17+ Top Hacking Apps for Android 2019 (Must Try)

Hey, are you excited to know best hacking apps for android?

Here I will show you the best hacking apps for android that will shock your mind in 2019.

We are always curious to know something different like how to hack an android phone or hack account of someone as the same thing I will tell you some interesting and some best hacking apps which you can spy or hack others phones easily.

In this article, I will give you the description and apk location where you can easily install these hacking apps with there preferred websites and apk locations for relevant use.

Disclaimer: Please note that Trivedi tech is not responsible for your unfair behavior this article is for educational purposes only. I don’t support any of these apps and don’t use illegal.

Here I will give you some best hacking apps that will use to spy or hack someone android phone :

1. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch first-named which is really a very interesting and spy app which will help you to trace victim call details, chat messages, camera, screenshot, victim chrome history, and many more features are in this you can easily trace.

How to use:

  1. Go to the official website of the hoverwatch.
  2. Then just sign up with your email id then download the app.
  3. After that allow some permission and now you are able to trace the victim phone easily without knowing them.

Install: Hover watch

2. Andro RAT

AndroRAT is basically a client application in which it having the capability to control android system and capture the information, the foremost function of androrat hacking app is to collect the data from victim smartphone-like call details, messages, chats, location and many more.

With the help of the illegal android app, you can easily monitor the screen of the victim and trace all detail about it.

Great function of app AndroRAT:

  1. Capture call logs
  2. Location by network
  3. live to monitor
  4. Control of camera
  5. send a text message
  6. call control action

Download: Androrat

3. Air Crack

If you are looking to crack someone wifi password of WEP / WPA then you should use Air Crack for sure, only aircrack having the capacity to collect victim wifi details with cookies with there algorithms to process further to crack there wifi.

How Air Crack Works :

  1. Firstly Aircrack Collect total information about victim wifi.
  2. Secondly, that information will send it to the third-party application to make further processing.
  3. Now the algorithm converts the information into a text file to read it better (Monitoring Process ).
  4. Now Its time to make Fake Information of victim wifi like ( Access Point ) and inject the files into there wifi box. ( Attacking)
  5. Now its last function to test the security of there data server.
  6. When it able to know all the detail it will now attack and crack the wifi password.

Download: Aircrack

4. Packet Capture

Packet capture is an app that you want to use to know the better details of network, whether its a mobile network or wifi network it will show you the functioning details which are happening in ongoing network, you can use packet capture without rooting your smartphone its will show you the details in hex or text for better understand, packet capture is powerful tool if you know basics of ethical hacking.

Besides from the captured packet, it will also decrypt SSL communication with the help of a man in middle attack the app really help you know more about the hacking. You can install packet capture from play store without root.

Install: Packet Capture

5. WPS Connect

Here are another most popular wifi hacking tools (WPS connect) it also has work to crack the wifi (WEP) enabled router, where it will detect the WEP and start connecting with a different password which is available in the app dictionary and if you need much more advanced cracking then you have to root your device.

Install: WPS Connect

6. Droid Sheep

Another best hacking app which will help you to trace the browsing history of your partner smartphone using the wifi

How it works:

Whenever someone is connected through your wifi network then droid sheep will capture the cookies of the victim phone then it will penetrate the browsing history, personal detail, login password and much more detail which you can hack easily.

Download: Droid Sheep

7. USB Cleaver

As the name suggests USB cleaver which is also a best hacking app for taking the detail of someone pc through your pen drive.

How its work:

USB Cleaver is a software that you have to install in your pen drive after that you just have to insert the pen drive into victim pc or device so that it will capture their detail from the cookies and history, it helps you to capture saved password from there pc.

Download: USB Cleaver

8. zANTI

zANTI is not a normal hacking app it is a mobile penetration testing toolkit in which a lot more different programmable element work to check the network security, vulnerability, Man in the middle and lot greater hacking feature.

It is an advanced application that will capture the entire website information and find the loophole to enter into it.

Download: zANTI

9. Apk Inspector

If you are a computer science student and you know coding and computer languages then this app can help you more in apk inspector it will give you the source code from which you can access and change with the requirement, this hacking app you can control app and change the function of that device.

Download: Apk Inspector

10. cSploit

You can call cSploit as an alternative of zAnti, cSploit is a full advanced IT security tool kit for Android, from which you can check the vulnerability of a system, Crack password, control someone wifi signal and lots more great features installed in it.

Download: cSploit

11. FaceNiff

FaceNiff is a great wifi hacking app with this application you can interpolate into the wifi signals from which you can capture the data information in between the network through the victim history and last cookies captured into it.

Download: FaceNiff

12. NMAP

NMAP basically network checking tool from which you can scan the nearby network, NMAP will make the map of the connected and visible network from which you can choose your victim person to attack.

Download: NMAP

13. 2nd line

Another great app that helps you to register a US mobile no which will help you to call anyone with that number without showing your personal mob no. And the great feature is you can use that number to create whats app account and many more accounts with that US-registered Mob no.

Install: 2nd Line

14. Hackode

Hackode app, it contains a lot more interesting tool and multiple collections for an ethical hacker. With this app, you can easily penetrate and enter into some IP. Lot more feature to learn if you are interested to learn ethical hacking then this app is the first steps to take.

The App contains hacking, SQL injection, DNS, Servers and many more functional parts.

Install: Hackode

15. Blokada

Blokada most powerful tool for ad blocking when you visit a website like movies sites where lot’s of ads and pop up are there and that are just waste our time and so much annoying for that purpose this app is developed it perfectly block all ads which were showing and save your most of the time.

With the use of Blokada app, you can block ads in adult sites, browser ads, application ads so it’s a very useful app on the list.

Install: Blokada

16. Stop Spy

Stop spy this app use to find some illegal apk in your smartphone if there is one most useful. If someone is installed hidden apk in your phone then it will find for you and uninstalled it.

This app is for security from the hacker or like hoverwatch type apk .

Download: Stop Spy

17. ARP guard

ARP guard is a WiFi security app where no one traces your data. When you are connected to the public WiFi. This public WiFi is mostly unsafe, hackers easily trace or stealing your information from your android so for the security ARP guard will secure your data and you can easily use public WiFi.

Download: ARP guard

18. Fing Network Scanner

Tool which will used to scan the nearby network as the name suggest it is the alternative of NMAP which having the same function as fing network from this tool you can check which Android devices are connected through your device and also you can locate and find intruders from the purpose of scanning Fing network is the best hacking app which you can use to detect the risk.

Download: Fing


These are the best hacking app that will hack any wifi, mobile and disturb the internal system or intercept the network in between, these are the best hacking and illegal apps use with security try to use VPN.

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