10 Best Offline Racing Games For Android [New]

by Narendra

Rush Rally 2, Drag racing, and more. Here’re the best offline racing games for android that you can play.

Finding best offline racing games for android smartphones is quite a challenging task to do in this tech era, Needless to say but nowadays majority of best games require internet access to play or log in to an account. But worry not, thanks to some good heart game developers that make offline games for one who doesn’t want to waste internet data or prefers offline games rather than online.

For that, here we have lined up some of the best offline racing games for android devices that are super cool to play while traveling, feeling bored, or love to play new games. So no further ado let’s get started.

1. Rush Rally 2

Let’s start the best offline racing game list with rush rally 2 it is the game you’ll gonna love it. With having a mixture of great graphics and controls that makes your racing game experience more awesome. In the gameplay, you can compete in the arcade, championship modes but before competing you should have to upgrade your car to increase the winning chances. After that, you have to race in various different countries tracks with different unique stages you have to face new challenges in racing day and night. The game is great to play if you like something challenging and new cars.

rush rally offline car racing

Downloads: 100K+

Size: 82MB

Download: Rush Rally 2

2. Drag & Fast Racing

Here is another best offline car racing game for android where you will experience the high graphics which you can also control as per your mobile standard. If you are a fan of new dynamics car racing then this game is definitely for you. The game has really impressive gameplay as well as graphics & control it includes lots of challenges and thrill while racing with cops. No doubt, drag car racing is one of the most popular offline racing games for android which most gamers like, and the good thing is after upgrading the car game has more fun to drag in cities and many unique tracks.

drag offline car racing game

Downloads: 100M+

Size: 35MB

Download: Drag & Fast Racing

3. Asphalt 8: Airborne

If you are looking for one of the best graphics offline car racing games for android then you should have to play asphalt 8. Here you will get all you want, it is the best car racing game where you can race on the most advanced tracks with high-performance supercars that blow your mind. Moreover, you can also customize those cars with your winning prizes. The best thing that attracts me to play asphalt 8 is its supercars & top-notch customization features. This game comes in the offline category with limited features.

asphalt offline racing game

Downloads: 100M+

Size: 77MB

Download: Asphalt 8

4. Need For Speed

Here is another great option to be chosen in an offline car racing game if you are a fan of supercars and want to race with high-class racers then you should have to play this game. Here you will get ultra-smooth high graphics and the best sounds of cars that will blow your mind. Although the gameplay is little challenging here you have to dominate the other racer by hook or crook. The race is going to be very tough to win the race you should have to upgrade your car and use the drift for a better experience of racing. By one time download its features & upgrades you can play need for speed offline.

car racing offline NFS

Downloads: 50M+

Size: 73MB

Download: Need For Speed

5. Free Race: Car Racing Game

Here is the game for those who are looking for simple and easy offline racing games for android. However, to make it challenging there are different types of game modes like one way, time attacks, speed bombs, which makes the game much interesting and challenging as well. To make the game attractive and challenging there are 3 types of environmental conditions where you have to race. The best part is here you have the option to choose many different cars and upgrade too for a better race. The game is really great if you want a simple and moderate race.

Other than that, this offline racing game does not capture much space of your device thanks to low MB.

free racing

Downloads: 1M+

Size: 94MB

Download: Free Race

6. Racer Underground

Racer underground is full packed adventure racing game where you will experience racing with thrill and excitement. You have to escape from the cop it makes the game more challenging and advanced. Furthermore, the game has great graphics and sound that are also a plus point to play this game. But here you have to buy your cars by winning most of the matches and you can also do modifications of cars after that. Overall if you are looking for excitement and good gameplay then you should have to play this game.

offline car racing underground

Downloads: 5M+

Size: 77MB

Download: Racer underground

7. Beach Buggy Racing 2

Beach buggy racing is the newest offline racing game where you have to race with your kart car its really fun with exciting karts racing in 3D off-road conditions with various different modes of stages. Here you can also defeat the racers by adding powerup or weapons which you have to take in between the race tracks.

There are over 45 powerups ability through which you can easily destroy car racers or you can also make one for yourself, It becomes very challenging to face a racer with your own powers, If you want to attractive car racing game which is something different then you should have to play beach buggy racing.

beach buggy offline car racing

Downloads: 5M+

Size: 118MB

Download: Beach Buggy Racing 2

8. Pocket Rally

Here is another most popular game among android gamers which is the perfect mixture of fun & thrill which you should have to play if you want everything in-game is moderate, Like here in this game it’s has standard graphics, controls, environment, various tracks, and cars racers. If you need a perfect simple car racing game for android then you should have to play this game. The best thing I like is the replay mode where it show the stunning reply of your drift while racing. Here you will be able to race in two modes single and challenge its pretty good to race with your awesome cars.

pocket rally offline racing

Downloads: 10M+

Size: 52MB

Download: Pocket Rally

9. Kids Racing

As the name suggests kids racing where if you want to enjoy the offline car racing game in a basic version with basic graphics having simple controls you should have to play, kids racing game will remind you of the old gaming experience but for sure it will have ultimate fun to race and compete with other.

 kid race game

Downloads: 1M+

Size: 9.5MB

Download: Kids Racing

10. Dirt Car Racing

Here is best offline car racing game to wrap up the list, without the challenges the car racing is waste of time to mind that here is the dirt car racing where you will face lots of challenges while racing here you have to race in dirty uneven tracks with drifts in corner and win the race with extreme racers, this game is for the only challenger who is the king of off-road, apart from gameplay the game having really fantastic graphics and animations that will give perfection in-game, you should have to play this game if you like uneven tracks and challenges.

dirt  racing game

Downloads: 500K+

Size: 68MB

Download: Dirt Car Racing

Wrapping Up: Best Offline Car Racing Game For Android

These were the 10 best offline racing games for android which we picked out from the play store for android user that you should have to play. The list of offline car racing game is the mixture of free and paid games you can try as you like. If you ask me to pick one best offline racing game then I’d like to choose beach buggy racing 2 which has race as well as fun with power that’s really cool you can also try. And is there any game on the list you like the most? Feel free to share it with us.

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