Best 7 Private Search Engine To Search In Private

by Narendra

Hey, are you looking for the best search engine to search in private?

Here in this article, you will know about the best private search engine that doesn’t track your activity.

Nowadays, privacy is an important part through which you will always safe from malware activities and hackers, Most of the search engines are collecting data from the browser and track or steal our important information.

But Don’t Worry, Here in this article I will tell you the best private search engine that will help you to navigate the internet and feel safer. After using those private search Engines, you will be able to browse without giving out your information.

The Best Private Search Engine That Doesn’t Track Your Activity

Here is the best private search engine at glance:

  1. DuckDuckGo
  2. Startpage
  3. Search Encrypt
  4. Gibiru
  5. Swisscows
  6. Searx
  7. Disconnect Search

1. DuckDuckGo

Here is the most popular private search engine on internet founded in 2008, the unique part that makes DuckDuckGo different from other online private search is, it never shows a different result with the same keywords, morever in the privacy its a powerful secure search engine that never follows your data, nor shows ads related to your search result, if you are looking for top private search engine where your data not leaked then you should have to try duck duck go.

Great Points (Pros) of Duck Duck Go Private Search Engine

  • DuckDuckGo doesn’t ever store information
  • Don’t follow our own with ads
  • Don’t Store search History
  • They Don’t track you – No target ads will show search in private.

Private Search Engine: DuckDuckGo

2. Startpage

Here is the second best private search engine in the list, which is launched in 1998 quite an old search engine but it never compromises with user data and give the privacy that they want, In the Start page is that you actually get Google search results without going to google with not capturing your personal data or history on its database, So start page handles all of your search terms and give you basically the same result that google can provide, if you are looking for private search that having great privacy, and simple user interface then you should try Startpage for sure.

Great Points (Pros) of Startpage Private Search Engine

  • Google search result without tracking
  • No ads targeting
  • No filter bubble, get a wide range of result
  • Not stored your personal data or files
  • Having an anonymous view to see search result

Private Search Engine: Startpage

3. Search Encrypt

As the name suggests “Search Encrypt” that means with every your searching term will be encrypted ” Means it will automatically convert into code” to not be traced by hacker nor the search engine will collect your private data, morever search encrypt gives you great privacy with your every search terms, its a simple, fast and secure private search engine to use.

Great Points (Pros) of Search Encrypt Private Search Engine

  • Search History will disappear within 15 min so it seems that they temporary keep your history while you are browsing and after that, it will be deleted.
  • Encrypted locally they do use encryption for your search term don’t track any user.
  • Prevent our ISP from tracking your search terms.
  • It does not lie your searches to your online account.
  • Don’t request or collect your personal information. I think it’s a good search engine.

Private Search Engine: Search Encrypt

4. Gibiru

Here is another private search engine that you can use to search in private, where it will not collect your data, cookies or web history. The best thing I like about gibiru is the fast search result as compare to other without storing any type of information, if you are looking for privacy protected search engine then gibiru is another great option you can use, the search engine is fully encrypted browsing, every user searches are private as well secure from hackers.

Great Points (Pros) of Gibiru Private Search Engine

  • Our search is our business of work it’s alone they don’t care what we are searching for.
  • They use 25 different international IPs.
  • Using https 256-bit secure search encryption so all of the searches are encrypted.

Private Search Engine: Gibiru

5. Swisscows

As the name suggests “Swisscows” it’s a private web search engine which is made by the company of Switzerland in 2014, to make the accurate search result in the fastest possible way, morever you can also call it privacy web engine where it will never store user searches and make them feel secure with highly encrypted server, if you are looking for private search engine which has great secure privacy and gives faster search result then I recommended you to use swiss cows

Great Points (Pros) of Swisscows Private Search Engine

  • Here no collecting of IP address and No tracking.
  • No data-keeping, No cookies will be collected.
  • No GEO targeting, your location is your alone.
  • Faster and quick search result

Private Search Engine: Swisscows


Here is another privacy-focused private search engine which is mainly written in python, to make a strong safe boxed to the user, As other private search engines it will also not capture your IP’s or any type of search history and data to its log, so you can feel free to search, apart from that searx having an great search feature like if you want to search music then you can do manually and result will only show of music, if you are looking for search engine which protects your privacy as well as having great search features then you can try searx.

Great Points (Pros) of Searx Private Search Engine

  • Searx search engine is totally different from the google search engine, it not shown personalized results like google.
  • It’s a totally private search engine, searx never stored anything about your search result or nor send to the third party.
  • Ads were not showing at all (Free from ads)
  • If you have any queries regarding anything then searx will search on different platforms and take the information to show you but not stored history.
  • It’s a metasearch engine (means it collects data from other search engines to solve the query ).

Private Search Engine:

7. Disconnect Search

Here is something different search engine where it uses other private search engines for your search results, and you can also choose if you want different results, Here also disconnect search engine will not store any history or collect IP address, so you can search anonymously without storing any log file.

Great Points (Pros) of Disconnect Search Private Search Engine

  • Disconnect search never discloses your search history.
  • It will work as a VPN service to operate block sites also.
  • Here it will give us an option on search from duck duck go, bing, yahoo searches you can select different search as you want.
  • Disconnect prevent ISP what and where you are searching.

Private Search Engine: Disconnect Search

I hope you like this list of different private search engines.

Wrapping Up: Best Private Search Engine

These are the best private search engine which will help you to make your privacy secure from anyone, Every private search engine has there owned security to secure your data from sniffers, I mostly use duck duck go as a default private search engine.

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