Best Sites To Read Free Books Online & Download

by Narendra

Best sites to read free books online from popular to latest.

There are tons of best books which everyone wants to read but somehow we can’t read all the book there are lots of reasons like we don’t have enough money to buy or how to find our favorite book in stores but as in the internet world is evolving you don’t have to buy books there are tons of online best websites which provides us a free reading of favorite books online.

If you don’t want to read books online then you can take out the hard copy or download also to read offline but it takes too much costly and time-consuming in fact there is lots of other online options like amazon kindle ebook reader, or tablets where they made only for books reading purpose.

Now, most of us have a question what are the best sites to read books online. No worry, here in this article we’ve compiled the best list of websites where you will find good books to read online. So no further ado let’s begin.

Best Sites To Read Free Books Online

Here’re the best sites to read books for free at a glance:

  • Many books
  • Feedbooks
  • Wikibooks
  • Bookboon
  • Open Library
  • Google Books
  • 24 Symbols
  • Free-Ebook

1. Many Books [Popular site to read free books online]

Here is the first best site to read free book online (ManyBooks) which you are going to love, Here on this website you can read 50,000+ free eBooks with lots of genres whether you want to read about romance, action & adventure, mystery, or whatever you want here in the many book website you have many options to browse for your favorite category, you can also choose as per editor or there is more option like trending books where the books which are in trend all over the world are shown in free of cost. Furthermore, there are serval more great things about this site like:

What I liked about the website ( Many Books )

  • Here you will get the best collection of books free of cost
  • 150,000+ Fellows reader who loves to read online
  • 50,000+ Free ebooks you can read
  • Trending books is available to read
  • Best user interface and easy to browse books with different category
manybooks online book reading site

If you are a geek book reader like me then trust me this website never disappoints you. On this website, you will easily browse for books it has a neatly categorized books section that makes a clean interface. There is a 50,000+ free eBook where you can easily find the perfect novel and good reading books. You can easily download in PDF and read offline also.

Visit: Many books

2. Feedbooks [Advanced books site to read free online]

If you are looking for some advanced books or trending books then here is a website (Feedbooks) for you here you have to pay some amount to read books which you never regret, Feedbooks also contains some free books for normal user to read. Furtermore, if I talk about its collection then here you will get from friction books to nonfiction books in which all the categories are included. The one known for its biggest collections of books and new categories for the best seller books so yeah, here you will get any book that you want.

What I liked about the website ( Feed Books)

  • Having the largest collection of books
  • Great way to categories for ease in finding books
  • Free and paid both books are available to read
  • Best for the latest books and trending books
feedbook site image

There is also a free domain where no registration required where you can easily download the free ebook in the PDF. There is huge number of categories where you are love to read many types of the book with fast and easily navigate.

Visit: Feedbooks

3. Wikibooks [Educational book to read for free]

As the name suggests Wikibooks this website is best for educational purposes here on this website you will get the best free books for non-friction, here we recommended the website for those who are interested to gain more knowledge about science and technology. Furthermore, Wikibooks contains simple and clear user interface where it made it easy to search from the topic or title to search the books.

What I liked about the website (WIKIBOOKS)

  • Best website for the textbook reader (non-fiction)
  • Having Great options for different languages
  • Simple and easy user interface
  • A great reading experience contains efficient knowledge
wiki books image

As we know the wiki website is mostly recommended for the student because the one mostly contains academic content where the student has a great benefit reading view, Plus you can easily download books in PDF format.

Reading books online is also a great experience where new appearance and classical text will attract the reader to read and make interested.

Visit: Wikibooks

4. Bookboon [Best site to download eBook]

If you are looking for an ebook that you can downloads free, then Bookboon is the best site for you here you will get the largest collection of books which you can easily read online for free as well as downloads, the Bookboon website is mostly preferred textbooks like colleges, schools or any other courses of books this site is more beneficial for the students who want to read their subjects books for free.

What I liked about the website ( Bookboon )

  • Best for students for reading and downloading textbooks
  • Ease to find books nicely categories
  • Having large nonfiction book collections
  • Books with a great explanation
bookboons online book site image

Most of the readers always find to read a free ebook this website is for them. Here thousands of ebooks are available to download and easily read in the free section which is well-categorized. You will find the latest novels and cartoon books in any language like English, German, Dutch, French, and many more.

The Best thing it gives option to easily download in PDF format for offline use with the mobile-friendly format also.

Visit: Bookboon

5. Open Library [Best book reading site for fiction & non-fiction]

Here is another best website to read book free online for fiction and non-fiction lovers where you will get both types of books some books are free to read and some books you have to borrow for some time and return it, borrow option is really a great option to books reader, here open library gives us the largest collections of great books. More importantly, here you will also get biography, science, recipes, arts, and many more books that you just have to search for the subject.

What I liked about the website ( Open Library )

  • Having a great collection of fiction and non-fiction books
  • Having large collections of different types of books
  • Each and every book you will easily get from here
  • Ease and simpler to find ebooks and a great option to borrow books
open library online book site image

This website for those who have better knowledge about author and title so that they can easily use the advanced search option which is available in the open library.

Lastly, huge collection of free eBooks are available in it with different categories you can easily download these books in a different format as you want.

Visit: Open Library

6. Google Books [Popular site to read book online]

Here is officially google book website to read book online free and app available to read books online as well offline, if you are the one who don’t have time to visit particular book reading site then, here we recommend you to use official google book search engine where just type the book name that’s all now you can read it, see preview first. Moreover, you can also buy books and add them to your online library, it’s pretty handy and you can read anytime you want.

google book online read books

What I liked about the website (Google Books)

  • Simple convenient to use
  • Add books to the library and read anytime
  • Most used search engine every book available to read and buy
  • Easy and attractive user interface

Visit: Google Books

7. 24 Symbols [Large category site to read books]

Here is another best online book reading website where you can read any category of book, 24 symbols website basically a paid book reading service in which if you want to read the whole book then you have to pay otherwise you can also read any your favorite book for free (with limits), moreover the site having a great user interface and reading experince. If you want everything like audiobook, well-categorized books sections, different languages, shelves category and many more then I recommend you to use this website for best experince then others.

24 symobols online reading book

What I liked about the website (24 Symbols)

  • Very Well categories books
  • Having the option to read any book in different languages
  • Add books to your library to read later
  • Every type of books available and accessible from anywhere

Visit: 24 symbols

8. [Best site to read full book online]

Wants to downloads or read online books then here is another great website you can use, if you are a weekly book reader who has a hobby to read books then you should have to subscribe where it will send you an email every week of book to read after that you don’t have waste your time to select book. Really a great website for book readers. Moreover, On the website, there are huge collections of good books of every new category that you want, you should have to try

free-ebook image

What I liked about the website (

  • Read Every week new book
  • Lots of books collections
  • Easy and interesting way to read book


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