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by Narendra

Best Desk Mounted Monitor Arm For Dual Monitor: The dual monitor desk is great to hold two monitors. However, sometimes it is less to manage accessories and clutter of cables to look at.

Thus, it’s wise to get desk mounted monitor arm for dual monitor that increases productivity with more organized space. More importantly, it gives an advantage to ergonomic health point of view.

Most modern monitor arm for dual monitor comes with full adjustability, cable management, and have enough capacity to hold several types of monitors with ease. So if you’re buying dual monitor arm for the first time then you should have to look at several thing before buying one.

For that, here in this article, we have lined up the best desk-mounted monitor arm for dual monitor that has superior quality, well holding capacity plus comes in budget price point. So no further ado let’s begin.

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Best Desk Mounted Monitor Arm For Dual Monitor (2023)

1. Eveo Dual Monitor Stand Mount

Monitor Size: 17 to 35 inches | Weight Capacity: Up to 18.5lbs per arm

If you want one of the versatile and premium appearance monitor arm for dual monitors then take a look at Eveo dual arm stand. Here it brings several advantages to the table like first, it provides wide compatibility of monitor from 17-35 inches monitors. More importantly, you don’t have to worry about weight of your monitor. Here the arms are made for heavy monitors which can hold up to 18.5lbs per arm. Fantastic right?

Naturally, premium price point means here you will get the full motion adjustability like from height, tilt, swivel, and even rotation to the fullest. So yeah you will have ample space on your desk to work.

When it comes to installation as per several users it only takes approx 10 minutes and the best thing is it comes with two installation types one by clamp mounting second grommet mounting. I’d recommend you to go with grommet type which gives you best performance in long run.

Other than that, as we told you earlier it is a sleek stylish looking dual monitor arm that looks super cool to the table.

Overall, if you want best premium-looking dual monitor arm that has wide monitor screen compatibility & weight capacity then this one you can consider buying.

2. VIVO Dual Monitor Arm Mount

Monitor Size: 17 to 32 inches | Weight Capacity: Up to 19.8lbs per arm

The VIVO monitor arm brings the best of both worlds. First, the one comes in an affordable price range. Second, it delivers premium features to the table like you can use it for monitor 17 to 32 inches in size for curved and flat at the same time it has fully flexible arms that offer you tilt, swivel, and 360 rotation.

The best thing that impresses us is dual pneumatic spring functionality which helps you for perfect balancing between both arm weights. Here the arm is made to take heavy monitor weight up to 19.8lbs on each arm. Quite impressive in this price point.

Other than that, VIVO dual monitor arm caters to the same bells and whistles for installation you can either use heavy duty C clamp on desk or grommet is cherry on cake. Note: Check the recommended size of a desk, plus we recommend using grommet instead of a c clamp.

Another interesting feature that users are loving is integrated cable management that removes your cable hurricane in no time.

Build wise, the monitor arm is made of solid steel that till now there is no issue found regarding bad quality. So no worry this side.

Overall, if you are on budget and want fully motion dual monitor arm which looks great and trusted by users then this is another good option you can pick.

3. HUANUO Desk Mounted Dual Monitor Arm

Monitor Size: 17 to 27 inches | Weight Capacity: Up to 14.3lbs per arm

If you are looking for new stylish dual monitor arm then Huanuo arm is worth a peek. The arm comes in sleek shiny finish that looks beautiful to the table. Being a new model monitor arm you can expect some good things like the arms rises to your eye level that help you to correct body posture and productivity level.

If we talk about its movement then here you can rotate to 360 degrees, tilt adjustment if any glare plus swivel. The monitor arm can effortlessly manage the two flat or curved displays from 17 inches to 27. At the same time at this affordable price point, you have two secure holding clamps & grommet, which are of good quality.

There is some downside too like there is a limitation to use at far forward or retract back. Plus it holds 14.3lbs weight per arm. So make sure you check out your monitor weight first before buying.

Other than that, the quality of dual monitor arm is top-notch has pretty attractive appearance and plethora of users are praised for the same.

Overall, if you want an affordable price dual monitor arm with pretty standard motion then Huanuo is another option you can buy for your desk setup.

