Types of Processor Used in Mobile Phones

by Narendra

Types of Processor Used in Mobile Phones: Qualcomm snapdragon, Apple, and more. Here’re the types of processors in mobile phones.

Here in this article, we will show you the best processors which smartphone companies use nowadays to make a fast and better experience smartphone, different types of companies are used their own different types of processors to make their smartphones different from others in comparison to performance and speed.

Smartphone companies’ devices are valuable and expensive because of their processor chipset and given performance, If you are looking for speed and experience then make sure your smartphone has the best processor chipset. Moreover, that also has a multi-core processor that boosts the performance of the smartphone.

Types of Processor Used in Mobile Phones

The majorly processor tells us what our smartphone will do and how better it compete with other devices when we are doing multitasking that time smartphone uses most of the cores to run the high applications and as well processor plays a vital role in it. For the same here in this article, we will tell you the different types of processors used in smartphones.

What is Processors?

Processor smartphone

In an easy word, processor basically a head of small brains in smartphones which is in the form of chipsets (SOC), All the major decisions, executing a program or anything that you want from your mobile is always controlled by smartphone processor, Its the only one who send commands and control the whole smartphone working.

What’s core In Best Smartphone Processor?

In simple words, cores are tiny processor bit that has work to execute operations, performs calculation, and every required information to perform with power. Every smartphone gadget is made up of multiple cores to provide ultimate performance in a processor that helps to run high graphics apps, gives smooth performance & less device heating.

A processor comes with serval cores. For instance, if the smartphone processor has two cores in it then it’s a dual-core processor, with having four cores then quad-core, six cores called Hexacore, and same an eight-core called octa-core processor.

Core smartphone

Now you might have a question in your mind that is a higher number of cores is better for performance, then yes! As much higher cores bundle in your processor have that much smooth and multitask thing you can do.

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Best Processor For Mobile Phone

Types Of Smartphones ProcessorsProcessors Series or Generation
1. Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor2 Series
4 Series
6 Series
7 Series
8 Series (Latest)
2. Apple processors  A4 Series
A5 Series
A6 Series
A7 Series
A8 Series
A9 Series
A10 Series
A11 Bionic Series
A12 Bionic Series
A13 Bionic Series
A14 Bionic Series
A15 Bionic Series (Latest)
3. MediaTek Processors
MediaTek Helio A
MediaTek Helio P
MediaTek Helio X
MediaTek Helio G
Dimensity Series (Latest)
4. Exynos ProcessorsExynos 7 Dual
Exynos 7 Quad
Exynos 7 Octa
Exynos 8 Octa
Exynos 5 Series
Exynos 7 Series
Exynos 9 Series (Latest)
5. Kirin ProcessorsKirin 600 Series
Kirin 700 Series
Kirin 800 Series
Kirin 900 Series
Kirin 9000 5G (Latest)

Above was the complete list of different generation series of smartphone processors till January 2022, Now let’s see the complete details of every series of processors with its specifications, So no further late. Let’s begin.

Types of Processor Used in Mobile Phones

1. Qualcomm Snapdragon Processors 

Here is the best processor for majority of smartphones. Qualcomm Snapdragon processor was founded in 2007. It is known for its high-tech performance SoC chip processor and LTE modems. The reason to be the most popular processor is hidden in their quality, where it provides a plethora of sensors, high-performance GPU, and smooth performance.

Furthermore, Snapdragon is a suite of the system on chip semiconductor products that was designed by Qualcomm technology for smartphones to give high performance. So let’s go through the latest android processor in detail.

Snapdragon Processors  image

The Snapdragon processor, includes multiple CPU cores, GPU, GPS, etc. Apart from that, the Qualcomm processor is mostly embedded in devices of various systems, including Google, Android mobile devices.

Here Is the Different Generation Snapdragon Processors :

Majorly Qualcomm Snapdragon Processors has five series of chips 200, 400, 600, 700 & 800 :

1. 200 Series Family

Snapdragon 200 Chipset is designed to give better performance and powerful connectivity, moreover with better battery life in Low budget smartphones.

200 Series FamilyCPU Clock SpeedCPU CoresGPU Name
Snapdragon 215 Up to 1.3 GHzQuad-core CPUAdreno 308
Snapdragon 212 Up to 1.3GHzQuad-Core CPUAdreno 304
Snapdragon 205Up to 1.1 GHzDual-Core CPUAdreno 304

2. 400 Series Family

Snapdragon 400 Chipset is designed to give better performance in mid-range phones, (Like price range from 12000 Rs to 16000 Rs), 400 chipset series is the first 64 bit mobile Soc to use, later on, it’s having more updates to maintain high performance.

