Computer Keyboards: Different Types of Keyboard Explained

by Narendra

Computer keyboards are the vital part of work productivity, In different aspects of business and works on the computer there are different types of keyboards are using to increase the productivity for example in the hospital they are using a dust-free flexible keyboard, and in part of a gamer then there is a wide variety of gaming stylish keyboard. in addition to that, features also the major factor to choose the keyboard like some works need tons of keys for example writer, and some need typical simple keyboard where works well in lesser keyboard keys. So overall you can say that computer keyboards are totally depended on the works and comfort.

Now the question arises how many different types of computer keyboards are there in the market ?

So Majorly we divided types of the keyboard in two-part

1. Basic (Default Keyboard) 2. Advanced (Enhanced with feature & Comfort)

Basic: Basic PC keyboard is the one where there are no extra keys, for example, our typical by default keyboard comes with the newly purchased computer, wherein that keyboard companies provide a number of keys from 84 to 103 its varies with different brands and models.

2. Advanced (Enhanced With Features & Comfort)

Here in these types of keyboards, there are a number of keys with advanced features morever in terms of comfort and quality it much better than that basic keyboards. It basically a customized keyboard made for the different works and firms for the suit of comfortable. So no further ado let’s jump into it and knows how many different types of computer keyboards are there which you might don’t know about.

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Types of Computer Keyboard

1. Flexible Keyboard

As the name suggests flexible keyboard which is popular by its flexibility, feature, and light in weight. You might look at these types of keyboard majorly on hospitals, with traveler guys or any person who like dust-free no voice typing keyboard. Silicon is the material used in it that makes it water-resistant and gives more comfort while typing.

Morever it’s a normal keyboard where the key count is 109, with only a single wire and USB function. Because of its flexibility here, it has a short key distance so that keyboard easily folds and carries to backpack.

In order to use perfectly, you might need a plan surface but overall its the best choice of the keyboard if you want keyboard everywhere with you without any damaging.

2. Gaming Keyboard

The major difference comes in gaming keyboard as compare to other normal keyboard is here you can feel more comfortable due to palm rest, and of course, the high performance that can match the level of gaming setup, morever here you will see the more no of keys majorly extra keys like multimedia, and much more.

Apart from that in design also gaming keyboard looks much better and comes with well-cutomized keys and lighting that makes it the real gaming keyboard. Comfort is also the major reason that gamers always choose this type of keyboard because of long hours of gaming and frustration.

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3. Scissor Switch Keyboard

These are the keyboard which you mostly found in the basic computer or old generation laptop where it’s keys are packed with plastic material, and pressing the key will complete the keyboard circuit to perform a function, here with this keyboard everything is fine but in terms of cleaning or repairing user might be face problem.

Apart from that in scissor-switch keyboard comes with default size and key count, but behind the reason that users buy it’s because of its build quality and simple looking.

4. Membrane Keyboard

Here is the unique type of keyboard in the list, you might not hear or see this keyboard, Membrane keyboard is also the computer keyboard where the keys are not separated as other keyboards, size is so small and the letter is printed on the flat plate which will work by electrically. as you press the keytop its inside circuit will show the letter. quite confusing but yes this is also the type of keyboard that is mostly used in security, controllers and many more.

Because of inexpensive it’s demand is very low but in terms of features it has water, dirt-resistant and made up of great quality material. Not for gamers or small firms.

5. Ergonomic keyboard

An ergonomic keyboard is a type of keyboard that having an angular separation of keys, for example, a V-shaped keyboard, split keyboard, adjustable keyboard. these types of keyboard make for the typist or writers to avoid pain or injuries to finger for a longer run of typing. With using ergonomic keyboard you can easily select angle of keys for more comfort.

In sum up, we can say that its the type of keyboard which can give you comfort by selecting your typing style angle keyboard, here the no of keys are same as normal or might vary as models, as of default keyboard it also has great build quality and smooth key pressing, but unfortunately ergonomic keyboard not build for gamers because of its keys distance and angle.

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6. Virtual Keyboard

Virtual keyboard basically a keyboard that you operate through your tablet, On-screen Keyboard, or smartphone keyboard. As the technology trend increasing day by day companies shifted market to virtually where now you can see the touch keyboard on PC, laptop, and smartphone as well. So in the upcoming days, the virtual keyboard has a higher demand as compared to the default keyboard.

Apart from that here in a virtual keyboard, there is no problem you will face like dirt, water, carry or any type of problem, you can easily operate the keyboard whenever you want. The best thing here you will get every single key that normal keyboard not provide.

7. Flat Panel Membrane Keyboards

Flat-panel membrane keyboard you will find on a digital printer or photostat machine where the buttons are covered with the plastic body as you press on that it will be assigned to do function, It comes with water, dirt resistant. morever in the inside lighting gives the perfect look to buttons. It has fewer keys mostly parallel to each other.

8. Laptop Keyboard

Laptop Keyboard type is the default sized laptop keyboard in which due to size restriction keys are placed in short distance morever fewer keys are shown due to the addition of different laptop features keys. In terms of design and comfort laptop companies never dissatisfy users. On almost every laptop comes in a standard-sized simple design with smooth key pressing support.

Apart from that laptop keyboard also varies with a price range and models wherein the higher model price you will get water-resistant and strong build quality laptops that are much better than a typical computer keyboard.

9. Handheld PC Keyboard

Handheld Pc keyboard is the old generation keyboard which you can show in Motorola smartphone or blackberry phones where the full keyboard is there is a very short distance, You can easily type with the keyboard by taking in your hand. The best thing some model comes with water-resistant and dirt free. In the 90s handheld keyboard trend a lot but nowadays you might see these types of keyboard at the home.

10. Default desktop Keyboard

This is the keyboard that every computer user use for the first time. Strong in build quality, smooth in key pressing but no one will forget the key striking sound that every typer loves that time. This type of keyboard does not come with water-resistant nor dirt. morever the size of the keyboard is quite larger than the normal keyboard because of key distance other then key count is normal. There are no additional keys or buttons to enhance the feature.

Keyboard Classifications

Computer keyboard also differentiates with the following factor Such as :

1. Keyboard Layout

The keyboard layout basically mean keys arrangement on keyboard. By default, most of the computer comes with QWERT layout and there are also the various layouts which keyboard can define in the market.

2. Wired Keyboard

If you look for a budget-friendly keyboard in the mid-range so the wired keyboard is the best choice to use, here the single wire is there to connect with the computer, majorly keyboard are comes in wired.

3. Numeric & Non-Numeric Keyboard

Not all the keyboard comes with numerical keys there are lots of keyboards are available where numeric keys not allocated due to size and key count issue.

4. Wireless Keyboard

The wireless keyboard is the new trending keyboard that has a higher demand in the market nowadays, where wireless keyboard control computer through frequency and antenna. It’s come quite costly as a comparison to wired keyboard.

5. Bluetooth Keyboard

Bluetooth keyboard is the one which runs through Bluetooth signal, same as wireless keyboard here it also costly and comes with features and keys.

6. Backlight Keyboard

Backlight keyboard is also the new trend going on wherein the keyboard there is different colors lightning available through which the user can operate keyboard in dark lightning condition.

Wrapping Up: Choose your Favorite computer keyboard type

In the market above every type of keyboard is available but as you know different works and business suite different keyboard, now its easy for you to choose the best keyboard for your work with using list, Now I am curious to know which type of keyboard you are using right now, to tell us you can drop comment in below section.

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