Best Cricket Games For Android [New]

by Narendra

WCC2, Real Cricket, and more. Here are the best cricket games for android.

There is no doubt! Cricket is the most popular and exciting game in the world, As a rapid demand for cricket, the developer launched several new cricket games for android that every smartphone user can enjoy cricket by playing online and offline, there are lots of cricket games are available in play store with different graphics and controls some game seems like real and some fake. But don’t worry, Here in this article, we list out the best cricket games for android that you’ll gonna love it.

1. WCC2

Here is the leading best cricket game for android (WCC2), which every cricket lover love to play, If you love to do bating then here are lots of different shots, Plus my favorite shots, helicopter shot, and upper-cut shot, and many more. You can play with 150 distinct batting styles that make the game more versatile.

You can also customize your favorite players, cheer teams with customized banners to make realistic games. Moreover, In the game, you will get the option to choose your favorite teams, different stadiums for 11 tournaments like world cup, World T20 Cup, Blitz Tournament, and most popular ODI Series with having lots of new control and cameras angle to make the gameplay real.

WCC2: Best cricket game for android of all time

What if I tell you, that there is rain break in between the game seems great isn’t it, like a real, now surprisingly it also has option to use D/L method, here you can also check Ultra edge, LBW for getting better decision.

What’s more is gameplay use 40+ camera angle for driving catches, dynamic fielding and many more realistic views with professional English, Hindi commentary with good sounds, Now you can also challenge your friends to play against you to make the game more interesting by enabling friend mode.

Download: World Cricket Championship 2 (Free)

Game Size: 392MB

2. Real Cricket 20

Here is another best cricket game for android ( Real Cricket 20 ) which is popular for its best graphics and gameplay, where you can play multiplayer by just creating your team, you can also customize bat logo, jersey, brand logos, and more to make game real.

The best thing we like here is updating of game which regularly improves the performance and graphics that make innovative gameplay. If we talk about batting gameplay, you will have lots of great styles to play as per your favorite player styles like defensive, balanced, and many aggression shots that make best cricket world game.

Real Cricket 20: Second- best cricket game

Apart from that, you also have options to choose the timing of matches like morning, afternoon or night, Real cricket makes the game as per real rules and regulation where you can play tournaments, IPL, Test matches, More importantly you also get the review system by talking to the third umpire in case of running out.

New Update: Now you can talk within selector meeting for world cup mode. Isn’t it interesting?

Download: Real Cricket 20 (Free)

Game Size: 396MB

3. World Cricket Battle

If you are bored with one-sided wins then try (world Cricket Battle) where you have been going through very tough game with the computer or you can also play real-time multiplayer in private room or with your friends to make the game more realistic, there are different forms like career mode, auction mode, and having different tournaments option to play.

There is some more realistic features were added like Ultra-edge detection, Real-time weather changes, Net practices, Third umpire decision, players dressing room, D/L method win, Cold drink break, and many more.

World Cricket Battle: Best challenging cricket game for android

While playing the game you can take 60+ batting shots in every location and 10+ different bowling actions with the fast and spin options, What’s more, is every player has unique faces and physiques to make the game real. If you want to see graphics, action, and gameplay you can play the game.

Download: World Cricket Battle (WCB) (Free)

Game Size: 313MB

4. Friends Beach Cricket

If you are bored with playing different types of championships cricket game then its time to try (friends beach cricket) which is a casual beach cricket game, where players are casual like you, playing real cricket games in the vacation on beach, The game has beautiful graphics, visuals background nearby objects.

The best thing is you can play with coconut bat, fry pan, baseball bat, and more to make it real. Here you can also select and customize the team members and play in limited-overs like 2 over match or 5 over.

Friends Beach Cricket: Best fun cricket game for android

On top of it, game has an ultimate user interface and beach graphics that make the game more addictive to play. Plus, beach is not always the same you have multiple options to select different beaches as you want.

