6 Best Wireless Car Charger For iPhone 13 Pro Max : New

by Narendra

A wireless car charger for iPhone 13 Pro Max brings plenty of advantages to the table. Like not only you’ll be free from mess of cables but also these MagSafe wireless car chargers promise to hold your iPhone 13 Pro Max, safely the only thing you have to care about is to fit charger in proper position like either put in dashboard or Ac vent is popular option. But having a premium phone you wouldn’t want to test your luck on any charger, there are several things you have to look at like magnetic hold, charging speed, fitting.

For that, here we have lined up the best wireless car chargers for iPhone 13 Pro Max that you can consider buying without any doubt.

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Best Wireless Car Charger For iPhone 13 Pro Max (2022)

1. ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

If you want one of the best wireless car charger for your new iPhone 13 pro Max that is popular and trusted by plethora of users then ESR worth your every cent. Not only does this charger pack MagSafe fast-charging power but also you don’t have to worry while driving on bumpy highways all thanks to a powerful magnetic lock. More importantly, this one bring you secure mount which perfectly fits several air vents design.

ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Aside from that, users have been praising for its quality when it comes to built plus effortlessly charge iPhone in mere time. Furthermore, ESR brand also added intelligent heat management part that takes care of you iPhone and charges to run well for long without any issue.

The full ring of magnet also allows you to switch iPhone from portrait to landscape so just set the destination on cell phone and charge effortlessly.

Other than that, ESR ships 3.3 ft USB A to USB C cable so just connect with your charging adapter and here you go.

Overall, if you want premium-looking & quite great performance car charger for iPhone 13 Pro Max then ESR is safe to bet you can buy.

2. Spigen OneTap Pro Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount

How does fully adjustable wireless car charge sound to you? If interesting then Spigen is one of the best MagSafe compatible charger for iPhone 13 Pro Max. The main highlight that impresses is the stability on air vent or dashboard all thanks goes to built quality and design that allow user to extend mount arm for perfect airflow & easy to use while navigation without losing charging.

 Spigen OneTap Pro Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount

Moreover, being a popular brand in charger market you can expect a pretty good performance like you can place your new iPhone 13 Pro Max without any worry it promises to hold it very well. For better results charge without case. Although it is compatible with Magsafe cases.

This MagSafe charger will deliver you 7.5W power which is standard, Here the company ships only 3.7ft USB C cable so you will have to invest in adapter.

Other than that, there is two option are available like for air vent and dashboard. So choose wisely both are pretty good when it comes to stability.

Lastly, if you use navigation a lot then this adjustable car charger with pretty standard performance is good option you can buy.

3. Grownado Mag Safe Car Charger

If you want best of both worlds like want budget-friendly wireless car charger plus at the same time require good performance then this is another good option. The one is latest car charger comes in new design that allows charging iPhone at 7.5 watts power with 18W QC 3.0 adapter that means you’ll get fast charging as compared to other chargers.

Grownado Mag Safe Car Charger

If we talk about its design then here it made for both air vent and dashboard. It brings 360 adjustable design so you can easily adjust while navigating.

Moreover, for iPhone 13 Pro Max it specially designed with large magnetic area that strongly holds iPhone while rough driving. The mount is strong & stable enough that it neither shake nor slide easily. The best thing is here it also has heat emission system so your iPhone remains cool.

Other than that, the company ships 1 QC 3.0 PD 18 W with 1 USB C to A cable and other more accessories of mounting.

Overall, if you don’t want to burn hole in your pocket and want pretty standard new wireless car charger then this is another good buy.

4. PLDHPRO Store Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

If you don’t want to compromise with fast charging speed then the one from Pldhpro store Magasfe car charger is worth a peek. Here it promises to deliver 15 W power fast magnetic charging which is pretty good as compared to above counterpart. You can easily install it on air vent although by 3M adhesive pad you can also stick mount on the dashboard. So choose wisely.

