Best Games Under 10 MB For Android [New]

by Narendra

Snail battle, Retro world, and more. Here’re the best games under 10 MB for android.

No Doubt, there are tons of android games available to play, but if you want to enjoy the real fun, and most fascinating gaming experience then you must have to come in under 10 MB android games, The main reason we like to play within 10 MB games is that it will never waste my precious internet data nor storage space.

Moreover, every week several tons of low MB games are updated. However, with the higher availability of games below 10 MB for android it’s quite difficult to choose the best one, For that here in this article I choose the most famous and latest android game within 10 MB that you can consider to play.

1. Street Fighting2: Action game under 10 MB

Played lots of shooting action games, and get bored? No more, here is the new Street Fighting android game which comes within 10 MB, that you should have to play. Here in the game, you will experience the new gameplay and if you are like me who loves endless mode with various levels of action then the Street Fighting2 is for you. The game has great graphics and various weapons to choose to kill monsters, but don’t forget to collect coins to upgrade heroes, weapons, and new adventure items.

Downloads: 5M+

Install: Street Fighting2 (Free, App In Purchase)

2. Retro World: Open world game under 10 MB

Here is another best under 10 MB game which will take you to the 90s gaming console system which is an amazing experience android game, the game is something like super Mario but not exactly it is, retro world is an open-world game like an adventure space where you have to solve some quest, puzzle and kill enemies to live if you like a game which having story and the secret world with various location to solve puzzle while adventuring then you should have to play retro world for sure.

Downloads: 1M+

Install: Retro World (Free, App In Purchase)

3. Portable Soccer DX Lite: Sports game under 10 MB

If you are looking for sports game below 10 MB for android then portable soccer Dx is the best game to choose, here it gives you the ultimate experience of football with having great controls, good graphics, and various gaming modes like world championships, friendly matches, Pk Match. The best and my favorite thing I like in-game is here you can choose your favorite team to play, Moreover the game makes more interesting when the level goes harder and quite difficult to win, you don’t have to miss the game.

Downloads: 1M+

Install: Soccer DX Lite (Free, App In Purchase)

4. Stickman Fight: Fun fight game under 10 MB

Fighting is also an amazing category in-game, but in less than 10 MB its quite difficult to find the best game which having fun with fight, here stickman fight comes where it’s not a usual fight or heroes, the game having amazing stunts, with fun cartoon stick man that having 6 different combats style fight. Furthermore, you can now play 90 more levels every level is much tougher and having a new gaming environment. Apart from that control of game is really easy and simple to play you should have to try a stickman fight.

Downloads: 1M+

Install: Stickman Fight (Free, App In Purchase)

5. Zombie Road Racing: Ultimate racing game under 10 MB

Here is a fascinating racing game under 10 MB that you’ll gonna love it. Where you have to race in between the zombies and save your life. The game has an adventure with racing, In the game, there are various environments where you can race my favorite is desert. Plus to make your race better, collect coins after that you can upgrade your car parts, and here you can also customize your car by having various designed collections, If you are looking for fun with racing then you should have to try zombie road racing.

Downloads: 10M+

Install: Zombie Road Racing (Free, App In Purchase)

6. Parking Jam: Addictive game under 10 MB

Here is another most interesting and addictive game to play in under 10 MB for android, where you just have to park your car but it’s not easy to do when there is lots of car standing in a queue or randomly parked, now the main task to do is we have to park our car without touching any other car in a given time. The game is really an addictive one and gives you a realistic driving experience with having various challenging levels.


Install: Parking Jam ( Free, App In Purchase)

7. Pinball Pro: Popular game under 10 MB

Here is the most famous and interesting game in video game categories, whether you played on pc or not here in the android game it will give you the experience of an amazing pinball game where you just have to press and hold to launch a ball after that to make the highest score you have to continue the process, Its an offline timepass game under 10 MB that you can play, the game have lots of different pinball machine to win various prizes to not get bored with single.

Downloads: 10M+

Install: Pinball (Free)

8. Bunny Skater: Adventure android game under 10 MB

Here is another best adventure android game under 10 MB in the list, which is basically a skating game where you’ve to skate in having various challenging situations, In the game, there are 71+ challenging levels that make the skating game more awesome, In addition to here you can also customize your look and skateboard from the shop, and don’t forget to collect carrot in between the way that increases the score point. If you need good graphics and gameplay then bunny skater game you should have to try.

Downloads: 10M+

Install: Bunny Skater (Free, App In Purchase)

9. Zombie Smasher: Challenging game under 10 MB

If you are looking for a challenging time pass game under 10 MB then here it is zombie smasher where you just have to smash the zombies comes in your way but it’s not so easy that it looks, as you kill more zombies the level goes harder and then you have to kill multiple zombies in a fast way otherwise you lose the game, The game is perfect for challenging person to time pass the time.

Downloads: 50M+

Install: Zombie Smasher (Free)

10. Shadow Skate: New game under 10 MB

Want’s great graphics and amazing gameplay game within 10MB then you should have to play shadow skate, It’s a skateboard game where you have to pass the various levels of skyscrapers, with having amazing moves 4 beautiful skate environment and having 40 challenging levels to pass that makes the game ultimate to play. The game contains great graphics and amazing control that makes the game on the list.


Install: Shadow Skate (Free, App In Purchase)

Wrapping Up: Top Games Under 10 MB For Android

Playing the best android game within 10 MB has there own way to give ultimate experience in very low size. Above we’ve included all the best 10MB android games to download that are available on play store, which are our favorite time killer and takes less space on smartphones, every game on the list is ultimate you should try.

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