Best Bodybuilding Apps For Android [New]

by Narendra

JEFIT, Pro fitness trainer, and more. Here’re the best bodybuilding apps for android you can try.

Bodybuilding is not a short-term process in which you can make a great physique by just training your muscles in the gym with bits of help of your trainer. Some extra working hours are further needed to maintain a great shape where you have to self-trained your body at home. In that time without having a mentor to guide your muscles quite challenging and tough in situations to overcome.

But no worry, in this digital world you can take the help of a skilled trainer on the best bodybuilding apps. So if you’re ready to pump up your muscles with new & correct bodybuilding exercises, here we’ve compiled the best bodybuilding apps for android that you can consider. So no further ado let’s begin.

1. F & B

Doing a correct posture and planned workout is quite difficult to do if you don’t have any trainer behind you but, here with the fitness & bodybuilding app you can do it comfortably. Thanks to the app the one has loads of amazing features after that you don’t need any trainer to have.

The app provides every bodybuilding exercise in a short written brief as well as showing the high-quality video that you can also zoom in to see the correct posture done by the trainer. Moreover here you can also set the timer to do your workout schedule for your balance time exercise.

 F & B : Popular Bodybuilding app for android

Apart from that, some more features to discuss like here you can make your custom workout routine, and more importantly here you can also start a diet plan as per your physique but you’ve to pay for it.

So if you are looking for best bodybuilding android app that perfectly explains bodybuilding exercises then I highly recommend you to use this app.

Install: Fitness & Bodybuilding (Free, App In Purchase)

Downloads: 10M+


JEFIT is another best bodybuilding app for android smartphones if you want to train your muscle without taking the help of a gym trainer then here JEFIT will strongly help you with the perfect route planner whether you are a beginner or experienced in bodybuilding, here it has separate plans and workout routine that works well in both case.

Moreover, here JEFIT app provides you 1300+ exercises of the body with full instruction through videos and brief notes for better understanding.

 JEFIT : Best Workout Bodybuilding app for android

The best thing I like about the JEFIT bodybuilding app is its workout tracking plus stats show perfectly through the picture that motivates and helps you to know which part to focus more on. Apart from that here, you can also make friends share your exercise and your custom workout.

Aside from that, the app comes in an amazing user interface with tons of features that help you more than any gym trainer, so if you have a budget to invest in an online workout then this bodybuilding app for android is worth it without any trainer.

Install: JEFIT (Freemium)

Downloads: 5M+

3. Pro Fitness

Here is the best bodybuilding workout app that guides you perfectly like a trainer with having detailed instructional high-quality videos to correct your posture movement, moreover the app comes with a simple and clean user interface. So if you are a beginner then the pro fitness app is a really great way to start at home or at the gym.

The best thing I like about the app is here you can not feel that you are doing exercise without any trainer, In the app videos tutorial are too much good it likes you are with a personal trainer.

Pro Fitness : Simple Bodybuilding app for android

Overall, if you are a beginner or an intermediate in bodybuilding exercise then here I recommended you to use this app that will correct your body posture as well as make a perfect routine for you.

Install: Pro Fitness Workout Trainer (Free, App In Purchase)

Downloads: 1M+

4. Gym Run Fitness

Without having a perfect routine plan may disturb the body posture, for that here, gym-run fitness app will help you to follow a perfect fixed routine that is created by you also.

The app work as per your routine its shows you picture and video tutorials with having balanced sets to do, just like your personal trainer the app works.

 Gym Run Fitness : Best Bodybuilding Routine Plan App

The app has lots of features like stats showing as per your plan, you can also share on google fit watch, backup your results or stats, and many more.

Apart from that app comes without any ads and has a clean user interface without any disturbance, App basically comes in the free version but there is also a premium option for more advanced features id you want to try.

It’s a must-use app if you want to keep tracking your data and wants to fix a routine plan.

Install: Gym Run Fitness (Free, App In Purchase)

Downloads: 1M+

5. Nike Training Club

Here is a professional workout best bodybuilding app by Nike, where you will experience the content that gives you extra strength to do more workout with their exercise videos, Nike gives 158+ free workouts with highly efficient training as per your routine whether you are a beginner or experienced.

 Nike Training Club : Best Professional Bodybuilding app for android

The app is really good if you are looking for a particular body workout, moreover to motivate while doing a workout there are lots of famous athletes videos are available that encourage you to do more like them.

The best thing I like in the Nike training club gives the daily recommended training to try new and different every time to make flexible body shape.

Install: Nike Training Club (Freemium)

Downloads: 10M+

Bodybuilding Related Questions :

Q.1 Which is the one best bodybuilding android app to use ?

Ans: Although there are two best bodybuilding android app, like if you’re looking for free app then I’d recommend you to go with Fitness & Bodybuilding for sure. But if you need more advanced features & videos then JEFIT is best suits you.

Q.2 Which Is best 7 Minute Workout app ?

Ans: J&J Official 7 Minute Workout, this is an app that is free and comes with several great features & workout plans to challenge your body.

Q.3 How many push ups a day is good?

Ans: If you’re a beginner then I’d recommend you to stick with 50-100 push-ups but if you want to challenge yourself then keep going.

Q.4 Does workout apps really work?

Ans: Yes, using these workout apps you can manage your exercise, make routine and watch correct exercise to do.

Wrapping Up: Best Bodybuilding Apps For Android

These were the top bodybuilding app for android that has perfect body routine and contains lots of exercises that help you to achieve your goal faster, Every app has different features, but a training video tutorial is the best that makes exercise more correctly and gives motivation without any trainer.

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