4. EleTab Dual Arm Monitor Stand

Monitor Size: 17 to 32 inches | Weight Capacity: Up to 17.6lbs per arm

Here is one of the most popular monitor arms for dual monitors that is widely used in offices. The main selling point is its spring-assisted system that gives you smooth monitor rise and fall motion. Being a middle ground dual-arm between premium & budget it caters to plethora of good things like cable management clamps that perfectly hide all monitor cables inside it.

When it comes to construction part the EleTab arm is made of with aluminum material which gives top-notch stability & quality feel. As above counterpart arms here you will also found the full motion comfortable view whether its 360-degree rotation swivel, tilt, or eye-level height.

Aide from that, as of your weight of monitor you can also effortlessly adjust spring tension for better adjustment. Did I tell you these monitor arms can hold monitor weight up to 17.6lbs per arm?

Overall, if you want affordable standard desk-mounted dual monitor arms that can hold heavy monitors plus deliver good features then EleTab is worth your every dollar.

5. ErGear Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount Stand

Monitor Size: 17 to 27inches | Weight Capacity: Up to 14.3lbs per arm

Last but not least, The ErGear dual-arm check off the right boxes. Firstly, the one is inexpensive at the same time it brings full dual-arm motion to the table. Secondly, you can mount up to 27 inches monitor to it. The only catch is the one can hold the only 14.3lbs per arm. So make sure you check the weight of your monitor before buying.

Other than that, just like above counterpart arms the one also has an easy installation by either C-clamp or grommet mounting. Although there is no guidance required but make sure you check the desk thickness and drill to fit perfectly.

Being a budget-friendly dual monitor arm here it surprisingly comes with a gas spring adjustment that allows you smooth adjustment movements.

Lastly, several users have been praising it for its sturdy quality & new sleek look. So if you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket and need pretty good dual monitor arms then you can’t go wrong with ErGear for sure.

6. AVLT Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount Stand

The AVLT Dual Extended Monitor Wall Mount is a practical solution for organizing your workspace with both positive and negative aspects.

On the positive side, this mount accommodates two flat or curved monitors, making it ideal for multitasking or gaming setups. The full motion capability allows easy height adjustment, swiveling, tilting, and rotation, granting you the freedom to position your monitors for maximum comfort and productivity.

The VESA compatibility ensures a secure fit for a wide range of monitor sizes, while the cable management system keeps your cables neat and tangle-free.

However, even the most practical solutions have a few drawbacks. Some users have found the installation process a bit challenging and time-consuming.

Additionally, the weight capacity might not be sufficient for larger and heavier monitors, so it’s essential to check your monitor’s specifications before mounting.

In conclusion, the AVLT Dual Extended Monitor Wall Mount is a functional addition to any workstation, offering flexibility and organization.

Just keep in mind the installation process and weight capacity as you set up your dual monitor display. Overall, it’s a treasure trove of convenience to elevate your workspace to legendary heights!

What To Look Before Buying Best Desk Mounted Monitor Arm For Dual Monitor ?

Before selecting the best desk-mounted monitor arm for a dual monitor setup, consider these key factors to ensure an ergonomic and efficient workspace.

  1. Monitor Compatibility: Check the arm’s compatibility with your monitor size and weight to ensure a secure fit.
  2. Adjustability: Look for a monitor arm with full-motion capabilities, including height adjustment, tilt, swivel, and rotation, for optimal viewing angles and comfort.
  3. Desk Space: Consider the available desk space and choose a monitor arm that fits your setup without clutter.
  4. Cable Management: Seek a monitor arm with built-in cable management to keep wires organized and tidy.
  5. Sturdiness: Opt for a durable and stable monitor arm to support your monitors without wobbling.
  6. Easy Installation: Choose a monitor arm with straightforward installation instructions and all necessary hardware for quick setup.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can confidently find the best desk-mounted monitor arm for your dual monitor setup, creating a streamlined and ergonomic workspace for enhanced productivity.

Wrapping Up: Top arms for dual monitors

Dual monitor arms are the perfect solution to make your work setup fantastic they allow you to adjust monitors as you want plus provide a much great field of view.

Make sure you choose the full-motion arm plus has top-notch quality at the end of the day it will take care of your premium monitors. Right? Above are the best desk-mounted monitor arms for a dual monitor list you can follow.

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