400 Series FamilyCPU Clock SpeedCPU CoresGPU Name
Snapdragon 4501.8 GHzOcta-core CPUAdreno 506
Snapdragon 439Up to 2.0 GHzOcta-core CPUAdreno 505
Snapdragon 435Up to 1.4 GHzOcta-core CPUAdreno 505
Snapdragon 429Up to 2.0 GHzQuad-core CPUAdreno 504

3. 600 Series Family

Snapdragon 600 Chipset is designed to give high performance for high graphics apps and games. Moreover, it will also improve fast web browsing and better connectivity between smartphones.

600 Series FamilyCPU Clock SpeedCPU CoresGPU Name
Snapdragon 675Up to 2.0 GHzOcta Core CPUAdreno 612
Snapdragon 670 Up to 2.0 GHzOcta Core CPUAdreno 615
Snapdragon 665Up to 2.0 GHzOcta Core CPUAdreno 610
Snapdragon 6601.95 GHz to 2.0 GHzOcta Core CPUAdreno 512
Snapdragon 6531.8GHz to 1.95 GHzOcta Core CPUAdreno 510
Snapdragon 6521.8 GHzOcta Core CPUAdreno 510
Snapdragon 6361.8 GHzOcta Core CPUAdreno 509
Snapdragon 632 1.8 GhzOcta Core CPUAdreno 506
Snapdragon 630 Up to 2.2 GHz8x ARM Cortex A53Adreno 508
Snapdragon 626Up to 2.2 GHzOcta Core CPUAdreno 506

4. 700 Series Family

In between the 6 series & 8 flagship series processors here the 7 series comes to play a balanced role in smartphones, 700 Series processors come with high tech performance & 30 % extra battery efficiency with twice AI performance will seen in devices. Overall again a masterstroke against different processors like MediaTek and Exynos.

700 Series FamilyCPU Clock SpeedCPU CoresGPU Name
Snapdragon 730GUp to 2.2 GHzOcta Core CPUAdreno 618
Snapdragon 730Up to 2.2 GHzOcta Core CPUAdreno 618
Snapdragon 712Up to 2.3 GHzOcta Core CPUAdreno 616
Snapdragon 710Up to 2.2 GHzOcta Core CPUAdreno 616

4. 800 Series Family

Snapdragon 800 Chipset is designed to give super-fast apps performance and browsing as compared to its predecessor, it has high-class graphics GPU, multimedia, battery that make it for flagships range smartphones.

800 Series FamilyCPU Clock SpeedCPU CoresGPU Name
Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 [Latest] Octa Core CPU Adreno 730 818MHz
Snapdragon 888/888+ 5G Octa Core CPU Adreno 660
Snapdragon 865/865+ 5GOcta Core CPUAdreno 650
Snapdragon 845Up to 2.8 GHzOcta Core CPUAdreno 630
Snapdragon 835Up to 2.45 GHzOcta Core CPUAdreno 540
Snapdragon 855/ 855+Up to 2.96Octa Core CPUAdreno 640

2. Apple Smartphone processors 

No doubt, Apple iPhone is considered the most innovative and high-tech performance device in the 21 century, starting from the garage, and now it’s the most popular smartphone company in the world, The first iPhone generation launched on June 29, 2007. The reason behind the high performance and popularity is hidden in their iPhone operating system (iOS), which provides seamless performance to devices.

Every year iPhone comes with new high-tech OS that only has a motive to beat the previous generation processor in performance and features, Now, you might curious to know about iPhone processor generation changes and what’s the new tech rolling out, so no further late. Let jump into the types of iPhone processors.

Apple smartphone processor

There are the most popular series of processor that Apple featured in their devices

1. A4 Series

In the A4 series chip, it is based on the ARM processor and contained ARM Cortex-A8.

Apple Processor SeriesSemiconductor TechnologyCPUDevices
A4 Series45nm0.8-1.0 GHz Single Core
iPhone 4 & 4S
  • Up to 32 GB of storage
  • Dual mic noise suppression
  • Better battery life

2. A5 Series

In March 2011, Apple updated the A5 chipset with an updated CPU could do twice the work. It contained dual-core ARM Cortex-A9.

Apple Processor SeriesSemiconductor TechnologyCPUDevices
A532nmHKMG0.8-1.0GHz (Dual Core)iPad 2,4 & Mini
A5X45nm1.0 GHz Dual coreiPad (3rd gen)
  • Apple clocked the A5 at 1 GHz.
  • Good Battery Backup.

