Complete List Of Mobile Repairing Tools & Equipment (Must Use)

by Narendra

Hey, do want to know how many mobile repairing tools are recommended or used to repair mobile.

Before going to repair a mobile perfectly, there are two things you want to know first one having good knowledge & second one having complete information of mobile repairing tools, There’s no doubt, while repairing a smartphone there are tons of different problems have to face and where to solve those problem every repairing tools are mandatory to work fast and accurate, for that here in this article I will tell you the whole list of mobile repairing tools which you want to know and must use while repairing someone smartphone.

Whole Mobile Repairing Toolkit & Equipment

1. SMD (Surface Mount Device)

Here is the first most important tool which is used in mobile repairing, basically SMD is an hot blower through which you can change circuit, IC’s or any part of mobile by just blowing hot air on it carefully, there is also have regulated option to control heat and air through which mobile component not burn.

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2. Soldering Iron

Soldering Iron is a tool which is basically used to solder or joint mobile phone component to each other with the help of aluminum soldering wire and paste.

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3. Soldering Station

Here is advance form of soldering iron, that having same work as soldering iron but here you can also control heat temperature as much the mobile component need to stick each other, In mobile there are lots of Fragile small components are there, that can not solder by higher heat of soldering iron, that time soldering station works well and give accurate temp, that it wants.

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4. Soldering Paste

As the name suggests “soldering Paste” its a paste or semi-liquid material which is used while doing soldering to stick small mobile component easily without burning any other component morever it will also use to remove the mobile component.

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5. Thinner (PCB Cleaner)

Thinner is an acetone liquid that is used to clean the PCB component is also called as PCB cleaner, morever you can also clean PCB by using petrol to remove dust and rust.

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6. Multimeter

A multimeter is a device that is used to check PCB or any electronic component whether its died or flowing current, In the multimeter, it shows reading and beep sound while checking PCB with using multimer you can easily detect which circuit works or not.

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7. Magnifying Lamp

It’s a magnifier for precise work through which you can easily see the small PCB component to repair accurately without burning any other component.

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8. Screwdriver Kit

Screwdriver kit is also an important tool to open the mobile set screw, in the screwdriver it contains lots of screw-in every shapes so, it is easy to open any types of mobile or electronic instruments.

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9. PCB Stand

Here is the stand of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) which is used to hold motherboard, through which it will always in balance and with that you can easily do repairing of the smartphone.

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10. Solder Wire

Solder wire is an aluminum material which is used to do solder through soldering iron, every component of PCB is solder by only solder wire.

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11. Jumper Wire

A jumper wire is also the most important and highly usable part while doing mobile reapairing, its a wire through which you can connect two-point in PCB, you can’t connect two different points using only soldering where jumper wire works well.

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12. Blade Cutter

It’s a simple cutter through which you can cut anything like lamination, remover sticky part and many more.

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13. Point Cutter

Point cutter is a tool through which you can cut wire easily and perfectly like jumper wire or any other electronic wiring, mostly used in mobile repairing.

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14. Brush

In mobile repairing, the brush is also a useful part for cleaning the PCB and devices, using the thinner and brush you can easily clean the mobile component.

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15. Battery Booster

Here is a battery booster as the name suggests it used to boost the battery voltage, or you can say its help to give shot to the died battery and flow current into it.

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16. Ultrasonic Cleaner

Here is another cleaner of PCB which is less used in mobile reaping, due to costly and less use, basically its an ultrasonic cleaner to clean PCB or mobile component automatically using ultrasonic rays.

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17. Screen Opener

It’s a simple flat slim tool that is used to open screen, cases or any type of thing that sticks to mobile, though screen opener you can do easily without damaging.

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18. File / Cleaning Iron

Here is sponge which is basically used to clean soldering iron, after doing soldering it contains dust, aluminum pieces, and many other materials through file it can remove easily.

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19. Solder Paste

This is basically the second type of solder paste which is used in mobile repairing to solder and remove circuit without damaging.

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20. Desoldering Wire

If you want to remove soldering from PCB then here is desoldering wire through which you can easily desolder or remove the excess material of solder easily, It majorly used while working on the electronic components.

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21. Tweezers or Picker

A tweezer is a tool that is used to pick any small component of PCB or hold anything like screw, circuit, hot PCB. tweezers are mostly usable tools while doing mobile repairing.

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22. UPS

UPS is a device that is basically stored electricity, and mostly used while doing software installing, or cutout of electricity to never lose power supply.

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23. Battery Tester

As the name suggests, battery tester which is basically a tester of mobile phone battery charging, voltage or any type of issue testing tool, gives you the status of battery overall.

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24. Test JIG Box

It’s a very helpful tool in mobile repairing, Basically, test JIG box is a complete system through which you can easily find the fault in the circuit by just adjusting PCB into JIG box, If you are beginner then its a best tool you can use to solve the mobile problem without hardworking.

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25. Nose Cutter

It’s also the different type of cutter which is also used to cut the wire, and pick up the small component.

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26. Hand Gloves

For safety purposes, hand gloves are a really important part of mobile repairing that makes safety from burning through soldering matching or any hot PCB.

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27. Apron

The apron is cloth to wear before doing mobile repairing to make your clothes safe from burning, must use for safety purposes.

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28. Smoke Absorber

As the name suggest its a basic smoke or dust gas absorber which is absorbed flue gases from soldering iron, or while giving heat to the PCB component.

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Wrapping Up: Most Useful Mobile Repairing Tools

Knowing about the mobile repairing tools will make the task more easy and fast, if you are going to open your new mobile repairing shop, then you must have to use these tool, here in this article I will also give you the link of purchase so its be easy to purchase any tool from online at best price.

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