Top 5 Private Search Engine

Hey, are you looking for the best search engine to search in private?

Here in this article, you will know about the best private search engine that doesn’t track your activity.

Today’s time period privacy is an important thing, Most of the search engines are collecting data from browser and track or steal our important information.

But with these 5 private search engine will help you to navigate the internet and feel safer. With these 5 private Engines, you will be able to browse without giving out your information.

Best search engine that doesn’t track your activity :

1. DuckDuckGo : -

It’s really a good search engine some of their high point which we have to discuss.

  • DuckDuckGo doesn’t ever store information
  • Don’t follow our own with ads
  • Don’t Store search History
  • They Don’t track you – No target ads will show search in private.

2. Startpage : –

The Start page is that you actually get Google Search result without going to google. So start page handles all of your search terms and give you basically the same result that google can provide.

  • Google search result without tracking
  • No ads targeting
  • No filter bubble, get a wide range of result

3. Search Encrypt : –

Some of the feature of search encrypt that makes it different are:

  • Search History will disappear within 15 min so it seems that they temporary keep your history while you are browsing and after that, it will be deleted.
  • Encrypted locally they do use encryption for your search term don’t track any user.
  • Prevent our ISP from tracking your search terms.
  • Does not lie your searches to your online account.
  • Don’t request or collect your personal information. I think it’s a good search engine.

4. Gibiru : –

Another a very good search engine this one used 128-bit secure search encryption so all of the searches are encrypted.

  • Our search is our business of work it’s alone they don’t care what we are searching for.
  • They use 25 different international IPs.

5. Swisscows : –

Another Search in our list It have some feature which are :

  • Here no collecting of IP address and No tracking.
  • No data keeping, No cookies will be collected.
  • No GEO targeting, your location is your alone.

Hope you like this list of different private search engine.

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