Best Offline Strategy Games For Android [New] 2021

by Narendra
offline strategy game battle time

World War 2, Battle Time and more. Here are the best offline strategy games for android.

Strategy games are for those who want to increase their brainpower, there are numbers of offline strategy games are available in the play store which you can play without using internet access, that will force your brain to make a tough strategy towards your enemy whether it a war strategy or planned killer strategy game, by tons of offline strategy games in play store it becomes tough to choose the best one, for that here In this article, we picked up the best of best free offline strategy games for android which you can play without any connectivity.

Best Offline Strategy Games For Android

These are the best offline strategy game with & without in-app purchase for android at a glance:

  • World War 2: Historical offline strategy game
  • Empire Warrior: Challenging offline strategy game
  • Rusted Warfare- RTS Strategy: Mission based offline strategy game
  • Little Star 2.0: Sci-fi offline strategy game
  • Battlevoid: Harbinger: Space battle offline strategy game
  • Redsun RTS Premium: Classic offline strategy game
  • Rebuild: Zombies offline strategy game
  • BattleTime: Ultimate strategy offline Game
  • Age of Strategy: Open world strategy offline game
  • Viking Village: Fun classic offline strategy game

1. World War 2: Offline Strategy

Here is the first best offline strategy game for android (World War 2) which is entirely based on the historical fight to protect the land and home by attacking enemies, The gameplay is excellent where you have to save your home by upgrading your weapons, towers, to be more powerful so an attacker cannot destroy and enter into your village, otherwise get ready for loot.

The best part of the game as you fight against enemies, next time the army of an attacker is much more powerful to destroy, for that you have to upgrade your towers with gems and coins from enemies homes by loot, the game based on strategy how you attack and defend (For Coins & Gems).

world war 2 offline strategy game

Downloads: 500K+

Size: 87MB

Download: World War 2

2. Empire Warrior

Empire warrior is another most interesting and addictive offline strategy game for android, the game is made for superpower heroes lovers, where they have to protect the empire of a king with there power, if you are looking for a tower defense offline strategy game then this game is best for you, The gameplay is simple but needs some strategy to defend the empire by building heroes towers in front of an empire, for protection.

The game is full of challenge and strategy to defense your town, and be aware with game it’s quite addictive as you win, and it becomes harder to defend your empire for that you have to increase your hero’s ability to better defense.

offline empire strategy game

Downloads: 1M+

Size: 92MB

Download: Empire Warrior (Paid)

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3. Rusted Warfare- RTS Strategy

RTS is the best game to play in an offline strategy in android if you are best to make a build base, and creating best army then you will win the game, RTS game is based on your strategy, how you build resources and powerful army so that it attacks and defend the base town, The game has lots of different missions like campaign, survival, challenge where you have to fight in 40+ different lands and destroy the army.

Moreover, the game having great fun graphics and performance, The best feature I like is you can also play RTS as a multiplayer by taking mission with your friends, overall game is fantastic to play in the offline strategy game.

offline RTS strategy game

Downloads: 50K+

Size: 24MB

Download: Rusted Warfare- RTS Strategy (Paid)

4. Little Star 2.0 – Sci-fi Strategy Game

If you need something unique game then here is little star 2.0 sci-fi game where you have to plan a strategy in space, Here in this game you have to conquer the whole star system by making strategy and destroy the enemy system, and also take care of your star system from an enemy by upgrading powerful shields, its totally a battlefield war game in space where you have to face lots of challenges to conquer enemy star systems, apart from gameplay little star having more than 160 levels that you have to win, overall game needs some strategy to win and protect ourself first, the game is really good and playable.

little star offline strategy game

Downloads: 100K+

Size: 27MB

Download: Little Star 2.0 (Paid)

5. Battlevoid: Harbinger

Here is another space offline strategy game for android (Battlevoid Harbinger), if you are best in planning and making strategy then this game is for you here you have to do battle on space but it’s not a normal fight, here, if you want to win you need some tactics resources, and powerful army to defend from any type of inactivity on your ship, The game having sci-fi space environment in galaxies that make the game more addictive and exciting, you should have to play battle void if you are expert in making strategy traps for enemies.

harbinger game

Downloads: 50K+

Size: 44MB

Download: Battlevoid

6. Redsun RTS Premium

Here is the game for classic offline strategy game lovers which is a part of RTS, The gameplay is simple where you have to build a stronger base with a powerful army that covers you on the battlefield and destroy the enemies by attacking, apart from gameplay, here you will experience the simple and classic game as like video games, where you see maps and old experience in a new style, but overall the game is fantastic its also a better option to play if you get bored with your new high graphics games.

redsun offline strategy game

Downloads: 500K+

Size: 30MB

Download: Redsun RTS

7. Rebuild

Rebuild is a strategy game against zombies where you have to build and protect your home from zombies attacks, to be a better attacker on zombies you should need some tactics and powers to cover your fort, overall gameplay is new and interesting which you should have to play, apart from these, the game having random cities and many more customizable characters, here you will have to face difficult levels where it’s so troublesome to survive and protect the fort, The game is playable if you want something new in strategy.

rebuilt offline game pic

Downloads: 100K+

Size: 42MB

Download: Rebuild

8. BattleTime- Strategy Offline Game

As the name suggests battle time where you have to do lots of battle to win the area, battle time is another great option to be chosen in an offline strategy game for android, where you will get lots of fights if your army is powerful you will conquer most of the location easily, The game is for those who accept challenges in a fight every time battle will be more powerful and more strategic, In the game, there are lots of characters where each of them having their superpower to make battle on another level, The battle fight totally depends on your army power, to win battle make sure your army will be perfect.

offline strategy game battle time

Downloads: 1M+

Size: 50MB

Download: Battle Time

9. Age of Strategy

Here is totally different multiplayer offline strategy game for android where you can play a lot with creating your game its means you have the option to change the map you want, locations, player, the game is really satisfying when you play with your friends in multiplayer and make the strategy to fight in the battle, the game have more than 150 units with 280 campaign maps which you can select and win with friends. the game has good graphics and control need some strategy to win the game.

Downloads: 1M+

Size: 19MB

Download: Age of strategy

10. Viking Village

The simple and tough strategy game is the best way to wrap up the list of best offline strategy android game, if you are looking for fun and the classical game then Viking village is the best game to play, The gameplay is simple you have to plan a strategy to defense your village and attacks on enemies village by upgrading the army, game is full of adventure and beautiful graphics with having lots of gaming mode the best way to win game is to create more resources and build a trained army to protect the village from attackers.

Downloads: 1M+

Size: 38MB

Download: Viking Village (Free)

Wrapping Up: Best Offline Strategy Android Games

These were the power-packed free and paid offline strategy game list, which contains lots of great games with unique gameplay and graphics, you can choose your favorite one. I mostly like to play world war 2, which having seamless performance and great story gameplay, Tell me which game you like the most, If you know any better game this please let me know to add to the list.

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