Best Bluetooth Multiplayer Games For Android [New]

by Narendra

Dual, Snake, Ladder, and more. Here’re the best Bluetooth multiplayer games for android to play.

Not every player is interested in playing high graphics games, some of them like me, who enjoy playing Bluetooth multiplayer games with family & friends in their free time enjoying the multiplayer company. Right?

Surely you are also interested in Bluetooth multiplayer games rather than a single-player game for that, here in this article. I have lined up the best Bluetooth multiplayer game for android, which we played and enjoyed a lot, and I hope you would definitely gonna love it.

So what’re we waiting for? Let begin.

1. DUAL!

DUAL Bluetooth Multiplayer Game

DUAL! You can call it the best Bluetooth multiplayer game for android. Here you and your friend can play an action fight across the smartphone screens. ‘isn’t it Interesting’? Both players can shoot each other from their devices. Moreover, there are also many more action modes to play such as duel, deflect, and defend. Furthermore, to make duel more challenging, then you both can also fight with attackers with superpowers and dodge bullets.

Apart from that, To battle with other users, you have two options for that firstly locally over wifi and Bluetooth. Sorry! you can not play duel on long-distance or different wifi. Still, it is the most fun and engaging multiplayer game ever, that you must have to play.

Note: Before playing duel make sure you are both connected on the same Bluetooth or WiFi.

Install: Dual

Game Size: Varies with devices

2. Snake and ladders

Snake and ladders multiplayer Bluetooth game

No doubt, Snake and Ladder is the most entertaining game ever since childhood, and if you are still crazy enough for this then, take a look, Here is the snake and ladder Bluetooth multiplayer game for android that you can play with your friend on a smartphone. No offense, but it might not give you the exact same feeling like a real snake game but I am sure this game will fulfill your fond. So don’t let it go without playing.

Install: Snake and Ladders

Game Size: 1.5MB

3. Ludo Multiplayer

Ludo Pachisi Multiplayer

Just like snake and ladders, ludo is also the most popular and craziest game ever that everyone loves. So if you are looking for a way to remind the old days or want to gather friends to enjoy then ludo is one of the finest multiplayer games for android that you must have to play. Apart from that, you can play ludo with your 4 friends using Bluetooth connection, online and offline as well. So don’t worry about that.

If I talk about its gameplay and graphics then frankly speaking it’s top-notch. And you gonna love it. For sure!

Install: Ludo Multiplayer

Game Size: 21MB

4. Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe game

Want to challenge your friends? Then go nowhere, Here is one of best childhood pen-paper game ever, that now comes in our smartphone too named as tic tac toe. In case you don’t remind its gameplay then let me tell you. It’s a simple zero and cross-game where you have to place respective marks in any row to win the game. For instance, see the above picture.

Apart from that, the game is only for two players, You can comfortably play game over the Bluetooth. Furthermore, If I talked about its graphics then it looks realistic. So if you are getting bored and looking for a challenge then play tic tac toe multiplayer game on android for free.

Install: Tic Tac toe

Game Size: 6.5MB

5. Bomb Squad

 Bomb Squad

The bomb squad is another excellent game in the list of best Bluetooth multiplayer games for android to play, The gameplay definitely excites you to play, let me tell you, Here you have to capture the flag to hockey and stop the enemies to leave the game, you can throw a bomb on it to make a statue with the bomb power.

Apart from that, Here you can easily make up a team of 8 players on local connection. So if you are looking for amazing graphics & incredible gameplay with friends then bomb squad is one of the games that you should play.

Install: Bomb Squad

Game Size: 59MB

6. Virtual Table Tennis

Virtual Table Tennis game

Fan of table tennis ? or want to play a wondrous game to time pass then, Here is another best Bluetooth multiplayer game for android, that you can easily play with your friends and as well AI-based humans that perform real tasks like you. Moreover, the game looks marvelous to play as you level up it got harder and challenging.

Apart from that, there are multiple modes are available to play such as arcade, tournament, multiplayer modes. So if you are looking for a unique and time pass game then virtual table tennis is one of the best Bluetooth games on the list.

