Best Offline Shooting Games For Android [New]

by Narendra

Hitman Sniper, Dead Target, and more. Here’re the best offline shooting games for android you can play.

No doubt, shooting games are the best way to calm down the anger. Still, how great it was if you can play shooting games without any internet wastage or offline mode. I mostly like to play an offline shooting game that also saves my precious battery and my valuable internet. Still, most of us are confused; due to less of availability of best offline shooting games available in the google play store, it’s quite challenging to choose the best one. Also, we all know that some games are not fully in offline mode, Don’t Worry, here in this article I picked out the best offline shooting games for android which you’ll gonna love it.

1. Hitman Sniper

Here is the leading best offline shooting game for android (Hitman Sniper) which proffer you the ultimate experience of snipers, the game is full of suspense silent sniper killers with having powerful sniper rifles to kill. The gameplay basically sophisticated and straightforward where you have to kill high profile person with your ultimate rifles.

Moreover, In the game, you get the contracts with having 150 mission which you have to complete as you pass the mission you can also unlock more powerful sniper rifles that helps you to make headshots. Once it becomes an experience to kill, you can also take survivor challenge in death valley where you have to kill zombies with a headshot. The good thing it’s a great game with powerful graphics.

hitman sniper offline shooting game

Downloads: 10M+

Size: 537MB

Download: Hitman Sniper (Paid)

2. Dead Target

Here is another popular best offline shooting game for android where you have to shoot the zombies with your powerful weapons. It’s a survival game in between zombies with full of action and adventure, you must have to shoot zombies if you want to survive.

Be aware with this game it’s an addictive and mind-bending game; moreover, it’s not a basic game where you have to fight with multiple zombies which having powers and are infected with a virus. The game has lifelike graphics with ultimate sound effects while shooting. The game has a quest to complete to unlock more guns and items, it’s a playable game if you like to fight with zombies.

dead target shooting game

Downloads: 50M+

Size: 100MB

Download: Dead Target (Free)

3. FPS Encounter Shooting

Here is another ultimate encounter best offline shooting game for android smartphone which comes in only 30MB. The gameplay is based on the story with lots of actions and challenges where you have to survive to complete missions. In-game there are lots of sniper and assault weapons that help you to fight with the enemy, in the challenging environment, if you like combat and thrilling shooting games then this game is definitely for you. As you win missions and kill enemies the higher powerful sniper unlocks to make more extra kill, moreover here you will experience the killing environment that makes the game more thrilling and addictive to fight.

FPS offline shooting game

Downloads: 1M+

Size: 30MB

Download: FPS Encounter Shooting 2021 (Free)


4. Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Game

Cover fire is an addictive offline shooting game on the list, which remind you of the call of duty battle, here you have to lead the team on the most thrilling battlefield where assigning the right team member is a smart choice to win the battle.

What’s more, is cover fire game is full of action and strategy winning game if you want to experience real battle sniper shooting experience then cover fire is no doubt ultimate game, it will give you the realistic shooting, action experience. Gameplay is basically you have to free your hostages from the tetracorp which is again more toughest part of the game.

TIP: To win the game, you have to upgrade your weapons for more severe damage to your enemies, so I suggest you to play this fantastic game.

Shooting Game cover fire pic

Downloads: 10M+

Size: 380MB

Download: Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Game (Free)

5. Dead Trigger – Offline Zombie Shooter

If you are a fan of zombies killer shooting game then here is another best award-winning and most popular game (dead killer) which you have to play, here you have to fight and shoot the non-stop action to zombies, choose the best weapons to kill with having excellent realistic, thrilling environment, it’s a horror game with realistic graphics that makes it addictive, In zombies survival, it’s like a heart-stopping game be aware of this game.

dead trigger offline shooting game

Downloads: 10MB

Size: 195MB

Download: Dead Trigger (Free)

