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If you’ve been searching for a smart energy-efficient power strip then odds are high that you value your accessories and want to control power draw to the connected device smartly. Right?

No doubt, A smart energy-efficient power strip is one of the most practical solutions to control drawing power, especially when you’ve connected several devices & gadgets to a single spot.

More importantly, most of smart power strips come with surge protection that guards your devices against sudden power surges. So if you are on the market & confused about which is the best energy-efficient power strip to buy then hold on, Below are some of our recommendations you can consider. But first,

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Best Smart Energy Efficient Power Strip (2023)

1. Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip HS300

If you want one of the best smart energy efficient power strip then you can check out Kasa Smart Plug power strip HS300. It bundles a total of 6 smart power outlets which means you can individually control each outlet, plus beside that, you’ll get 3 USB charging ports to charge your devices.

Now what makes it popular in the market is its smart controls, Yes, here this power strip you can control in several smart ways such as it is compatible with Alexa, google home, Cortana, google assistant. More importantly, you can also control your power strip individual’s outlet from almost anywhere thanks to Kasa smart app. Did I tell you here you can also monitor energy consume by power strip?

Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip HS300

What’s more, is being a smart power strip it also takes care of your electronic appliances, thanks to surge protection features included, it provides protection shield to devices connected whenever sudden power surges. So no worry!

Overall, if you want smart plus energy efficient power strip that comes with 6 standard outlets and deliver ultimate performance for the long run then you can’t go wrong with Kasa for sure.

2. ANHAORUI Smart Plug Power Strip

Here is another best smart energy efficient power strip that you’ll gonna love it. The first & foremost thing it comes with 12 surge protector outlets in which 6 are smart and 6 are always on, So yeah it’s pretty handy to divide always-on devices & regular use one.

More importantly, as you may have guessed it is also controlled by several courses of action like voice control speak to Alexa & google assistant to turn on & off outlets, Plus using mobile app you can control power strip at any time. Moreover, the best thing that I like here is the power strip provides 2 widely spaced outlets for large plugs. Unlike above, here it provides you 4 USB charging ports with 3.4A shares.

ANHAORUI Smart Plug Power Strip

When it comes to build quality & safety then no worry it looks promising, made of with quality material plus comes with 1680J surge protection. When it comes to wire quality then its top-notch, 100% copper wire is used with insulation & cover jacket.

Aside from that, power strip has surge protector indicator & a 15A overload protection switch, So yeah safety-wise it is the best power strip.

Overall, if you want budget-friendly smart power strip that has 12 outlets with USB ports & delivers great safety then I’d recommend you to check out this one.

3. Gosund Smart Power Strip

If you’re looking for compact smart energy efficient power strip for desk then let me introduce you to Gosund power strip, unlike the two product above, this one made for work desk being a small power strip you can fit it anywhere you want and it helps you to make your desk clean.

The one comes with 3 smart power outlets which you can individually control by voice “Alexa & google assistant” & remote control. At the same time with 3 USB ports, you can charge your USB gadgets at an output of 3.1A.

Gosund Smart Power Strip

Now what makes it interesting & different from others is the feature of timer or countdown. Here you can set particular timer to turn off your power outlet so with that you can save energy plus secure your device.

When it comes to design, build quality & safety then firstly design-wise it looks premium in compact size, at the same time build quality is pretty good as per price segment. When it comes to safety then here it provides several safety features like fire resistance, short circuit protection, overload protection, overcurrent & surge protection. So yeah no worry this side.

Overall, if you want small budget friendly smart power strip for desk & workspace that delivers pretty much good things then this is another good option you can pick.

4. BESTEK Smart WiFi Power Strip

Another compact smart energy efficient power strip is the one by Bestek. Unlike the above ones, this one comes with slightly new design. Here, the power sockets & USB ports are located widely spaced in a cubic style power strip that provides clutter-free cable look and the best thing is it will not cover much space plus you can also carry it easily by removable base.

What’s more, is as you may’ve guessed it is perfectly compatible with Alexa & google assistant plus this one also deliver app remote control support so yeah use it efficiently.

BESTEK Smart WiFi Power Strip

Aside from that, the one comes with a 5ft long power cord for use freely, when it comes to safety point of view then this power strip featured with overvoltage, short-circuit, overload, and AC outlet safe door. So worry not.

Lastly, this power strip is made of with quality material that gives it premium class looks, although the one has fewer outlets & USB ports but it is more convenient for traveling.

Overall, if you want to try new design smart power strip that gives premium look & comes with almost same bells & whistles as above then you can’t go wrong with this one.

5. POWRUI Smart Power Strip with 4-Outlet Extender

If you are looking for smart energy efficient power strip for outdoor then you can’t go wrong with Powrui power strip. As you may’ve predicted it is an IP44 water-resistant design power strip that comes with 4- outlets extender with 15A/1875W max for each, more importantly, it is super safe from lightning strikes & sudden surges comes with a max surge rating of 1080 Joules, so no worry this side.

POWRUI Smart Power Strip with 4-Outlet Extender

Aside from that, just like above smart power strips here it also delivers smart voice control & app control feature. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa, echo dot, google assistant.

Furthermore, this power strip is pretty simple & no more extra things other than LED light & controls. It is made for outside. So yeah you can easily connect Christmas lights, lamps, and more.

Overall, if you want smart power strip with water resistance that you can control by voice & app and handle power surges then this is a good option you can pick.

Wrapping Up: Latest Smart Energy Efficient Power Strip 2023

These were some of the best energy-efficient power strips on the market right now, to charge your several devices like Chromebooks, smartyphones, Macbooks and more. Smart features in power strip make your work more peaceful and under control through which you can save energy consumption effectively. So pick the best one as per your need.

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