Best GIF Keyboard Apps For Android [New]

by Narendra

Best GIF keyboard apps for android from popular to latest.

Whether any platform you are using to make conversation without the use of GIF there is no fun, GIF makes your chat more appealing and make your friends bond more strong, There are lots GIF of funny, memes, adults, and many more types of Giphy available on google but while making conversation you are not going to look on google to find the best one, it also takes time to see, for that there are lots of GIF keyboard apps are available on google play store through which you can send lots of GIF images to your friends to make your conversation more interesting.

But in the play store, contains lots of GIF Keyboard apps it makes you little confused about which one is the best GIF keyboard for that here in this article we did hard work to check them all and choose the best GIF keyboard apps for android which you can consider.

1. GIF Keyboard by Tenor

Overall best GIF keyboard app for android

Here is the first best GIF keyboard app which I recommended to use if you want new GIFs and videos to share on WhatsApp or any messenger then this app is for you here you will get tons of GIFs that will perfectly fit your conversation. Apart from GIFs, the keyboard app is cool to use by their UI which works very well and fast.

To make the dialogue funny, it contains heaps of categories GIFs which you can use for free. I mostly like the humorous style of Bollywood actors; it is more hilarious than a joke you should have to try this GIFs keyboard app on your android.

tenor gif keyboard app


  • Tons of new GIFs available
  • Lots of great funny categories to choose GIFs for conversation
  • The user interface is perfectly doing a job, fast and simple

Download: GIF Keyboard (Free)

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2. GIPHY: GIF & Sticker Keyboard 

Best trending GIF keyboard app

If you are looking for trending and most funny GIFs with a stylish keyboard then this GIPHY GIF keyboard app for android is for you. Here you will get the most recent GIF meme and stickers that you want, The app provides you lots of popular GIF images which surely make your conversation more intriguing.

Apart from GIFs the keyboard has many more features like it contains lots of great themes design and keyboard features to make your typing accurate and beautiful; moreover, it also includes big smiley emojis which is even more cute and funny as GIFs.

GIFs pictures


  • It contains new and lots of categories GIFs
  • Best designing keyboard
  • Easy and comfortable to use the keyboard

Download: GIF Keyboard (Free)

3. Meme Keyboard: GIFs, Memes

New GIF keyboard app

If you are one who likes to spend loads of funny GIFs in group messages, then try this meme keyboard app where you will get lots of comic style movies categories that perfectly fit into your conversation, apart from the GIFs the app is supported on any version of social messaging apps through which you can share memes and GIFs images to your friends. The app mostly contains Indian category Telugu styles, it’s a better option if you want something different GIFs images.

GIF keyboard meme


  • Having lots of Funny GIFs images
  • Mostly movies categories available
  • The app works in all social media platforms

Download: Meme Keyboard: GIFs, Memes

4. Facemoji GIF Keyboard

Unlimited GIF keyboard app

Here is another excellent option to choose the best GIF keyboard where you will get the most funnier GIFs image with having lots of high categories which is trending, really a great GIFs collection to make your conversation more awesome.

Apart from GIFs, there are more great features like keyboard themes, emojis, stickers, and kaomoji which make your keyboard more energetic look, you should have to try face emoji if you want all in one excellent keyboard app.

Facemoji GIF Keyboard


  • It having the best user interface for type faster and choose GIFs
  • Having the latest trending GIFs images and videos
  • Fast and simple to customize

Download: Facemoji GIF Keyboard

5. Gboard

Popular GIF keyboard app

Here is the keyboard app from Google, which also gives you the best GIFs images as the trend is going on. Gboard also has lots of different categories from which you quickly picked out your favorite one, it mostly contains trending movies GIFs, cartoon style, funny person text styles, and many more. Apart from GIFs, the gboard is the default keyboard app on android which gives seamless typing performance to make it perfect google keyboard app.

GIF keyboard


  • Having a great experience and fast performance
  • It contains different types of GIFs and emojis
  • Trusted and simple User interface

Download: Gboard

6. i Keyboard GIFs

Latest GIF keyboard app

If you want something separate GIfs image like in the forms of stickers or emojis then this app is best for you here the GIf style is something unique and different, It contains lots of different categories of GIFs and stickers which you can use in your WhatsApp chat or sending into the groups, ikeyboard is also the best choice to choose GIF image, apart from GIF it contains lots of different keyboard themes, emojis, stickers, and balanced performance which make ikeyboard in the list.

i Keyboard GIFs


  • Having emojis types GIFs
  • Having a decent UI of Keyboard
  • Fast to send GIF to chats and easy to find
  • Having trending GIFs

Download: i Keyboard GIFs

Wants More GIF’s Keyboard Apps For Your Android

7. GIF Search

GIF search is not a keyboard app but it’s actually the best collection of GIFs app through which you can share your favorite GIfs images to your friends directly through the app, The app contains many different types of categories GIFs images which you surely like it. 

Here you will get the latest trending GIFs images with Hot topics, apart from GIFs you will get an excellent experience for finding the GIF as you want from any category. It’s really a great app to send GIFs directly to the messenger app; you should have to try the app.

GIF Search

Download: GIF Search

BONUS: Some Popular Underrated Gifs Option You Should Try

Sometimes instead of looking at third-party Gif’s apps, some popular social media options provide us a fantastic new updated collection of Gif’s that we miss most of the time finding outside in other gif apps instead of looking to social apps. So here, I will tell you the most popular hidden gif options that you should have to try first.

1. WhatsApp

Yes, WhatsApp is the most popular and regular usable messaging platform. You might don’t know WhatsApp also carries gifs categories to use. It contains the most popular gif’s in every genre, and the best part as an app update the new gifs will be added to the list. 

To use Whatsapp gif’s, you simply have to choose the emojis option and wherein you will see GIf’s Category in the second part. No doubt, what’s app gif’s is the best alternative option available that you can use when you have to send GIFs instantly to express feelings.

WhatsApp gifs

Download: Whatsapp

2. Facebook Messenger

Here is the second best underrated social media gif option that you should have to use instead of looking for any gif keyboard. Here the Facebook messenger app presents users with a better and latest gif collection in their app itself. No need for any third part gif app option.

Just like WhatsApp here also you can send gif directly. After seeing the popularity of gif’s on Facebook now more regularly updating trending gif’s on the app to render the user a better experience.

 Facebook Messenger  gifs

Download: Facebook Messenger

3. Twitter

No doubt, as much as controversial social media, it must have as many funny gifs & emojis. Just like the above Whatsapp and Facebook messager same here, Twitter allows us to send, create a tweet, and direct message the GIF images. The best thing I like about Twitter GIF is it automatically recommends the GIF as you write a tweet or write a comment.

Twitter contains tons of exciting and viral GIFs that you can use in your regular tweet instead of using any third-party gif keyboard app. To find gifs on Twitter, you have to create a tweet, and in sharp below, you will see the gifs option.

twitter gifs

Download: Twitter

4. Instagram

Just like the above social media, Instagram also doesn’t need any third-party gif apps. The much better gifs are already there, which you can use while doing chatting. Let me tell you how you can access to Instagram gifs section. Firstly open the chat with someone and look beside of typing message tab. Where you will see the plus (+) icon click on that as you click; you will quickly see the hidden gif option. Here Instagram provides lots of exciting conversation gifs which you definitely like.


Download: Instagram

Wrapping Up: Best GIF Keyboard For Android

These were the best-picked GIF keyboard apps which I liked the most, every app having there unique GIFs and performance I mostly use GIF by tenor which contains the high quality of GIFs to send on any platform of a message to make chatting more better, which Keyboard you like the most share your views in the comment section.

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