Install: Virtual Table Tennis

Game Size: Varies with devices

7. Pen Fight

Pen Fight game

Pen Fight is another game that reminds you of childhood, Now in the era of smartphones, you can easily play pen clashes in multiplayer with your friends. In case you don’t know about the game then let me tell you. Pen fight basically a clash of pen whichever pen is out the table that means it is out from round. Quite challenging and engaging as well. Apart from that, The game has much better graphics and a new pen to play with. The game is for one who wants to remind their old days with a friend.

Install: Pen Fight

Game Size: Varies

8. Beach Volley Ball

 Volley Ball  Bluetooth Multiplayer Game

Loves volleyball to play? If yes, then this game is for you, Here you can play game with a friend and take a challenge to make the game more exciting. You can also play a game with AI-based on human, Apart from that, there are several different locations and modes are available to play that makes game interesting. Don’t need any internet or wifi, you can easily play volleyball using local Bluetooth.

Install: Volley Ball

Game Size: 9.4MB

9. Warlings

Warlings Bluetooth Multiplayer Game

Warling is a shooting game where you can use guns and power to kill enemies, the gameplay is in an awesome place like sea, space, and in air that makes it more interesting to play with friends without the need of an internet connection.

Install: Warlings

Game Size: 34MB

10. XO Game

XO Game Bluetooth Multiplayer Game

XO game is the same as tic tac toe but here in this game, you will have more blocks (9×9) and a long-run game which makes it more satisfying to play with Bluetooth connectivity on a single screen. If you are looking for an advanced version of tic tac toe to play multiplayer then the XO game is for you.

Install: XO Game

Game Size: 953K

11. Dots and Boxes

Dots and Boxes multiplayer game

Again a pretty impressive and time pass game Bluetooth multiplayer game for android, where both the player has to connect the dots and make their square block whoever the higher number of blocks is considered as a winner. You can be called it interesting as well as challenging with a friend.

Install: Dots and Boxes

Game Size: varies

12. Chess via Bluetooth

Chess via Bluetooth

If you like playing chess then it’s the best game to play with friends through Bluetooth connectivity, No need to worry about the internet, nor a high-end smartphone. Apart from that, graphics are also good as well as movements. So playing chess on multiplayer using Bluetooth is the ultimate option to kill Time and fulfill fond.

Install: Chess via Bluetooth

Game Size: 23MB

13. Sea Battle 2

Sea Battle 2

Here is the innovative game in which you have ships, planes, submarines, and many more through which you have to fight (attack) on your friends and destroy their ships make a good strategy to win the best part of the game is it is in notepad style with nice graphics.

Install: Sea Battle 2

Game Size: 33MB

14. Mad Hill Racing Bluetooth Mulitplayer Game

If you’re in love with racing games and want the best Bluetooth racing game to play with your friend then you can’t go wrong with the Mad hill. What makes it interesting to play for hours is its challenges and racing track which is pretty good. You have to fight with enemy and at the same time be the first to win the race.

On top of that, the one has several customizable parts like tracks, cars, and more. Apart from challenges, it delivers a new racing mode to your screen for time passes.

Install: Mad Hill

Game Size: 23MB

15. Two Guys & Zombies

Two Guys & Zombies game

Really, What a great game when I heard the name first time then I was thinking that it’s a normal game where we have to fight with a zombie but this game is more than that, If I talked about its gameplay then it’s amazing, Here you and your friend stuck in the middle of a city, where you can save your life by killing zombies, and there the interesting part begins. To kill zombies, there are many weapons, grenades are hidden in the city that you have to find out before dying.

Moreover, you can also earn hero abilities by killing more zombies and collecting diamonds from it that give you more power, The Game becomes more interesting and addictive when you level up. Hence, if you are looking for a challenging multiplayer game then two guys and zombies game you should play.

Install: Two Guys and Zombies

Game Size: 43MB

Wrapping Up: Best Bluetooth Multiplayer Android Games

These were the 15 best Bluetooth multiplayer games for smartphones that you will definitely enjoy with your friends over Bluetooth connectivity, the more latest game will update in this article soon as they come, until play these games and enjoy.

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