6. Bullet Battle Force: Free Offline Shooting Game

Here is another offline shooting game for android you can play if you like to kill terrorists, basically its a battle force game with a team and snipers, every time you will get the new challenges and have an excellent storyline up that makes the interest in-game. The best part is the graphics which have seamless performance and are attractive to play the game, here you can experience the shooting and action both in bullet battle force. You can play this game if you want to try your shooting with sniper and other weapons.

bullet battle offline shooting game

Downloads: 10K+

Size: 57MB

Download: Bullet Battle Force (Free)

7. Gun War

As the name suggests gun war, which is an epic offline shooting game for android, the game is for those who are interested in doing tasks, here in the game you have to win 124+ new shooter tasks with extra capability weapons that are having a seamless performance with graphics; you can also upgrade your weapon to shoot zombies in some different way that makes the game more interesting. The best part of the game is here you can also take a challenge the player from all over the world.

gun war shooting game

Downloads: 10M+

Size: 62MB

Download: Gun War (Free)

8. Blazing Sniper-Offline Shooting Game

Protection of civilians with your high accuracy sniper is the best job to do, here in this game you will get the immersive shooting experience with a slow-motion bullet to shoot, the game has high graphics which make the game addictive. The gameplay basically is you have to guard civilians against the enemy and shoot them with your sniper. The game is really a great time killer with excellent gameplay you should have to try blazing sniper if you like the snipper job.

blazing sniper picture

Downloads: 5M+

Size: 60MB

Download: Blazing Sniper (Free)

9. Blood Rivals

Here is the new game with new gameplay (Blood Rivals) as the name suggests, its an action shooting game with some different styles, the Blood Rivals gives you real fun with a thrilling fight on the battleground, with having open world cars, helicopters, guns, explosives and many more to destroy the enemy in the battlefield in swag, if you are finding new gameplay & graphics game then Blood Rivals is best offline shooting game you should have to play.

Another good side several gamers have been praising is its graphics, which looks real plus sound effect is cherry on cake. I’d recommend you to play this game, you’ll gonna love it.

swag shooter offline

Downloads: 1M+

Size: 171MB

Download: Blood Rivals (Free)

10. Shooting Heroes Legend

Shooting heroes legend is another powerful action offline shooting game for android with having powerful graphics which make the battleground more immersive and actionable to shoot the enemy if you like a challenging situation and survival then shooting heroes game is for you. Here you can fight with lots of different weapons like a machine gun, pistol, sniper, and many more. The game is fantastic for fighters who want to fight with enemies for our nation.

shooting heroes offline

Downloads: 100K+

Size: 291MB

Download: Shooting Heroes Legend (Free)

11. Mega Killing Squad: Offline Shooting Game

This is the best free offline shooting game for android to wrap up the list. Mega killing squad is another excellent option you can play if you want a storyline game with deadly guns then definitely this game is for you. Be aware with graphics of this game it kill the enemies in real. The gameplay is basically a combat action shooting game where your squad has to kill enemies like in counterstrike. The game matched the high level you will definitely love its graphics and soundtrack with an open-world environment that makes the game realistic.

mega kill pic

Downloads: 1M+

Size: 34MB

Download: Mega Killing Squad (Free)

12. N.O.V.A. Legacy

Last but not least, NOVA Legacy is one of the popular best offline shooter game for android, where it comes with some hardest & most interesting challenging levels. The main objective is to save our hero & plan a great strike against enemy. To make the game more interesting here you can play deathmatch, multiplayer with your friends. More importantly, thanks to graphics & very well sci-fi guns with suits that make game addictive.

Overall, if you want a better storyline with great graphics in offline shooter games then NOVA legacy won’t disappoint you for sure.

Wrapping Up: Best Offline Shooting Games For Android

These were the top offline shooting games in android 2022, which you can play without using internet access. The list has all types of shooter games like in battlefield, single person shooter, sniper man, zombies killer, and many more you can choose which one is best for you. If there are any more without internet offline shooting games you want to recommend then comment below I surely look at it and add it to this list.

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