Best Apps To Test Android Hardware like a Pro In 2022

by Narendra

Looking for Best Hardware testing app for Android ?

It’s fact, As the android smartphone become older and older you might be facing lots of issues in their hardware such as in display, Sound, camera, light, etc. and the foremost reason behind this is our carelessly of smartphone from which it faces a lot of issues in their hardware.

Now the question arises?? How many android hardware having issues?

Truth is you are not a mobile repairing specialist but don’t worry there is also a smart way to test android hardware like a pro.

For that, there are best android hardware testing android apps is available in the play store which proffers you a complete package of information and testing of every single hardware of your android from which you will easily know that which android hardware has an issue.

Here in this article, I will tell you the most genuine and complete package of hardware testing android apps that helps you to find out problems in your hardware.

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Best Hardware Testing Android Apps

These are the apps to test your android hardware like a pro at glance:

  • Test M
  • Phone Doctor Plus
  • Android Testing Tool
  • Device Info
  • Test My Device

1. Test M Hardware

Here is the first recommended hardware testing app for your android smartphone, which gives you an accurate result of your hardware, The best thing I like about Test M is it’s the user interface and its features that almost provide you every type of testing tools like battery tester, screen, hardware, and many more. But if test M provides a more graphical design of result that makes it more attractive but that ok in the free version. So overall if you are looking for a hardware testing app that gives the genuine accurate result of your android hardware then you should have to try test M for sure.

The Best Thing In Test M Hardware

  • Provide Full Hardware Diagnostic Report.
  • Provide Every single Test of hardware.
  • Fewer ads.
  • Compatibility with every android smartphone.
  • Have the option to find a repair shop easily.

Install: Test M Hardware (Free, App In Purchase)

2. Phone Doctor Plus [ Recommend Hardware Testing App ]

If you are looking more featured hardware testing app then here is a phone doctor plus, with having accurate hardware testing tools with the perfect report. It also provides you an inspecting option through which you will easily know of hardware is original or not, whether it’s displayed, or any component. Moreover, the app having clean UI with no ads running overall, The best thing that makes me use the app is its alert battery features and easy one-click fast hardware tests.

So if you have a new phone or an old one you should have to check from the app it accurately gives a report by inspecting phone hardware, hence if you want an app with ads free which gives various hardware testing with various features then phone doctor plus you must have to use.

The Best Thing In Phone Doctor Plus

  • Having a simple and ads-free experience.
  • All hardware testing tool is available to test your smartphone.
  • Provided some extra features to exclude hardware testing.
  • Gives you maintenance recommendation for your device.

Install: Phone Doctor Plus (Free)

3. Test Your Android

Above hardware test app are awesome to work but where some testing tool like Qr scanner testing, bubble level, sound meter and some more are missing where test your android app full fill the space, from which the app comes and gives simple testing tool which provides information and the testing result simply, No more advanced features or any complicated navigation to use, so if you are one who is looking for very simple UI to use and check your hardware then this app is great for you.

The App includes in the list because of some additional features that the above two apps not having, so if you also want to test bubble level, sound meter, and more then you can temporarily install the app.

The Best Thing In Test Your Android

  • Simple and easy to use testing tool.
  • Additional tools to check your hardware.
  • Gives correct Information.

Install: Test Your Android (Free)

4. Device Info [ All in one hardware testing app ]

Looking for all in one app which can give you complete data of your smartphone with various main hardware tests then “device info” is an amazing app for you. In every different tab, it gives separate details information of device which might you don’t know, include hidden data of your smartphone.

The app not running any ads to disturb your user interface, moreover, in the app you also have the option to dark theme and accent color to customized your Interface as you want. The best thing I most like is here you can easily export your device information for future use, so if you want all in one android app with accurate hardware testing then no doubt “Device Info” is best to use.

The Best Thing In Device Info

  • No Ads to disturb UI.
  • Gives genuine complete information about the device.
  • An awesome user interface to use.
  • All In One Device info with hardware testing tool.

Install: Device Info (Free)

5. Test My Device

All the above hardware test works manually but if you are looking for automatic one-click hardware testing app which gives you perfect data of working & not working hardware of your device then “test my device” is work perfectly.

Here it has two options, one is a normal device test and the other one is a full hardware test wherein full test you have to pay for an upgrade but it worth as compare to manually hardware test. Through the app, it gives you complete results of your device with one click. So whether you are busying in work to not test your device manually then this app is the best option you can try to save your time.

The Best Thing In Test My Device

  • Automatic Device Hardware Testing With One Click.
  • By Upgrading more advance testing tools and remove ads.
  • Simple and Clean UI Result.

Install: Test My Device (Freemium)

Wrapping Up: Best Hardware Testing Apps

These were the best hardware checker app you should have to use before buying an old smartphone or checking your device, for any defect you assuming.

No doubt, In smartphones there are tons of problems coming on the way as they become old, so not every time we want to go in repair shops to show them, Now using these hardware testing apps you can also know most of the hardware and take the discussion on behalf of that.

Is there any more advanced hardware and device testing app are available you want to include then feel free to comment below to add them.

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