3. A6 Series

In 2012 Apple launched the A6 processor with the iPhone 5.

Apple Processor SeriesSemiconductor TechnologyCPUDevices
A632 nm1.3 GHz Dual coreiPhone 5 & 5C
A6X32 nm1.4 GHz Dual core SwiftiPad (4th Gen)
  • It gains twice the speed and graphics.
  • 2x graphics, 2x faster CPU.
  • CPU clocked at 1.3GHz.

4. A7 Series

About a year later the Apple A7 chipset made with the launch of iPhone 5s in 2013.

Apple Processor SeriesSemiconductor TechnologyCPUDevices
A728nm1.3 to 1.4 GHz dual core cycloneiPhone 5S
  • It was the first chipset to feature a 64-bit CPU instead of 32-bit.
  • It could handle more data at once.

5. A8 Series

Another year apple another Chipset upgrade, In the iPhone 6 and 6 plus in 2014.

Apple Processor SeriesSemiconductor TechnologyCPUDevices
A820nm1.1 to 1.5 GHziPhone 6,6Plus
A8X20nm1.5 GHziPad air 2
  • 25% more CPU performance and 50% more graphics performance than the A7.
  • less consumed battery.

6. A9 Series

In 2015 Apple A9 chipset was released to gain more high performance.

Apple Processor SeriesSemiconductor TechnologyCPUDevices
A914nm1.85 GHz dual coreiPhone 6S & 6Splus
A9X16nm2.16-2.26 GHz dual coreiPad Pro
  • 70% more performance, 90% more graphics performance compared to A8.
  • A9 chipset stands in the market

7. A10 Chipset

In 2016 the apple A10 Fusion Chipset was introduced with the iPhone 7 and 7 plus.

Apple Processor SeriesSemiconductor TechnologyCPUDevices
A10 Fusion16nm2.34 GHz Quad coreiPhone 7, 7 Plus
A10X Fusion10nm2.36 GHz Hexa coreiPad pro
  • Two high-performance cores with two high-efficiency cores.
  • Save battery life.

8. A11 Bionic Chipset

At the end of 2017, Apple introduced the A11 Bionic chipset which appeared on iPhone 8, 8plus and iPhone X.

Apple Processor SeriesSemiconductor TechnologyCPUDevices
A11 Bionic10nm2.39 GHz Hexa coreiPhore 8, 8Plus and X
  • It had two high-performance cores, four high-efficiency cores.
  • Faster than the A10 fusion chipset.

9. A12 Bionic Chipset

A12 Bionic chipset processor its a major update of predecessor A11, After launching it’s first appeared in iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and XR which makes apple smartphone to the next level.

Apple Processor SeriesSemiconductor TechnologyCPUDevices
A12 Bionic7nm2.49 GHz Hexa coreiPhone XS, XS Max, XR
A12X Bionic7nm2.49 GHz octa coreiPad Pro
  • It comes with 64-bit ARM-based (SoC), 6 cores of CPU with 2 high-performance cores, and 4 energy-efficient.
  • Having 2.49 GHz max clock speed

10. A13 Bionic Chipset

Here are another most advanced & latest iPhone processor plus major update of the predecessor of A12 bionic chipset to gain more high-performance lightning-fast technology, moreover the A13 processor chip first appears in the newly launched iPhone 11, iPhone Pro & Max.

Apple Processor SeriesSemiconductor TechnologyCPUDevices
A13 Bionic7nm2.65 GHz Hexa Core (2x lightning + 4x thunder)iPhone 11, 11Pro, Pro Max
  • It comes with up to 2.65GHz clock speed.
  • Its a hexacore CPU (2 high-performance cores with 4 high -efficiency thunder cores)

11 Apple A14 Bionic

First appeared in iPad air & iPhone 12 series apple A14 bionic chipset is major upgrade over A13 bionic. This is 5nm chipset which is known for best performance.

Apple Processor SeriesSemiconductor TechnologyDevices
A14 Bionic5nmiPhone 12, 12Pro, 12Pro Max

12. Apple A15 Bionic [Latest]

Here is the latest iPhone processor chipset launched in 2021 & first appeared in latest 13 series iPhone. This chipset is much higher in performance then any other smartphone processor like snapdragon, exynos and other.

Apple Processor SeriesSemiconductor TechnologyDevices
A15 Bionic5nmiPhone 13, 13Pro, 13Pro Max & 13Mini

3. MediaTek  

Founded in 1997 with the mission of providing premium technology to mid-range smartphones, In case you don’t know MediaTek is a Chinese semiconductor company that caters high-performance chips in devices at cheap prices.

