Best Racing Games For Android [New] 2021

by Narendra

The best racing games for you, from latest to popular.

There is no doubt! Racing is the first option that comes in mind whenever we have to play android game but it doesn’t mean that racing game is only all about cars, there are other many best options better than car racing, for example, Bike racing, Truck racing, monster racing, Hill climb racing, Aircraft racing and many more best racing options in Android are available to play in extras, Here in this article we have compiled the best list of racing games for android that you gonna love it. Shall we start?

Best Racing Games On Android 2021

Best Racing Games For Android Categories

  • Best Car Racing Games For Android
  • Best Bike Racing Games For Android
  • Best Monster Truck Racing Games For Android
  • Best Aircraft Racing Games For Android
  • Best Unique Racing Games For Android

Best Car Racing Games For Android

1. Asphalt 9 Legend

If you are looking for the latest high graphics car racing game for android then Asphalt 9 is the best choice to play, The game contains full of high graphics which gives you seamless performance in your high-end smartphones, The game is much popular by its outstanding supercars, high-performance graphics and the controls that make the perfect arcade game ever in racing,

If you a fan of real car collections and their racing on fastest track then this game is definitely for you, here you will get high-class supercars like Audi, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and many more. In the gameplay you have to race with 10 other best car racer on racing track which has 3 or more laps, wining is not such an easy, in the game you have a race like a real race.

The game contains lots of supercars but to unlock those cars you must have to win the race, to make more interest in-game there are lots of new locations of maps are updated that make the racing more fantastic, The Bonus tip for racing lovers use drift on turns, will increase the nitro power that will help you to boost the car speed to takeover to racers.

Download: Asphalt 9 (Free)

2. Real Racing 3

Here is another masterpiece racing game for android where you will feel like a real-life racing with their high-end graphics and realistic racing tracks, To experience the game quality you must have high-end devices where the game will display the best performance, There are lots of great car collections with high powers that will help you to win the race, As you more win races more supercars will unlock and with having points you can also upgrade your favorite cars parts or you can also change the color as you want.

Furthermore, While racing on the track 10+ cameras are tracking in different angles to make the perfect views, Game having 18+ real-world locations may also you can recognize yours to make the game realistic.

The best part I like in real racing 3 is the game will cover the details of graphics which is to be noted that makes the game more awesome to play with the extreme sound quality of running cars that makes you more addicted to the game, if you are car lover then definitely you will love the game.

Download: Real Racing 3 (Free)

3. Nitro Nation

Nitro Nation is basically a drift racing game which something new in racing category to be played by millions of user, If you really enjoy cars to drift then you should have to play the game it’s having amazing graphics and the best nitro power which speeds up the car and takes a drift on sideways that looks amazing with slow-motion cameras.

The game has lots of great cars which have lots of option to upgrade an customize as you want, and gave your favorite car a new look. To not get bored with the single racing track, the nitro nation has lots of new tracks to getting better drifting while racing.

The best part I like in Nitro nation here you can also play in real-time in the live multiplayer race, with opponents from all over the world that makes the game more interesting, there is also have the option to compete in the tournaments and win medals and reward from it when you will win.

Download: Nitro Nation (Free)

4. SUP Multiplayer Racing

Racing of cars are more interesting when it played in multiplayer, here you can race in real-time with your friends or different opponents, your main target to crush your rivals and win the race, There are lots of new cars which you can also customize as you want, like change skins or upgrade the brakes, turbo, tires and many more parts to get better in racing, Plus here in the game, you have the option to create your custom tracks as per your difficulty level.

SUP racing game

The game contains all the great options which should be available in racing games like drift, Jump, Nitro Booster, and fights with your rivals. Every time new events are added to make the game new and interesting, you can also invite others to compete with you, the game really interesting to play.

