10 Banned Android Apps Not Available In Play store (Latest)

There are so many apps in the android play store in which some are useful and some not. Every year Google was banned lots of illegal apps from play store. To maintain user trust and feel secure to install apps.

But do you know there is another illegal android market other than play store?

In that illegal android market, there are a lot more best-banned android apps are available that are banned from the play store. And these banned apps are so much useful to the user as well as less secure.

So, here in this article, you will know more about the best banned Android apps list which is not available on play store but available on Google.

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10 Banned android apps not available in play store are :

1. Tube Mate

Tube Mate is one of the best android apps to download youtube videos offline but due to against youtube policy terms and condition you can not download any youtube video and their tube mate works well illegally.

Youtube provides offline saving feature but from that, you cannot play video in another media player or not save to lifetime if the user will clear cache or data the whole offline videos will be removed.

So here tube mate comes handy to download any youtube video in any video quality from 240p to 1080p.

Download: TubeMate


XNSPY is power-packed spy app which will help you to monitor the smartphone data, messages, call and even location mostly XNSPY app is used for surveillance of employees mobile tracing their location.

From this app, you can be monitoring the person smartphone in real time and traced there calls and location from anywhere.

To avoid the surveillance this app is not available on play store.

Download: XNSPY

3. Amazon App Store

A very less number of user knows there is an Amazon app store exist due to its great feature play store banned the app from Amazon app you can easily download a paid app.

In some countries, the amazon app is banned due to the violence of free or very less price app.

Download: Amazon App store

4. Hotstar Mod Apk

Hotstar Mod app is a hack application of hot star in which you can watch premium movies and series free.

Original Hotstar doesn’t give to watch ipl matches for full time with the help of the mod app you can watch IPL for free.

You can download app illegally from google its not in play store.

Download: Hotstar

5. X posed Frameworks

X posed framework which will helpful for those who have to customize there phone before to use the application you have to root your phone first after it will work.

It May be destroyed your phone after rooting so be careful with this experiment take a backup of data before perform.

Download: X posed

6. Show Box

Show box which is an entertainment app which will give permission to watch t.v shows, series and latest movies because of illegally watching movies this app again not in play store.

You can download the Show box app from the website then you can enjoy your series without paying any penny.

Download: Show Box

7. Y Music

Y music which is my favorite app in list which will give you permission to run youtube in the background to listen to songs.

Most of us always worried about data pack because youtube video eats more data as compared to without video.

Here this app comes useful to play your playlist while doing work and youtube won’t give permission to play video as an mp3 so it will not in play store.

Download: Y Music

8. YouTube ad Skip

Wow again most helpful and useful app which is not in play store from most of us we are feeling angry when youtube ad was shown.

Now onward you will easily watch your favorite youtube video without ad with youtube skip ad app.

It’s totally illegal to remove the ad that why this app will not be taken place in play store.

Download: YouTube ad skip

9. T.V Portal

If you are addicted to T.V and movies then this is the great app for you it will provide you free T.V and movies as well.

T.V Portal gives you the choice to select the media player from which you can play your t.v shows.

Download: T.V Portal

10. Bromite

Bromite which is a browser app it’s not the same browser at all it having lot more feature by using bromite browser you don’t have to use an ad blocker or any other software to block unusual ad.

It will automatically remove ad inside the browser and you can have a better experience while surfing.

Download: Bromite

Wrap Up :

These apps are not available on play store due to unbehavior or it gets affected to the google play store revenue but through different websites, we are able to downloads the best apps in android these banned apps will help you a lot in entertainment or educational purposes.

If you find this article helpful tell me in the comment section what apps you want to add on the list or whats your requirement.

Note: These are 10 best illegal apps are available on google use antivirus before downloading these files.

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