clipboard with your desktop Chrome browser, which is convenient. In addition, it will be automatically copied to your clipboard if you are using a desktop computer.

29. Preview Tab

This flag allows you to open hyperlinks in a preview tab, which allows you to easily switch from your current tab to the preview tab without having to close the current tab. It’s the same as sneaking a peek at a webpage without actually opening it, and it works perfectly. If you want to use it, search for “ephemeral” in the search bar and check the “Ephemeral Preview Tab in an overlay panel” box.

30. Incognito Screenshots

When browsing websites on Chrome, a large number of users prefer to do so in Incognito mode. You may have observed, however, that taking screenshots on Android devices is not permitted while in Incognito Mode. Despite the fact that this makes sense, if you still want the ability to take screenshots, you may do so by simply enabling a Chrome flag in your browser.

On Chrome mobile, you may enable the flag by going to chrome:/flags/#incognito-screenshot and clicking on it. After relaunching the browser, you will be able to capture screenshots of windows that are running in Incognito mode.

Wrapping Up: Best Chrome Flags Experiments

These were the best 30 google chrome flags are experimentally done on Google chrome, Make sure you read the warning before enabling the feature.

All these features are made for an experiment for increasing the browsing experience in google chrome.

There are many more chrome flags features are available for enabling you can check on your risk.

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