PLDHPRO Store Magnetic W

Furthermore, the mount comes with 360-degree flexible joint that allows you easy adjust while driving. Other than that, several users have been praising for its magnetic attachment and built quality. Although the ring area is small as compare to above charger. But thanks to strong magnets that charge iPhone 13 Pro Max at good speed.

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Overall, this is again a popular and trusted wireless fast charging car charger for iPhone 13 Pro Max that is safe to buy at this price point.

5. HATALKIN Store Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

If you’re looking stylish as well fast charging wireless car charger for iPhone 13 Pro Max then one from Hatalkin is a pretty good option at this price point. Here it can deliver you Max 15 W fast charging if you use QC 3.0 9V adapter, for normal one 7.5W power also works well. Aside from that, the charger comes in unique design that not only properly secures your iPhone on it but also delivers an attractive look to the air vent.

HATALKIN Store Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

This MagSafe charger has a pretty strong magnetic that works well while putting back or taking it off. Although we recommend you to charge iPhone without case for much better charging.

Did I tell you this one has built-in LED light that changes when phone is charging, alarm, and power is on? Quite a good right?

Other than that, the one also brings same bells and whistles like fully adjustable joint to rotate plus built quality of mount is excellent. No complaint received to date.

Overall, if you want a lightning stylish car charger that passes pretty standard feature to the table then this is another good choice to buy.

6. CHGeek Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Zoom through charging with the CHGeek Wireless Car Charger! This nifty gadget brings convenience and style to your car journeys. The auto-clamping feature ensures a secure hold for your iPhone 14, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, or any other compatible device, leaving you worry-free about bumpy roads.

The 15W fast charging capability is a game-changer, juicing up your phone in no time, so you can focus on your adventures without worrying about low battery anxiety. The sleek design and sturdy build add a touch of elegance to your car’s interior, making it a standout accessory.

The CHGeek Wireless Car Charger also doubles as a phone mount, ensuring easy navigation and hands-free calls. Just pop your phone in, and it clamps firmly to keep your device safe and easily accessible.

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On the flip side, some users have reported issues with compatibility with certain phone models, so it’s essential to check your device’s compatibility before purchasing. Additionally, the auto-clamping mechanism may be a bit too sensitive for some users’ liking.

Overall, the CHGeek Wireless Car Charger is a brilliant addition to your car setup, offering fast charging and secure phone holding. Embrace the future of charging convenience and say goodbye to tangled cables with this impressive car charger phone mount combo.

What To Look Before Buying Best Wireless Car Charger For iPhone 13 Pro Max ?

When searching for the best wireless car charger for your iPhone 13 Pro Max, consider these essential factors to make an informed decision:

  1. Compatibility: Ensure that the wireless charger is specifically designed for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, with support for its wireless charging capabilities.
  2. Fast Charging: Look for a charger that offers fast charging capabilities, like 15W or higher, to quickly charge your device on the go.
  3. Stability and Grip: Check if the charger provides a secure and stable grip to hold your iPhone securely during bumpy car rides.
  4. Adjustability: Opt for a charger with an adjustable mount or arm, allowing you to position your iPhone in the most comfortable viewing angle.
  5. Automatic Clamping: Consider chargers with auto-clamping mechanisms for easy, one-handed operation, ensuring a secure hold without fumbling.
  6. Temperature Control: Look for chargers with built-in temperature control to prevent overheating and protect your iPhone’s battery.
  7. Customer Reviews: Read reviews from other iPhone 13 Pro Max users to gauge the charger’s performance, durability, and overall user satisfaction.

By considering these factors, you can find the best wireless car charger that perfectly complements your iPhone 13 Pro Max, providing a seamless and efficient charging experience on the road.

Wrapping Up: Top Wireless Car Charger For iPhone 13 Pro Max

These were some of the good wireless chargers that ensure to deliver safe and secure charging of iPhone. You just have to make sure you have perfectly aligned on magnetic charging pad. One more thing, don’t use thick magsafe case while charging it might lose iPhone on bumpy road. Nevertheless, above we have included both budget-friendly and premium price chargers. So choose wisely.

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