Banned Android Apps Not Available In Play Store in 2024

by Narendra

Hey, are you looking for banned android apps?

No Doubt, there are so many apps in the android play store in which some are useful and some not. Every year google banned lots of illegal apps from the play store, to maintain user trust and feel secure to install apps.

But do you know there is another illegal android market other than play store?

In that illegal android market, there are lot more best banned android apps are available that are banned from the play store. And those banned apps are much useful to the user as well as less secure.

So, here in this article, you will know more about the best banned android apps list which is not available on the play store but available on Google.

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1. Pika show

Pika show is one of the best banned android app for streaming lovers, here the one comes with tons of latest & all-time favorite Bollywood & Hollywood movies, web series, live TV that you can watch absolutely free of cost. The good thing is pika show is ad-free. Moreover, you can also download movies and series in full HD. Cool right?

So, if you want to watch some of the popular or latest series like servant, breaking bad, game of thrones, and more. Then just install the mobile app and watch without any subscription and account.

Download: Pika Show (Free)

2. Hunk T.V [ Best Banned Movie App ]

Fond of watching latest movies, series, live shows? If yes! then hunk t.v is another best-banned android app on the list, Hunk T.V app provides you free access to stream & download any country movie & series without ads.

And also as of new update of hunk t.v, it also provides free live streaming of IPL matches in various different quality & languages such as ipl Hindi, ipl English, ipl 4K, and more. Moreover, the best thing is the app doesn’t require root access.

Hunk T.V banned app

Furthermore, here you will get every new released movie and series within 2 days. Isn’t it amazing? Apart from that, if we talk about its UI & video quality then it’s fantastic. The user interface is pretty simple & look premium to navigate, and here you will get two option for choosing video quality first 480P & second 720P. So, Overall one is the best unknown android app you can try.

Note: In case this apk link is outdated at the time of your downloading then worry not just go through link and update to the new version.

Download: Hunk T.V (Free)

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3. New Pipe [ Top Apk App ]

Ok, Looking for a youtube premium free of cost ?? Want to enjoy youtube with all premium functions such as No ads, PIP mode, background playing video, and much more. Then here is the good news for you, New Pipe is the crack application of youtube premium, where you can easily enjoy youtube premium without creating an account, and in case you want to create an account that also you can do it here.

Well, to be honest, from a while I am using New Pipe apk and not found any issues regarding that. So what are you waiting for, let’s use this apk from google, Before using let me clear one thing this apk also comes in the illegal category so be aware.

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 Youtube Vanced banned app

Download: Youtube vanced (Free)

4. Aptoide [ Best Android Apk ]

Aptoide is another most amazing application that was banned from the play store due to providing premium and best-banned apps on their platform, you can also say it as the best alternative of google play store. If you are the one who always looking for premium apps or games free of cost, then this app is fantastic for you.

Using aptoide you can easily install any apps that were not available in the play store. In 2019 aptoide claims there is no virus or no harm for any user. But I recommend you to aware while installing apps from here, Anyway, this is an amazing app that helps us to use premium apps in free so check it out from the below link.

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Aptoide banned app

Download: Aptoide (Free)

5. Bee T.V [ Alternative Of Hunk T.V ]

Looking for hunk t.v alternatives? If yes, then here I have an ultimate banned movie app named as bee t.v, just like hunk t.v here also you can watch lots of new and old movies and web series in free of cost. Moreover, bee t.v provides us both language support, which means you can easily watch movies and series in Hindi and English audios. Furthermore, here you can also select different picture quality such as 480P, 720P, or 1080P as per your internet connection.

Bee T.V banned apps

Apart from that, Bee t.v has a clean and easy user interface with well customize categories through which you can easily find your movies. But there is one problem that is of ads, here you might see ads after pausing movie or choosing one. Other than that, this is another best android app outside play store, similar to hunk t.v.

Download: Bee T.V (Free)

6. X Tunes [ Download Latest Songs ]

Here is the fantastic banned music app to download any of your favorite songs in no time. The main highlight is its beautifully arranged songs from Hindi, English, Pop, Remix, Punjabi, and more. What makes it more interesting is the app is ad-free. Plus here you’ll get almost every new released song to download on your smartphone.

So lastly, if you’re a music lover and love making top playlists offline then there is no better option than X tune to download any song with one click.

Download: X Tunes (Free)

7. Netflix Mod Apk [Watch Latest Movies Free]

Love Netflix movies, shows, anime? If yes, then here is the Netflix mod android app that provides latest movies to series like squid games to watch free without any subscription. What is more interesting is you’ll get options to choose picture quality plus it is ads-free. Cool right?