Download: SUP Multiplayer Racing (Free)

5. Mini Motor Racing

If you are looking for something interesting racing game for android in 2021 with little fun then you should have to try the game(Mini Motor Racing), here you will get a little funny cars through which you have to race, there are lots of option to choose cars every car has there owned specialty like handling, hot rod, sports, you can race in 50 different tracks in any weather conditions like rain, day or night with your friends you can choose up to 4 players using wifi or over the internet.

mini  motor racing game

The best thing I liked while playing mini motor racing is the lightning effect and the graphics which attract to play the game, the game is different from what you playing before, the game gives you fun, excitement, and make you addictive so be aware before playing it.

Download: Mini Motor Racing (Paid)

Best Bike Racing Games For Android

1. SBK 16

If you want to play high graphics and long-run racing game then SBK 16 is the game for you. Here you can race in championship, take a quick race, and the best one, time attack where you have to win within time limit, To make the race more interesting and hard you have to race in the most challenging race track if you want to win be aware to choose the best bike from the collection and upgrade the parts for better performance, or you can also choose test ride before going for championship, the game really interesting when high competitor you will face in race.

The game has realistic graphics and sound that makes the race more addictive and challenging to win, here you can show off your skill and beat another racer with your technique. The best feature I like in the game is the new cockpit view it’s like real rider experience with having best controls on bike.

Download: SBK 16 (Free)

2. Real Moto

The game is for the one who likes challenges, in real moto, there are 150 challenges on many different race track, you need better bike and skill to compete with the best racer, you have any option to choose bikes there are 11 types of bikes which having different variable speed and sound, you can also customize your bike to make it perfect for the race, As you gain the experience in race you will get more difficult one next in the campaign mode. The graphics and controls of the game are perfect you will gain more energetic experience to win the race.

real moto bike racing game pic

The best part of Real Moto is you can customize the bike with many colors as you want to pick and also upgrade your bike by winning the race and gain extra oil, coins for buying more equipment of bike to increase its speed and performance.

Download: Real Moto (Free)

3. 32 secs: Traffic Rider

Here is another awesome racing game for android where you have to ride the bike in high traffic in city or highways with high-speed bikes which gives you the seamless experience with the maximum speed of bike and collect coins to upgrade bike for more speed, and powerful braking system, To need extra more speed you can also use nitro and turbo zones.

The game having great new graphics related to sci-fi which gives you futuristic bikes and beat the rivals in traffic, you have to fight with the bikes to destroy their bikes to get fast win but with that take care of your bike too.

32 sec racing game

The trick to winning the race is to upgrade your bike at fullest and get into the race and win, the gameplay really has a challenging game having leaderboard and achievements when you finish the race.

Download: Traffic Rider (Free)

4. Bike Up

Here is a great bike adventure racing game for android where you can play 101 adventure levels some are easy at starting and as you go its become harder, and challenging if you want to enjoy the bike race with the beautiful adventure environment this game is best for you, having fantastic graphics and you can also play the game with your friends in multiplayer with globally or local.

bike up racing game

The best thing I liked in bike up is the bike sound and music it’s like a real bike feeling, You can also customize your bike by collecting coins on the track and upgrade the body parts for better performance, game will allow you to do various stunts but be aware to win the race first and don’t destroy bike.

Download: Bike Up (Free)

Best Monster Truck Racing Games For Android

1. MMX Racing

The game is for monster truck lovers having an outstanding, breathtaking race with high graphics experience, the MMX racing gives you a full of excitements and fun, game contains 10 different events and 30+ challenging tracks where you have to race with your rivals, to win the race you have to crush rivals through your monster, to be more powerful monster truck keep upgrade the parts and customize for better looking.

MMX racing game

MMX Racing comes with multiplayer so you can compete and race with your friends that makes the monster truck better gameplay, Plus I also like monster sound system in the game is really awesome that makes you full of excitement and fun with dangerous truck sound.

