Ultimate Bluetooth Multiplayer Games 2019

Not every player interested in play high graphics games some of like me who enjoy playing Bluetooth multiplayer games with friends in there free time enjoying the company of multiplayer.

Surely you also interested in Bluetooth multiplayer games rather than a single player game here in this article I will tell you the best Bluetooth multiplayer game which I played a lot and definitely you will like it.

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Best Bluetooth Multiplayer Game for android 2019

1. Two Guys & Zombies

Really, What a great game when I head the name first time then I was thinking that it’s a normal game where we have to fight with a zombie but this game is more than that with the best graphics in Bluetooth multiplayer that’s really very rare. In this game, two guys are fighting for diamonds which gave then power and weapons to fight with zombies. When you go further more interesting things will come and the level goes harder.

Install: Two Guys and Zombies

Game Size: 43MB


Dual is the game which you have to play with a friend across the screen means both you and your friends have to sit opposite to each other to shoot your friend and win or work as a team to (defend) destroy the enemy and make score really a best multiplayer Bluetooth game ever.

Install: Dual

Game Size: Varies with devices

3. Snake and ladders

We all know the game snake and ladder which is again a very interesting game to play via Bluetooth with a friend were just installed the game and connect Bluetooth after game over it will automatically turn off the Bluetooth.

Install: Snake and Ladders

Game Size: 1.5MB

4. Ludo Pachisi Multiplayer

Ludo the game which is now very famous but that’s only available online with this game you can play ludo with Bluetooth as well with low-end smartphones ludo is a real-time pass game without using the internet and space.

Install: Ludo Pachisi Multiplayer

Game Size: 21MB

5. Tic Tac Toe

When I was in school I mostly preferred to play tic tac toe in notebooks after the time has gone this game comes in smartphones now you will play this game using the blutooth connection without spending any data and enjoy the interesting game with friends.

Install: Tic Tac toe

Game Size: 6.5MB

6. Bomb Squad

The bomb squad is another great game to play with Bluetooth where you have to capture the flag to hockey, and stop the enemies to leave the game you can throw a bomb on it to make a statue with the bomb power you can play it multiplayer up to 8 players local.

Install: Bomb Squad

Game Size: 59MB

7. Virtual Table Tennis

You can now enjoy table tennis with Bluetooth with your friend and robot where the game having various modes like arcade, training, practice and tournament mode which make the game more interesting to play in very low mobile space.

Install: Virtual Table Tennis

Game Size: Varies with devices

8. Pen Fight

Again a memorable game some time ago we all are played in offline now you can play it online with the connection of Bluetooth and challenge your friends to fight with you and compete with them.

Install: Pen Fight

Game Size: Varies

9. Volley Ball

We all have played the game offline now you can play it with your friends using the connectivity of Bluetooth where the more competitive modes are available like versus mode, angry mode, and more games graphics is also too good for the bluetooth game.

Install: Volley Ball

Game Size: 9.4MB

10. Warlings

Warling is a shooting game where you can use guns and power to kill and destroy the enemy, the gameplay is on the awesome place like sea, space, and in the air that makes it more interesting to play with friends without the need of internet connection.

Install: Warlings

Game Size: 34MB

11. XO Game

XO game is the same as tic tac toe but here in the game, you will have more blocks (9×9) and long-run game which makes it more interesting to play with Bluetooth connectivity in a single screen.

Install: XO Game

Game Size: 953K

12. Dots and Boxes

Again a very interesting and time pass game where both the player has to connect the dots and make their square block whoever the higher number of blocks is considered as a winner.

Install: Dots and Boxes

Game Size: varies

13. Chess via Bluetooth

If you like chess then it’s the best game to play with friends through Bluetooth connectivity were having the gaming mode good graphics game cover low space on phone so there is no issue of lagging, having the option to customize the chess as you want.

Install: Chess via Blutooth

Game Size: 23MB

14. Sea Battle 2

Here is the new game in which you have ships, planes, submarines and many more though which you have to fight (attack) on your friends and destroy there ships make a good strategy to win the best part of the game is it is in notepad style with nice graphics.

Install: Sea Battle 2

Game Size: 33MB

Wrap Up :

These are the 14 best Bluetooth games that you will definitely enjoy with your friends over Bluetooth connectivity more latest game will update in this article soon as they come now play these games and enjoy.

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