Different Types of Computer Mouse (Explained)

by Narendra

A computer mouse is the basic input device which helps us to operate computer perfectly through its pointing cursor. But do you ever think which type of mouse you are using? or is there any better type of mouse available in the market to purchase?

Don’t Worry After full reading of this article I make sure that your all curious question regarding different types of the mouse is crystal clear, so No further ado let’s jump into the types of mouse that you might don’t know.

Types of Computer Mouse (Mice)

1. Optical Mouse

Optical Mouse is one of the most popular and usable mice on every desktop computer because of its cheap prices and easy to manufacture. Using LED (Light-emitting Diode) Sensor by changing reflected light it detects movements and shows on your computer screen. The best part herein optical mouse there is no moving part to wear off except upper scrolling ball, So here you don’t have to waste your energy to cleaning mouse or in any mechanical failure, but here also there are some pros and cons of optical mouse that you should know.


  • Very less maintenance required
  • No wear and tear
  • Fast and easy to use


  • You cannot use the optical mouse on a very rough surface.
  • LED needs to be in working condition.
  • It comes with cheap quality material.

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2. Ball Mouse (Mechanical Mouse)

Ball mouse is one of the oldest mouse used with the 90s computer system, you can also be called it as a mechanical mouse because of its work by mechanical rubber rolling ball in every direction as you move the mouse, with the help of inside sensors that convert rolling action into signal through which the system detects the direction of motion. But with having lots of mechanical ball failures and issues on long-time working it not successfully run in the market and now it seems to be impossible to find the mechanical mouse.


  • Works in every condition because of its ball function.
  • Gives great experince while using.


  • Ball & mechanical function wear and tear.
  • Not works well in the long run.

3. Laser Mouse

A laser mouse is almost the same as an optical mouse but here in the laser mouse, it transmitted direction and movement through laser light, which is quite sensitive and accurate as compared to LED. Meanwhile, Logitech company introduced their first laser mouse in 2004, after using laser beam on mouse company find that it captures more detail info.


  • lightning quick movements in gaming because of its sensitivity.
  • Accurate and highly sensitive.


  • Too accurate that it will detect ups and down surface.
  • Highly sensitive (tracks no of inches) in small movement.

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4. TrackBall Mouse

A Trackball Mouse is a unique type of mouse in the list, where the top plastic ball of the mouse can control the whole computer pointing device by just moving the ball in the desired direction using any finger. morever trackballs perform accurately in direction but in case of fast sensitivity, for example, gaming then trackball is not a better mouse to use because of ball controlling instead optical mouse performs much better.


  • Trackball mouse doesn’t require any clean, plain or any mousepad to work.
  • Work flawlessly in the long term.


  • Controlling trackball not so comfortable.
  • Maintenance cost will be high if it damage (Quite expensive also)

5. Stylus Mouse

Stylus mouse or pen mouse which is a computing device through which you can control computer screen, tab screen or any type of touch screen device. work just like a mouse. The extra thing that makes stylus pen more then the mouse is accuracy and accurate positioning that normal mouse never gives.


  • Works flawlessly whether you want to add minor details through the stylus.
  • It’s made for accuracy.


  • Only use on touch screen devices
  • Expensive and not for normal use.

6. Presentation Mouse

As the name suggests “presentation” right guess you. Here is the mouse which is used to give a presentation, It’s a handly mouse in which it has all the functions like navigation, scrolling, and buttons. that helps to give presentation more affectively, It is a wireless mouse that knows for the performance and signal catching factor.


  • Easy and comfortable to give presentation instead of a normal mouse.
  • The advanced technology used in the mouse for fast working.


  • Not Made for the computer system
  • Expensive in cost and high in maintenance

7. Gaming Mouse

As compared to other types of mouse gaming mouse comes with much better accuracy and high performance with multiple features button on right and left side which helps gamers to less use of a keyboard. Morever gaming mouse is the only mouse in the list which is so beautiful because it comes in multiple colors of lightning that make it unique.

Apart from that in a gaming mouse, you will experince high-speed movements as well smoothness that makes the gaming awesome.


  • High speed, Great accuracy, Top Class Design
  • Contain more buttons than a normal mouse that perfect fit for gamers.


  • A quite expensive than simple mouse
  • Not useful for nongamers.

Wrapping Up: Different types of Gamers

These were the different types of mouses (mice) which is used to operate computer systems in different works. The optical mouse is the most popular and usable mouse in the world because of its reasonable price and performance. So if you get bored with your old optical mouse then I suggest you try more other options it will give you a unique experience.

Let us know in the comment section which mouse you gonna use.

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