Now the time MediaTek is a massive popular chipset company that provides new high-tech processor to mobile. Moreover, MediaTek processor is mostly used in Chinese variant smartphone-like Vivo, Oppo, LeEco, Xiaomi, Le, Yu, etc. So let us discuss more latest MediaTek processor generations and specifications of it.

Mediatek processor

Just like other smartphone processor companies have a plethora of generations like that here MediaTek also have a great lineup of different series processor. Which we compiled below, let see.

1. MediaTek Helio A Series

This is the series that comes in most mid-range smartphones to provide a great camera, better enhancements, good power efficiency with a reasonable price range. In reminding of every casual smartphone user who needs a good specification helio A series easily fulfill all that requirements. It comes in a different generation of series let’s see the difference.

MediaTek Helio A SeriesCPU TypeCoresGPU
MediaTek Helio A25Arm Cortext A53 (1.5GHz to 1.8GHz)Octa coreIMG PowerVR
MediaTek Helio A22Arm Cortex A53 (2.0GHz)Quad coreIMG PowerVR
MediaTek Helio A20Arm Cortex A53 (1.8 GHz)Quad coreIMG PowerVR

2. MediaTek Helio P Series

In the P series processor, MediaTek focused on battery efficiency without compromising with high tech performance, P series processor mainly for slim design smartphones to provide a better user experience.

MediaTek Helio P SeriesCPU TypeCoresGPU
MediaTek Helio P10 to P95ARM A53 (2.0 GHz to 2.2 GHz)Octa Arm Mali-T860 to IMG PowerVR GM

3. MediaTek Helio X Series

MediaTek Helio X series processor comes to budges the market, with its super high performance with tons of new update features that impressively improve the camera, display, gaming, and much more. Let see more about it.

MediaTek Helio X SeriesCPU TypeCoresGPU
MediaTek Helio X10 to X30ARM A53 (2.0GHz) to ARM Cortex A73 (2.6GHz)octa to DecaIMG PowerVR to IMG PowerVR 7XTP-MT4

4. MediaTek Helio G Series

Here is the G series of MediaTek which is highly focused on gaming, that ensure to provide high performance and better FPS, Moreover not only that here G series comes in high-end smartphone to make a premium device with ultimate user experience in terms of high-end display, sound, performance and much more. Let see more.

MediaTek Helio G SeriesCPU TypeCoresGPU
MediaTek Helio G70 to G90Arm Cortex-A75 (2GHz to  Arm Cortex-A76 2.05GHz)OctaArm Mali-G52 to G76

5. MediaTek Dimensity 5G Series

As the name suggests Mediatek comes with a new fast and smartest SOC processor that has a capability for 5G. Moreover, here the series mainly come in flagships device to provide ultimate performance, So let’s check out more.

MediaTek Dimensity 5G SeriesCPU TypeCoresGPU
MediaTek Dimensity 800 to 1000 Arm Cortex-A76 2GHz to Arm Cortex-A77 2.6GHzOctaArm Mali G57 to Arm Mali G77

4. Exynos Processors

Exynos processor is manufactured by Samsung which is used in Samsung’s smartphones, which is an octal core chipset and used the ARM Mali graphics processor, No doubt Exynos processor also provides high tech performance in smartphone and that leads the Samsung the most popular device all over the world.

  • Exynos processor is made for the mid-range as well as flagships smartphones.
  • Every year Samsung updated her chipset for gaining better performance.
Exynos Processor

1. Exynos 7 Series Processor

7 Series of Exynos processor mainly made for mid-range smartphones to give superior performance in all Mid – Samsung devices.

Exynos 7 Series ProcessorCPUGPUSemiconductor tech
Exynos 7Dual, Quad, OctaCortex A531 1.0GHz Dual to Cortex A57 2.1GHzMali T720 MP1to Mali T760MP814nm

2. Exynos 8 Octa Processor

Samsung comes with a new tech chipset of octa-core with high tech performance that can able to provide display up to 4kUHD. Mainly this octa-core made for an above mid-range smartphone to make it ultra-fast. Let’s check out what’s spec.

Exynos 8 Octa ProcessorCPUGPUSemiconductor tech
Exynos Octa Custom 2.3GHz Mali T88014nm

3. Exynos 9 Series Processor

Here the 9 Series processor comes to play role in high-end flagships devices of Samsung to provide seamless performance with tons of new features, All the new GPU, CPU, and best semiconductor technology, Exynos 9 Series is the latest chip that Samsung has. Let’s check out some specs of it.