Download: Friends Beach Cricket (Free)

Game size: 98.95MB

5. World T20 Cricket Champs

Here is another best cricket game for T20 lovers, now you will be able to play the game in the best graphics and many batting and bowling action that make the game more interesting, The game has 5 great tones of gameplay like net practice, where you can practice before the match, challenge mode, tournaments, test match, and quick match.

To make the game real here you will able to do several types of bowling with face movement, batting shots camera movements is realistic, Moreover, you can also have option to choose the timing of the game, grounds to play, team mange like real cricket.

World T20 Cricket Champs: Best T20 cricket game for android

Most importantly, you can also fix the matches by hiring a bookie secretly to win the match that makes the game more interesting. But it’s only available for some best matches. If you want to win match then hire the batting and bowling coach that trained the team.

Download: World T20 Cricket Champs (Free)

Game Size: 74MB

6. Doodle Cricket

If you are looking for a lightweight cricket game then this game is best for you here you will play cricket with fun it’s not like the championships game, the game was made by google’s advanced algorithm to make it more interesting for low-end mobile phones.

Doodle cricket has great graphics and you will be able to show the shots by dynamic different angles, The gameplay, and user controls are awesome to play in your free time there is no need for high ram mobile phones.

 Doodle Cricket: Best enjoyable cricket game for android

The game gives you real happiness and pleasure by taking good shots to six and making the record against the challenging AI with great performance and sound effects. If you want to enjoy cricket then you should play the game.

Download: Doodle Cricket (Free)

Game Size: 310KB

7. Sachin Saga

If you are a fan of Sachin Tendulkar then this cricket game for android is for you, the game is very nicely designed with great graphics, here in the game you will be able to play the iconic Sachin shots. We mostly liked straight drive, uppercut, sweep, and more the gameplay is normal as other games. Moreover, here you are able to play different modes like events mode, playoff-mode, world cup. There are also options to change the stadium as per the tournament and make your team win the match.

Sachin Saga: Best fan cricket game for android

The best thing we like in the game is animation and Sachin realistic batting shots with great graphics, if you are a real fan of Sachin batting then you should have to play the game once which gives you the real Sachin experience.

Download: Sachin Saga Cricket Champions (Free)

Game Size: 101MB

8. Big Bash Cricket

If you are looking for men and women cricket game for android then Big bash Cricket game is for you. The gameplay of Big bash is like realistic cricket, you can easily customize your team and favorite player, while playing the game you will experience great graphics, animations, and best controls that make you the more excited in the game.

Big Bash Cricket: Best men & women cricket game for android

The best part of the game, which we like the most is game is now available to play as a multiplayer with your friends that you can choose men’s or women’s cricket it’s new part of cricket game that makes it more real.

Download: Big Bash Cricket (Free)

Game Size: 211MB

9. Stick Cricket Super League

Here is the game in the style of my favorite stickman games, where you get fun in large quantity as compared to gameplay, the love to stick cricket game is because of its funny cricket style and sound, which remind old school days if you want to enjoy the same then this game you should definitely play.

Stick Cricket Super League: Best Funny style cricket game for android

Apart from that, here also you can do all types of stuff like creating players, choosing teams, see stats, smashing sixes, and much more. So at last if you want to play cricket game with next-level fun then this game is for you.

Download: Stick Cricket Super League (Free)

Game Size: 32 MB

10. Gully Cricket Game

Last but not least, Here is one of the top cricket game for android if you love real street cricket. The main highlights of this game is its gameplay and UI which remind you of your gully cricket. Here in the game, you can play 100 different matches in the gully and most interesting things break neighbor’s window panes and car windshields like a real gully. Isn’t it interesting?

Gully Cricket Game

Download: Gully Cricket Game (Free)

Wrapping Up: Best Cricket Games For Android

These were the world’s best cricket games for android which we played a lot in our free time, after reading this article, We hope you get your favorite cricket game for smartphone, and if you looking for more then stay tuned, soon we will update the list with most upcoming cricket games.

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