Best iPhone Launchers For Android [New]

by Narendra

Here are the best iPhone launchers for android from latest to popular.

Huge thanks to android, where we can modify any third-party launchers in our android smartphones, and I mostly like to use iPhone launchers by its quite simple design user interface, There are lots of great options in iPhone launchers as much different variants of iPhones are available like you can use iPhone launcher of iPhone 6, iphone7, 8 and many more, but choosing a best iPhone launcher for android from Google play store is quite a difficult task to choose real iPhone launcher for that, here in this articles I picked out the best iPhone launchers for android that makes your android smartphone a better look like iPhone.

1. iPhone 12 Launchers – OS 14

Here is the best iPhone launcher for android, where you can transform your android user interface into iPhone 12 OS 14 interface, After using this launcher your smartphone fully works as an iPhone 12. It will allow you to use all the features of the iPhone 12 like smart search, iPhone x wallpapers, lock screen, control center iOS14, smart toggle, and many more that you want.

The best thing I like here is after using the iPhone launcher is that it will give you an ultra fastening experience which makes you totally forget your android smartphone. Hence, if you are looking for a fast and smooth working launcher then I firstly recommend you try the iPhone 12 launcher.


  • Here you will get all iPhone 12 interface features.
  • It will give you next-level experience in android.
  • It will have the same toggles and wallpapers themes.
  • You can use lock screen passcode features in the launcher.

Download: iPhone 12 Launcher

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2. Launcher iOS 15

Here is another great iOS style launcher for android which makes you the feel of the iOS 15 operating system in your android smartphone, as iPhone 12 launcher. It also has lots of new features and a fast experience, but here is what I liked the long-press shortcut option where you just need to long-press to open shortcut menu or uninstall apps.

Moreover, It also has an icon pack through which you can change your default icons to make a cool new interface. The feature that I found missing is music widgets to play music, overall after using iOS 15, it’s really working unbelievably like a real iPhone.

ios 13 iphone launcher


  • iOS 15 has lots of new features added as compared to iOS14.
  • Great fast user experience like an iPhone.
  • Having icon packs to change display icons.
  • No bugs in app launchers.

Download: Launcher iOS 15

3. X Max Launcher

Here is another beautiful iPhone launcher that gives you the authentic experience of iPhone in your android. Where it will give you the latest OS 12 control center with full of features and toggles same as the new iPhone Xs Max. What’s more is you will get the best live iPhone wallpaper with a plethora of categories you can choose from like nature, cars, animals, and many more.

The best part of this launcher is notch if your android smartphone has a notch then the X launcher is a perfect fit for that. Furthermore, there is some more great feature that I liked the most such as here you can quickly organize your home screen, frequently open apps, icons badge, hide personal apps, and much more you should have to try X launcher for notch smartphone experience.

iphone  pic


  • It’s best for notch based smartphones.
  • Great User experience with full of features.
  • Lots of iPhones live themes.

Download: X Launcher for iPhone

4. iLauncher for OS

Here is another great alternative to iPhone X launcher where the main feature is it gives you a fast experience and have a simple design, OS launcher will completely change your android phone into an iPhone X with having lots of customizing feature through which you can change as you want.

Moreover, here you will get features of OS 12 themes like the control panel of OS12 which is quite decent, having a notification bar, wallpapers, icons, and locking system in the style of OS 12, it’s also a surpassing option to choose launcher if you want your mobile fast and simple as iPhone.

os iphone launcher 12


  • Having Simple design as OS 12
  • Works very smooth and great icons designs
  • Contains features that make Launcher fasts

Download: iLauncher for OS

5. X Launcher Pro

If you are looking for something beyond free iPhone launchers then here is, X Launcher Pro which is a paid iPhone launcher that gives you an outstanding perfection same as iPhone X UI, with the OS 12 has style control center which has the same function with an extremely smooth experience.

Additionally here you will get best features like App Manager, Folder styles, Lots of apple themes, 3D effects, Hide Private apps, Widgets, and many more that you want overall it’s a paid app where it will do to give best of design of iPhone in your android device. Being a paid iPhone launcher here you will not see ads in between launchers that make the excellent user experiences.

 X launcher pro


  • It gives you all features as same as iPhone.
  • Great Performance and no ads.
  • Works perfectly in all android smartphones.

Download: X Launcher Pro

6. Mac OS Style Launcher

Mac OS style launcher is something unique here is the launcher of mac OS which you should have to try if you want something unique design in your android smartphone, then it will give you full apple computer feel which is certainly a fast operating system launcher

Here you will get all the features like mac os computer like start menu, file explores, simple navigation, and all the mac OS feature option here you will operate on your smartphone. So if you are the one who is looking for launcher to make your android smartphone as mac os style then this mac OS launcher is for you.

The best feature I like in Mac OS style launcher is photo tile changeable, widgets in desktop and app design which is quite different then iPhone launcher its a must try launcher.


  • Here you will get all mac os design on your phone.
  • Experience the new unique design of computers in android.
  • Fast and mac os feature.
  • multitasking option for doing more tasks.

Download: Mac OS Style Launcher

7. Classy New OS 11

There are lots of iPhone users who like the old themes of OS 11 which comes in iPhone 6, here using this iPhone launcher you can also try on your android phone. Moreover, the classy new OS is the best lightweight launcher which gives your android phone a superfast experience with a great design that you like. This launcher is for the lover of iPhone 6, It’s full packed with classical themes of basic iPhone with simple and elegant experience.

classy new picture


  • The Simple and old iPhone design theme.
  • Fast and easy to navigate option.
  • Here you will get all the options as an iPhone 6.

Download: Classy New OS 11

8. Next Phone OS X Launcher

Here is another great iPhone launcher in iPhone 8 style which you can use in your android smartphone its a multifunctional feature launcher where you will get a one-tap boost, folders, customizable os launcher, and many more wonderful feature that makes it super fast in working if you have a low-end Android smartphone then next phone os launcher is the best you have to choose.

next phone os launcher


  • Here you will be able to use all iPhone features in small sizes.
  • To make the fast size of the launcher is decreased.
  • You can easily customize themes and choose the wallpaper of the iPhone.

Download: Next Phone OS X launcher

Wrapping Up: Best iPhone Launchers For Android

These were the best iPhone launchers for android which will make your android smartphone like iPhone. Here in this article we picked both free and paid iPhone launchers through which you can choose which one is best for you. I mostly recommended using a paid version of the iPhone launcher through which you can get all access and smooth performance with no ads display while operating.

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