Best Tattoo Design Apps For Android [New]

by Narendra

Best tattoo design apps for android from popular to latest.

To find a more desirable design for a tattoo is not an easy task there are plethora of tattoo design’s available in the market, but to choose the best one you have to see it live in your hand, but that’s not possible to do and make every tattoo and check. To get off to that problem you can use your smartphones.

There are lots of great tattoo design apps which will help you to get sufficient tattoo design with their AI technology through which you can see your tattoo on your body, Here we have lined up the best tattoo design apps for android that you can consider.

1. INKHUNTER – Try Tattoo Design

Inkhunter is the best tattoo design android app that provides you with lots of newest designs that are trending in the market. Here in the ink hunter, you will get tattoo designs by a professional designer with many alternate and variation designs.

So it’s to be simple to choose best for you. The best feature I like is AI technology through which you can see live tattoo design on your hand to see how great it look after implementing, If you really want some great tattoo design then you should have to try Inhunter which has tons of design for every category.

inkhunter tattoo design app


  • It Uses AI technology for live Tattoo Design on the body.
  • Tons of great design to choose.
  • Design is made by a professional designer.
  • Make your custom text design.


  • Lack of color effects.
  • Searching tool is not perfect.
  • Take time to load pictures.

Download: INK HUNTER – Try Tattoo Design (Free)

2. 5000+ Tattoo Designs for Men & Women

If you are looking for a plethora of tattoo designs then this is another best tattoo design app for android for you. Here you will get 5000+ design, which has different categories as per you want to choose the best design, The best part I like in-app is it will add a new design every period of time to get updated with new tattoo design. The app contains really a great design capture that you can share with your friends.

tattoo designs


  • It contains lots of modern designs to choose.
  • Lots of different categories of design.
  • Very nice user interface.


  • It contains ads in apps.
  • No AI technology used.

Download: Catepe Tattoo Design (Free)

3. Bizo Tattoo Photo

If you are a fan of fascinating geometric type or Hindi version tattoo designs, then here I pick bizo the best tattoo photo app where you will get the best traditional as well as new generation tattoo designs through which you can also see live on any photo or on your body to choose the best design for you.

You can also create your text tattoo design as you want. Moreover, it’s also having sharing options to share with your friends, I mostly prefer promotion-type design which is something different from what you look you should have to try Tattoo photo for a better design.

tattoo designs in app


  • Having the latest and traditional collection of designs.
  • New designs are updated periodically.
  • You can also design your tattoo on the app.


  • You have to need the pro version for access to new designs.
  • App contains ads, But you can remove it by upgrading to the pro version.

Download: Bizo Tattoo Photo (Free)

4. Venus Small Tattoo Ideas

If you are like me, who mostly like small tattoo design which is cute and perfect for a body for that, here is the best tattoo design app for android which contains 150+ small design which is mostly simple and perfect for look, you can try on your pic for more latest ideas. The app gets updated with the new simple design which you surely love it if you want small size tattoo.

tattoo design in android app


  • It contains very simple, small, and cute designs.
  • Fast and nice interface.


  • Sometimes it takes a long time to load.
  • Mostly girls types tattoo.

Download: Venus Small Tattoo (Free)

5. Calligraphy Name

If you are looking for some great text design then here is the best tattoo design app for android, through which you can choose any font style and it will convert it into the perfect calligraphy style that will you can choose, you can edit background color, shades, and any style to make the perfect tattoo design for you. here you will be able to design your name or words in 100+ styles which you can easily choose for your tattoo.

name design in app


  • Having lots of fonts to convert into calligraphy.
  • Best designs for tattoo after adding a filter.
  • Quick and Pleasant user interface.


  • It does not contain a display tattoo design.
  • Crop picture every time to set.

Download: Calligraphy Name (Free)

6. Tattoodo Tattoo Design

Here is the distinctive tattoo design app where it contains the tattoo from the world best artist and has the largest collection of tattoos to choose from. If you are always confused to choose the best tattoo then you can try it here. Tattoodo contains a new design with a high variety of categories so its to be easy to choose from the largest collection.

tattoo designs

Moreover, If you like tattoo design from collection and want to create an original one, then you have the option to see nearby tattoo shops for that same design or book your tattoo to make.

Apart from that, the app comes with a free and paid version, the paid version gives you advanced features to use tattoo.


  • Having an advanced feature like you can watch a premium video of tattoo design.
  • You can book your tattoo at any time.
  • Largest collection from the best artist.
  • Find artists nearby your locality.


  • You have to pay a price for more use.
  • Pro price is a little high.

Download: Tattoodo Tattoo Design (Free)

7. Tattoo Design By MooApp

Looking for more tattoo designs to calm your inner soul? Then here is another best tattoo design app for android for you that provides you lots of unique designs in several different categories, for instance, old school tattoo, skeleton tattoo, alien tattoo, and much more.

If we talk about UI and features then it’s just awesome, you can easily navigate throughout the app and choose your favorite design. In features, the app provides you the option to download and share your choose tattoo on various social media and with friends. So for tattoo design lover who wants more unique designs then tattoo design app is best for you.

Tattoo Design By MooApp

Download: Tattoo design (Free)

8. Tattoo Maker

Last but not least, tattoo maker is an app for creative one. As the name suggests tattoo maker, here you can create yourself a fully customized tattoo design on any of your favorite photos. There are a plethora of options to edit your design as per your like with perfectly, for instance, filling unique colors, adding stylish text, icons, cropping, and much more.

Moreover, tattoo maker also contains thousands of designs that you might like. So if you are one who wants to edit your tattoo design for yourself then I suggest you to go with tattoo maker.

Download: Tattoo Maker (Free)

Bonus: How to Draw Tattoo Design

If you are one, who loves to draw tattoo design and want to learn more about how to draw tattoo perfectly, then don’t miss out on this app, Here is the app named as how to draw tattoos, The app provides you the various beautiful tattoos designs and there step by step procedure in a very simple manner.

how to draw tattoo

What’s more, is the app also provides tons of tattoos ideas for the one who loves to do practice and explore more creativity by looking for new designs.

That’s not over, here you can also edit your pictures by adding new designs of tattoos on them with tons of customization options that help you to look your pic amazing.

What’s Great

  • Simple step by step procedure to make a tattoo.
  • Provide new tattoo ideas for enhancing creativity.
  • The tattoo photo editor also here to edit pictures.

What’s Bad

  • The app contains ads.

Download: How to Draw tattoos (Free)

Video Tutorial To Draw Tattoo

Wrapping Up: Best Tattoo Design Apps

These were the best tattoo design apps for android smartphones that will help you to choose the great one for you. Above every tattoo apps, we added some pros and cons for a better choice for you so, read carefully and install as you like.

If you want me to suggest the best all in one and better tattoo design app for your android then, I’d recommend you to go with ink hunter which is best for everything with their latest updates of design, and the second option to choose is tattoodo tattoo design which is also the best tattoo design app but here you have to pay some price for use.

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