Best Face Swap Apps For Android & iOS (2021)

by Narendra

Best face swap apps for android & iOS from popular to latest.

There’s no, doubt! In 2021 face swapping become most trending and funnier, where everyone wants to swap faces of others to look hilarious, to make it happens there are tons of android and iOS face swap apps are available through which you can do face swapping easily with their great feature but, with the higher availability of face swap app, its quite challenging to choose the excellent face swap app to download, to solve your problem Here in this article I picked up the top face swap apps for android & iOS through which you can ideally swap faces.

Best Face Swap Apps 2021

These are new face swap apps for android & iOS at a glance:

  • Face Swap
  • Photo face swap
  • Change Face
  • Face Swap Booth
  • Cupace
  • Face App
  • Snapchat
  • Bonus:
    • Microsoft Face Swap
    • B612

1. Face Swap : Popular best face swap app for iOS

If you are looking for multi-featured face swap app for iOS, where you can entirely swap faces and do types of editing to make your picture-perfect, then this face swap app is best for you, Here in this face swap app there are heaps of different categories of faces and art are available through which you can change your look in various styles and colors.

Moreover, In face-swapping features the app also having a snap video feature through which you can record real-time face-swapping motion face. Overall if really want several great snappy stickers and editing tools then you must have to try this face swap app.

Face Swap : Popular best face swap app for iOS

What’s New & Extra

  • Having Lots of Snappy Stickers.
  • It contains Photo Editor Tool.
  • Fast & Simple.

Downloads: 10M+

Install: Face Swap (iOS)

Size: 41MB

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2. Photo Face Swap : Simple face swap app for Android & iOS

Photo face swap app is for one who is looking for simple and easy-to-use face changing app, Here in this app you will only get two feature one is you can use two photos to swap faces. Another one is real-time face changing or swapping. The best thing about the app is the perfect swapping quality and its more straightforward user interface that don’t confuse users. The app is best if you are just want to swap face, then I recommend you to use the photo face swap app for sure.

Photo Face Swap : Simple face swap app for Android & iOS

What’s New & Extra

  • Simple and clear UI.
  • Fast and perfect Face swap.
  • Upgrade to Pro for more features.

Downloads: 10M+

Install: Photo Face Swap (Android | iOS)

Size: 21MB

3. Change Face: New face swap app for android

Swapping face is funnier when you have lots of character to change with your face, Here in this app you will get loads of famous people and different styles of fashion look through you can swap your face with it, The best part here you have the option to choose your characters like male and female and with that, you will get lots of new categories like traditional clothes, children’s, fashion, funny and many more with celebrities. The app is best for those who are looking for tons of types in styles to swap faces.

Change Face: New face swap app for android

What’s New & Extra

  • It contains tons of categories with genders.
  • Easy to swap faces.
  • New characters updated.

Downloads: 100K+

Install: Change Face (Android | iOS)

Size: 76MB

4. Face Swap Booth : Featureful face swap app for android & iOS

Here is another excellent face swap app for android & iOS with the help of face swap booth you can turn out your picture into any celebrities, or any other image, using there an advanced tool you can easily swap faces with auto-detection that matches look perfectly, It will automatically clear the tons and do editing to make the picture-perfect, One problem I face while using the app is it doesn’t give you tons celebrity to swap faces to do you have to upgrade into the premium plan.

Face Swap Booth

What’s New & Extra

  • Look real and perfect swapping faces.
  • Fast and autodetection of face.
  • Try a Premium plan for swapping more images.

Downloads: 100K+

Install: Face Swap Booth (Android | iOS)

Size: 15MB

5. Cupace : Latest face swap app for android

Cupace make the swapping face in a new style, where if you need to swap your face to other then you have to cut your face and paste it on any other awesome picture, the best part of the cupace is it done the paste and cutwork so correctly that you don’t have to worry about the edges.

App having the feature of face gallery, where every cropping face is shown so it will be used next time to swap face. If you want to cut any face and paste it on any picture, then cupace is the best app you should use.


What’s New & Extra

  • The cut and paste technique works well for all pictures.
  • A fast and simple way to face swap.

Downloads: 1M+

Install: Cupace (Android)

Size: 8.4MB

6. FaceApp : Most popular face swap app for android

Here is the most trending app of 2019, through which you can convert your photo into an old age pic, where face app is work on the advanced technology through which it perfectly converts or swaps your pictures, through with face app you can do some exciting task like swap gender, change hairstyle colors, add impression on the face, makeup and many more. If you are looking for an exciting and lots of features in-app then you should definitely want to try this face app.


What’s New & Extra

  • Contains numerous features.
  • Perfectly swap faces with its advanced technology.
  • Great performance and editing.

Downloads: 100M+

Install: FaceApp (Android)

Size: 15MB

7. Snapchat : Popular app for face swapping

Snapchat is the best app to wrap up the list; basically, it’s not a face-swapping app, but its features do very well, so here I add Snapchat to the list of best face swap app of 2021, If you want to try lots of different characters of face, emojis, and styles then it for sure you have to try Snapchat, You can do face swapping easily from its camera feature where it gives you numerous option to use different styles and emojis that works well like other face-swapping apps, you should try Snapchat for sure.


What’s New & Extra

  • Having lots of new updated styles and characters to swap faces.
  • Fast and trusted app.

Downloads: 1B+

Install: Snapchat (Android | iOS)

Size: 51MB

Want More Awesome Face Swapping Apps Check Out these


1. Microsoft Face Swap

Fast and perfect that I say about the Microsoft face swap app. No need to adjust photos or want any photography skills to use the app. The developer designed app with features packed where you have to take selfies, and all backend work automates done with the perfect swapping face.

The best thing I like is here there are lots of unique, different characters poses, and face that you can use; Moreover, you can also search for your favorite star to swap face. Don’t worry here; you can also create funny emojis, stickers, and text. So what are you waiting for let’s check out the app on both android & iOS It’s free, and no ads contain.

 Microsoft Face Swap

Download: Microsoft Face Swap (Android | iOS)

2. B612

No doubt, B612 is a perfect selfie beauty camera, but you might don’t know the hidden feature of it, which lets you use face-swapping. Let me tell you, as you open, B612 goes directly to the smiley icon option, where you can see the face swap option to use. The app is just as great as all others. No need to install any third part face swapping app.

Use B612 as a multi-tool, best for selfies as well face swapping, isn’t it awesome. But here while using face-swapping. B612 swap faces in real-time only. So you must need a person whose face you want to swap with yours.


Download: B612 (Android | iOS)

Wrapping Up: Best Face Swap Apps 2021

Face swapping is the most funnier way to enjoy with friends, to do more these above face-swapping apps would surely help you, every separate app having new and extra features that make it more advanced, So choose wisely. Which face swapping app you like, and Is there any more face swap apps you want to share, then feel free to comment below.

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