Is UC Browser is Safe In 2023? [Complete Review]

by Rajitha Reddy
UC Browser is Safe?

Curious to know? Is it safe to use UC Browser?

Let’s find out.

No doubt, UC browser is a famous app used on android and other devices. Several features are on this browser, including fast download, fast surfing, and all the restricted things that run on this app. But do you ever thought, that the UC browser is fine to use on mobile devices?

No, due to piracy issues, user data is not safe while using the UC browser. Users have to compromise with the safety and privacy of data when they use the UC browser. Users don’t have any encrypted browsing and their search results, and their passwords are going to the source. That means you don’t have any private web search on the UC browser.

What’s more, is UC browser manipulates the speed by compressing data and using cloud acceleration. It has proxy services that act as the data suppressor to give the fastest internet speed. The UC browser’s several benefits, including speed, themes, adblockers, and other features, were the most used internet browser for android devices. But due to spam and non-security qualities, user data is not secure while using the UC browser.

UC browser compromises with security features, and allow data thieves to step into your data. There are many vulnerable data available in the UC browser, which creates several issues while using it.

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UC Browser Isn’t Safe


Let’s understand the core that makes the UC browser an unsafe browser for users.

  • Logjam, FREAK, and other vulnerabilities are there in the UC browser, that compromise the user data, and also, it doesn’t have any SSL security that creates a better platform.
  • The browser itself detected as several viruses like Malware, Trojan, and others. Due to this, many security tools remove it from the database.
  • UC browser share your data that includes your interaction time, videos, images, search engine report, keywords, and even personal details, that you use while surfing the internet.
  • Several intelligence industries can track users’ data due to the public release of IMSI, MAC address, geolocations, and wifi data without using any type of encryption. UC browser never uses encryption to provide security to its users, and several cases are there in which the user’s personal information is compromised publicly.
  • According to the Australian signal directorate, the UC browser is the weak security point, in security terms.
  • Several hackers got a direct chance to step into the user’s systems that use UC browser as their primary browser. Even the Australian Signal Directorate hacked several users due to the weak malware policies of the UC browser.
  • After closing the notifications from the app, users get several force notifications from different services.

These are the major reasons why UC browser can not become the most trusted browser by users. UC browser never cares for the user data, and it compromises with the data to traffick it. Several spoofing attacks are faced by the users that were using the UC browser on their devices.

Spoofing means manipulating the URL by showing it as a safe link. Thus, attackers track every data user searching on the search engine and use it in bad terms.

What is the reason, the data is not safe on the UC browser?

When you are using the UC browser to perform your search, several securities patches are absent on the UC browser. The hackers or UC itself can track your data searching, the information you use, and all the details about your surfing. This means you are tracked for everything you are performing on the UC browser.

Due to the absence of security features, anyone can use the UC browser to hack into a person’s system. UC Browser does not focus on security and safety things, and due to it, anyone can breach the system. UC browser tracks everything and makes it vulnerable to use by other people to track the user activity. Privacy thing is absent in the UC browser, and users can not feel safe while using it.

What complications are there while using the UC browser?

  • People using UC browser complained about several issues that they faced while using UC browser. Most of the reasons were related to security and getting false results, but still, there are some disadvantages of using the UC browser.
  • Adblocker does not block every ad and run several ads without permission. Especially when we focus on Pop Up ads, the UC browser never stopped any of the ads.
  • Without asking for anything, the UC browser downloads, or update the UC news and its updates. It means users do not have any privacy to use their data with the UC browser.
  • So many notifications that are irrelevant to the user’s flash on the screen. Several products or website notifications Pop Up every time.
  • UC browser forces users to use its Lockers, cleaner apps, optimizers by continuously introducing these things on notification bars.

Why is the UC browser considered a potential threat?

Several reasons are there to consider UC browser as a threat because it promotes malware and Trojan to access your data. 

Let’s understand what makes a UC browser a potential threat to the user’s data.

  • We can run any website on the UC browser, whether it is banned in that particular area. It violates all the rules Google created to maintain the safety and security of user data. It is putting 500 million users at risk and making them compromising their privacy.
  • Security researchers from various institutes found three major privacy issues from this browser and putting them at risk. The most common issue is the use of MITM attacks due to regular communication using insecure platforms. It also allows hackers to put external apps on users‘ devices without letting them know and violate their privacy.
  • If the app is downloaded from third-party services, it comes with several viruses and malware, that is sufficient to violate user data and privacy. UC browser allows any app to access it and allows the installation on the device.

Conclusion: Is UC Browser is Safe To Use?

UC browser is creating messes with user’s data security, which is the major reason that makes it an unsafe browser. We always prefer our privacy and data safety, which UC browser is compromising with. Due to this, everyone doesn’t prefer UC browsers over other ones because of the security compromising of UC browsers. Lastly, if you are still using UC browsers on android smartphones or on your PC, then we recommend you to stop using it and move to other UC browser alternatives.

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