Aside from that, the app has plethora of latest HD release movies & web series collection you can watch, Moreover, if you hate watching movies online free then by simple link you can also download in your smartphone.

Download: Netflix Mod Apk [Free]

8. Show Box [ Banned Movie App ]

Show box which is an entertainment app which will give permission to watch t.v shows, series and latest movies because of illegally watching movies this app again not in the play store, but from my point of view its the one of the most useful app for those who loves watching movies and shows, through Showbox you can easily watch latest movies illegally.

 Show Box

As the app not in the play store, but you can download the Show box app from the website then you can enjoy your series without paying any penny.

Download: Show Box (Free)

9. X posed Frameworks [ Top App Not On Google Play ]

X posed Framework is the best unknown android app, which will helpful for those who have to customize their phone, but before using the application you have to root your phone first after it will work with that you can do any type of customization that you want and makes the big changes to your android phone.

X posed Frameworks

It may be destroyed your phone after rooting so be careful with this experiment take a backup of data before perform, and after that, you might be not getting any new updates from android whether it’s a new android version or security updates.

Download: X posed (Free)

10. Y Music [ Banned Music App ]

Y music which is my favorite app on list which will give you permission to run youtube in the background to listen to songs, as the youtube contains millions of best songs where everyone wants to listen but while jogging or traveling it’s not possible it only play video songs and not play as a background where you can use Y music same version but works well in the background.

Y Music

Moreover, most of us always worried about data pack, because youtube video eats more data as compared to without video.

Here this app comes useful to play your playlist while doing work and youtube won’t give permission to play video as an mp3, for that play store banned the popular apk but don’t worry you can download it from the website.

Download: Y Music (Free)

11. Nova T.V [ Banned Movie App ]

Looking for more banned movie apps? after hunk t.v and bee t.v to watch your OTT platform movies and series? If yes, then nova t.v is another most fantastic banned movie app on the list. Having clean and simple UI, provide HD movies and T.V shows in dual audios English and Hindi. The best thing that I like about nova t.v is its popular movies and shows and fast latest releases updates to watch.

Nova T.V  banned app

The only thing that makes nova t.v behind hunk t.v and bee t.v is that here you will not find a download option and it only contains the popular and latest release. So if you are fond of latest releases and popular movies then nova t.v is one of the popular apk apps you can try.

Download: Nova t.v (Free)

12. YouTube ad Skip [ Most Useful Banned app ]

Here is another popular apk app that is most helpful and useful app which is not on play store, to be honest we feel angry when youtube ad shows us ads. But don’t worry, now onward you will easily watch your favorite youtube video without ads with youtube skip ad app.

YouTube ad Skip

It’s totally illegal to remove the ad that’s why this app will not be taken place in the play store. But it really very helpful to avoid those 5-sec ads.

Download: YouTube ad skip (Free)

13. T.V Portal [ Banned T.V App ]

If you are addicted to T.V and movies then this is another top apk app for you it will provide you free T.V and movies without VPN.

 T.V Portal

T.V Portal gives you the choice to select the media player from which you can play your t.v shows, showing t.v without permission it’s totally illegal with that play store banned the app.

Download: T.V Portal (Free)

14. Bromite [ Best Android App – All Time ]

Bromite which is a browser app it’s not the same browser at all it having a lot more features by using a bromite browser you don’t have to use an ad blocker or any other software to block unusual ads.


It will automatically remove the ad inside the browser and you can have a better experience while surfing.

Download: Bromite (Free)

15. Movie Box [ Banned app for movie ]

Here is another best illegal android app for movie lovers, Using the app you can easily stream every latest movie and t.v show free of cost. The reason for banned from play store is simple. Moviebox doesn’t have any licensed to stream just like Netflix or hotstar.

Although banned from the play store, this app is running well in the market due to its availability on google. But before using this app, let me tell you this app might also contain malware or any type of virus. So use this app in self-responsibility.

Movie Box

Download: Movie Box (Free)

16. Adaway

Here is the again top secret app that banned from play store, Adaway is an open-source application that helps us to block ads on our android smartphone. But to use this application your device must be rooted. Otherwise, it does not work well for you. So if you have the interest to block ads on your smartphone then you can download this apk from google or aptoide in free of cost.