Exynos 9 Series ProcessorCPUGPUSemiconductor tech
Exynos 9CortexA77 2.2GHz to Custom CPU 2.9GHz QuadMali G76 to Mali G76 Mp1210nm to 8nm

5. Kirin Processors Series

Kirin Processors

If you have Huawei or Honor smartphone in your pocket then you might already know about Kirin processor, Developed by Hisilicon company that caters new high tech chipset in the market, Kirin processor also comes with multiple variations that stand out with a crowd.

Here kirin is mainly focused to provide high performance & great display quality in mid-range smartphones, just like snapdragon and MediaTek kirin is also the most powerful and best semiconductor tech to provide the best performance, let’s see below more specs of it.

1. Kirin 600 Series

Here is 600 series of kirin processor which is mainly made for the mid-range and low-end devices of Huawei and honor, to meet the perfect spec for any casual user of the device.

Kirin 600 Series processorCPUGPUSemiconductor Tech
Kirin 620 to Kirin 6598X Cortex A53 1.2GHz to 4X Cortex A53 1.7GHzMali 450 MP4 to Mali T830MP228nm to 16nm

2. Kirin 700 Series Processor

Here is 700 series kirin, which is mainly made for above mid-range smartphones, that means it is able to give great performance for multitask user and pretty near to gaming.

Kirin 700 Series ProcessorCPUGPUSemiconductor Tech
Kirin 7104x Cortex (2.2 GHz)Mali G51 MP412nm

3. Kirin 800 Series Processor

Announced in 2019, the kirin 800 series is the second most powerful processor chipset in the kirin series of processors, Here it has better CPU & semiconductor technology that makes it high tech performance chipset, It is mainly made for flagships smartphone to provide performance.

Kirin 800 Series ProcessorCPUGPUSemiconductor Tech
Kirin 810 2X Cortex (2.27GHz)Mali G52 MP67nm

4. Kirin 900 Series Processor

Here is the best processor series from hisilicon company that only made for high tech flagships smartphone of Huawei and honor, It comes with high GPU & CPU performance with 5G technology fabricated of 7nm +EUV process, let check out some spec in detail.

Kirin 900 Series ProcessorCPUGPUSemiconductor Tech
Kirin 930 to Kirin990 5G4X Cortex (2.0GHz) to 2X Cortex (2.36GHz)Mali T628 MP4 to Mali G76 MP1628nm to 7nm+EUV

OK, so above was the complete detail of types of processors in smartphone with their new generations that we use in our mobile devices. Now let’s take a look at the best mobile processor ranking list that helps you to decide what’s the best mobile processor are running in the market.

So, To better understand you, here we decided on a tech mark, that shows you a ranking based on their overall performance of the processor.

“Tech Mark, Express you the ranking of smartphone-based on its overall performance”. The mixture of (Official Benchmarks + Real usages).

Top Mobile Processor’s Ranking List :

These are the best 30 Smartphone SOC’s based on their benchmark scores and real-life reviews.

Note: Here we indicate tech marks on the basis of real-life performance and with the help of official benchmarks of smartphone companies. So these marks are not 100 % accurate But to be honest these scores will give you an approx idea to judge a smartphone processor.

Now, After seeing the best different types of processors in smartphones & their rankings list, Now this is the time to know about the best mobile processors comparisons. To know which smartphone processor works well in different aspects for instance in CPU performance, GPU Performance, AI Performace, Semiconductor technology, Internet Connectivity, and user experience. So no further ado let’s start.

Snapdragon 865 VS A13 Bionic Chip VS Exynos 990 Vs Kirin 990


Performance Chart of best smartphone processors
In every aspect of (CPU + GPU + User experience) Performance, A13 Bionic Chip Is the fastest, and all others are a little behind of its.


AI Performance Chart
In AI performance, No doubt kirin 990 is the best and other SOC’s behind of it.


Modem Performance Chart
Due to 5G technology & fabrication tech, here A13 bionic chip is behind all other SOC’s. However, here also kirin 990 chipset win the round.

Wrapping Up: Best Processor For Mobile Phone & Ranking List

These were the best Processor for mobile phone & Ranking list with newly updated 2022 versions in detail, that every different smartphone company uses these chipsets as per there choices to make their smartphone an ultra-fast and high tech flagship to gain a better user interaction. Every year chipset companies try to make a better version of a processor, for now, the latest chipset is compiled above in the list, As more processor comes into the market we will try to add also to this list, So stay tuned for that.

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