Download: MMX Racing (Free)

2. Offroad Legends 2

Here is another great racing game for android “Offroad Legend 2” where you will experience the amazing jump with the big truck, You can ride enjoy the thrill in different locations like a desert, offroad, with your 4X4 If I talk about graphics it’s superb with high quality of sound that you can enjoy while driving. There is some great feature which I liked the most like weather changes, 64 different road tracks where driving is challenging, collections of supercars before you have earn coins and point to unlock it.

offroad racing game

The game contains 4 game modes like racing, transporter, lava jump, and Destruction where all are different locations and hard-to-pass levels, the game is really amazing if you love to play monster trucks.

Download: Offroad Legends 2 (Free)

3. Mad Truck Challenge Racing

If you are looking for something challenging and battle racing game for android then this game is for you here in racing you have to fight with many monster trucks as a competitor, the game is full of action package to destroy your rivals with rockets and bullets, to be live in-game you have to choose the best truck which has the best power rockets and armor so you can fight better than other rivals, Game contains 60+ wild levels where you have to fight, you have the option to customize and upgrade the truck for better perform.

mad truck challenge pic

The best part of the game is while racing you will get the twist of action and the challenging part that makes the game awesome, you can play the game offline with the high graphics for the epic performance.

Download: Mad Truck Challenge Racing (Free)

Best Aircraft Racing Games For Android

1. Space Racing 3D- Star Race

Here is most popular space racing game for android (Star Race), Where you have to race in space with other spacecraft, Game having great graphics which makes the game more beautiful and gives the effect of real space, you can race in 40+ space tracks with 6 different aircraft in 3 modes of racing challenge as a beginner you can choose a career then also have the option of chase and survival it’s little bit harder to fight.

space picture

You can also customize and upgrade your aircraft by collecting points to make your aircraft better, In your aircraft, you can also use weapons and missiles to attack and defense it’s like an action full racing game that you should play.

Download: Space Racing 3D- Star Race (Free)

2. Air Combat Racing

Here is another action combat-packed racing game for android where you will race with action also have to fight and destroy the rivals and defense yourself, In your aircraft, there are heaps of weapons and equipment available to fight like a machine gun, rockets, bombs, and many more.

The game is indeed quite interesting if you like action and racing, every knockdown of your enemy while racing gives you some points to increase the score. Graphics and sound while racing and knockdown are fantastic, game covers three battle modes where you have to win or destroy rivals aircraft.

air combart picture

Really an amazing air combat racing game which you surely have gone like it.

Download: Air Combat Racing (Free)

Unique & Latest Racing Games For Android

1. Riptide GP2

Riptide GP2 is a fantastic rocket-powered watercraft racing game for android which has great graphics and control, You don’t have to race on-road or racing tracks here your race within water, its a multiplayer game so you can also play with your friends with many new career modes and stunts options available, to make your watercraft more amazing you need to upgrade by collecting XP by participating in game after that you can upgrade your jet, speed, performance, and unlock more stunts to compete with rivals.

rptide game picture

Download: Riptide GP2 (Paid)

2. Beach Buggy Racing

Here is another new 3D kart racing game for android, if you want real fun while racing then you should have to play beach buggy, its a fantastic game which is full of action packaged, your kart has lots of unique powers through which you can fight with other racers, Game having 5 different modes of playing to not get bored with single one.

beach buggy picture

If you get bored with the car, bike then here you will get new types of collections of karts through which you can race in 15 best different location race tracks its a unique game that you should have to play.

Download: Beach Buggy Racing (Free)

Wrapping Up: Best Racing Games For Android 2021

Every player have to try something new every time, most of the thought racing is only for cars, not like that in this article I gave you the best racing game for android phone in all genre that shall change your thinking each and every game is perfect to play, some games are free and some are paid too, Paid games are really very nice you never regret after playing those game, once in time you should have to play these game on the list, you don’t have to go anywhere to find top racing game for android. If you have any more free or paid android racing game then tell me I will surely include in the list.

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