Download: Adaway (Free)

17. Fortnite [ Banned Android Game Apk ]

Most shocking news for Fortnite lovers. Here is the game that is banned from play store due to too much addiction to children and fraud to earn money using purchasing items in-game. There might be more reason so it was banned, but in some countries, Fortnite runs well. So in case your country blocked Fortnite and you want to play games then you can also easily download it from the play store. Make sure to use a VPN for protection.

Fortnite banned

Download: Fortnite (Free)

18. Amazon App Store [ Underground Android App ]

A very less number of user knows there is an Amazon app store exist due to its great features, play store banned the app. From Amazon app you can easily download a paid app in free like games, or any type of app the best thing I like in amazon app store it contains only useful and well categorize apps so it gives really good user experience to install paid apps to free.

In some countries, the amazon app is banned due to the violence of free or very less price app, but some countries not you can check the link and best of luck to use the amazon app store.

Download: Amazon App store (Free)

19. Torrent Search [ Secret Android App ]

No doubt, everyone loves using torrent, but there is no search engine to access torrent, Moreover, google play store also banned torrent searches due to unlegal downloads of movies, games, and apps. But don’t worry, torrent search still available in many places where you can download for instance google and aptoide app. So what are you waiting for, let go, But before using this app make sure you are using any best VPN to hide your IP.

Torrent Search

Download: Torrent Search (Free)

20. Google Camera

There are still many smartphone devices that don’t have blur or focus mode to capture great pictures but don’t worry here is the google camera that helps you to capture photos and videos in blur more. Due to illegal and crack app the app is also banned from play store but as usual you can easily download it from google and use it freely.

Google Camera

Download: Google Camera (Free)

21. MobDro [Banned live video streaming app ]

Loves to see live video streaming of anything your favorite for instance gaming, news, tech bloggers, movies shows, or anything?? Then this application might help you to watch all of these free of cost. As usual, this app is also not available in play store due to illegal way of streaming but no worry, you can get it from google or from the link below. Install it and enjoy live streaming.


Download: MobDro (Free)

22. [ Banned Entertainment App ]

Away from home? and loves to watch live t.v series? Worry not, Here is the amazing application named as Which provides the user live streaming of any t.v serial from all over the world free of cost. Isn’t it amazing you can watch any country live t.v on your smartphone? Just like any other apps on the list, this app is also not available on play store due to illegal. No worry check out the below link to download now and enjoy forever.

Download: (Free)

23. Kinemaster Premium [ Banned Video Editing App ]

Loves video editing? Looking for a premium app free of cost? If yes! Then here is the most popular kinemaster video editing android app premium, free of cost. Here in this app, you will get all the premium app features, templates, and high export video quality without paying a single penny. Moreover, the best thing is the app doesn’t require rooting of smartphones. So what are you waiting for, install, and edit your videos for free. Lastly, this app is also not available on play store due to illegal access to premium but you can download it from the below link.

Kinemaster Premium

Download: Kinemaster Premium (Free)

24. Tube Mate [ Banned Video Download App ]

Tube Mate is one of the best android app to download youtube videos but due to against youtube policy terms and conditions you can not download any youtube video and where tube mate works well illegally.

Tube Mate

Youtube provides an offline saving feature but from that, you cannot play video on another media player or not save to lifetime if the user will clear cache or data the whole offline videos will be removed.

So here tube mate comes in handy to download any youtube video in any video quality from 240p to 1080p, if you are interested to watch the video in the free mood then, you should have to try tube mate for offline access in any video player.

Download: Tube Mate (Free)

Wrapping Up: Banned Android Apps

These were the top popular apk apps that are not available on play store due to unbehavior or it gets affected to the google play store revenue but through different websites, you are able to download the best android apk.

These forbidden apps will help you a lot in entertainment or educational purposes. There are many more free banned apps are available for all countries, soon I am going to update the list with more special apps for android. So stay tuned!


Is TubeMate banned?

TubeMate was taken off the Play Store because it let people download videos from YouTube, which Google didn’t like. And now that YouTube lets people download videos to watch them later, TubeMate getting banned isn’t that big of a deal.

What apps are used for cheating?

Cheaters use apps like Tinder, Vaulty Stocks, Ashley Madison, Date Mate, and Snapchat. Private messaging apps like Messenger, Viber, Kik, and WhatsApp are also often used.

Is uptodown illegal?

Uptodown is 100% legal and only has real apps to download. How apps are legalized on the user’s end depends on how apps are used. The app itself is completely legal, and the site where it is kept does not store any illegal activity. But the way a user uses the Uptodown app has nothing to do with whether or not it is legal.

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