Chrome flags: Enable advanced User Setting in google chrome

For an advanced user, there is a lot more advance feature is there in google chrome.

Chrome flags are one in that hidden feature.

Chrome flags define you the pro level user experience that you will never know if you are normally using google chrome.

Let’s Know the great feature in google chrome flags

So the first question comes in mind.

What is Google chrome Flags?

Chrome Flags is an experimental database hidden feature which makes you an advanced use of google chrome.

There is a lot more advanced feature that google chrome not giving permission to do but having the option to enable at your risk.

Pro User is never afraid of losing data.

Make sure you are agreed above the line and go ahead to use chrome flags feature.

Where I will find chrome flags ?

Just open new google chrome tab and in the address or URL bar type chrome://flags and hit enter

You will automatically redirect to the page and were clearly shown the Warning of these experiments and much more hidden unknown feature that you want to know.

Note: Flags features only work when you relaunch the google chrome

Google chrome feature you should Enable in chrome flags :

1. Smoothly Scrolling

After enabling Smooth scrolling you can experience much better scroll of articles pages and gives an extra professional feel.

Much more time scrolling of page not happening properly and we think the internet does not work well.

After enabling this option, you can have extra good experience.

Search to use : #smooth-scrolling

2. Picture in Picture Mode

Picture in picture Most trending feature in Android smartphones nowadays and chrome also having but it’s hidden in chrome flags so lot many peoples don’t know about.

After enabling this feature you can watch video while doing work in the mini screen pop out from the window. You just have to right click and click on the picture in picture option to play video.

Search to use : #enable-picture-in-picture

3. Tab Discarding feature

I am habitual to open more tabs while searching on google and most of them are not useful and tabs internally just eating my memory space that feels the lesser experience.

After enabling tab discarding feature you don’t have to care more about tab opening.

Tab discarding automatically disables the tabs to run in the background and you will feel great experience while surfing.

Search to use: #automatic-tab-discarding

4. Password Generator

Most of the time website ask a strong password to enter and we don’t know what to enter.

Here is this feature comes handy. It will automatically generate a strong password and recognize as well.

Search to use: #automatic-password-generation

5. Show website

This is the feature usable when the website not responding after enabling this feature you can see cached data of a particular website.

After enabling show saved copy it will automate saved the cached copy of website so next time you will get faster experience with cached files.

Search to use: #show-saved-copy

6. Offline auto reload

After enabling of auto-reload you can easily load the offline website when the browser online without losing data of the website.

Search to use: #enable-offline-auto-reload

7. Mute Tab

Most of the time video will automatically start without permission after enabling his feature you will have control on the website to mute the audio by just right click on the tab and choose the mute tab.

After enabling the mute tab website will not be disturbed with sound.

Search to use: #sound-content-setting

Conclusion :

These 7 features of google chrome flags are experimentally done on chrome Read the Warning before enabling the feature.

All these features are made for an experiment for increasing the browsing experience in google chrome.

Which flags do you like the most?

There is more flags feature for enabling and check on your risk.

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