6 Best Monitor Arms For Heavy Monitors (2023) New

by Narendra

Best Monitor Arms For Heavy Monitors: The monitor arm is the new flavor in the market and boy it absolutely amazing to make the day productive and the best part is after having a monitor arm you’ll have several advantages to the table like additional desk space, desired viewing angle, reduce stress, and whatnot.

But choosing the right monitor arm is not a piece of cake when you have heavy monitors like BenQ, LG, Asus, you wouldn’t want to try out your luck on any of monitor arms Obviously you have premium monitor and you wouldn’t wish to wrong happen right?

No worry, just in case if you are on the market and looking for best monitor arm for heavy monitor then here we have lined up the best list that you can consider.

1. VIVO Premium Aluminum Single Monitor Arm

The best monitor arm for heavy monitor

Weight Capacity: 33lbs | Monitor Support: Upto 32 inches

If price is not a concern and wants the best premium monitor arm for heavy monitor then VIVO proves to be the excellent pick. The main highlight is the top-notch weight capacity that is up to 33lbs monitor which is insane right? More importantly, it’s support screen up to 32 inches, So whether you have flat or curved screen type it works flawlessly.

VIVO Premium Aluminum Single Monitor Arm

And story doesn’t end here, being a premium class monitor arm it brings several fantastic features to the table like this arm is fully adjustable you can tilt, swivel, rotate, and adjust height, so you could comfortably do the work with your comfort viewing angle.

Another highlight is strong desk mounting clamp plus availability of grommet which promises to deliver top-notch stability with security. So no worry about that. But make sure your desk has enough recommended thickness for ultimate performance.

Other than that, installation is quite easy. If we talk about build quality then being a premium price point item you can expect a strong aluminum build plus the company promise to give 3-year manufacture warranty.

Aside from that, several users have been praising for their high quality & flawless functioning.

Overall, if you want to invest one time on the best monitor arm for your heavy monitor which is trusted at the same time has flexibility then you can’t go wrong with VIVO monitor arm for sure.

2. WALI Single Monitor Gas Spring Desk Mount 

Best affordable monitor arm for heavy monitor

Weight Capacity: 33lbs | Monitor Support: Upto 35 inches

If you liked the above monitor arm but seem not on budget then take a look at the Wali single monitor arm which caters to almost same features as above one an affordable price point. Unlike above here you’ll get the compatibility of monitor up to 35 inches and the best thing is the arm is made for heavy monitors it has 33 lbs weight capacity.

WALI Single Monitor Gas Spring Desk Mount 

Apart from that, the arm has wide range of motion you can adjust it by safety screw which is quite easy and safe. Furthermore, here you can tilt by +45/-45 degree, +90/-90 swivel, and 180-degree rotation unlike above where you’ll get 180-degree swivels & rotate.

If we talk about its build quality then till now there is no issue found related to that, it is made of tough high-grade material that the reason to hold up to 33lbs monitor weight.

For better movement, it comes with gas spring arm that delivers smooth flexibility. Aside from that, look & design is considerably simple it comes in sleek design which caters to premium look to the table.

For stability, here it provides you two locking systems C-clam and grommet base. So yeah you’ll get top-notch confidence for sure.

Overall, Wali monitor arm is well known for heavy monitor & deliver great performance for long years at the same it comes in budget. So this is also a good option to check out.

3. EleTab Single Monitor Desk Mount

Best value for money monitor arm

Weight Capacity: 17.6lbs | Monitor Support: 17 to 32 inches

Here is another best inexpensive monitor arm for heavy monitors that you can consider buying. The one delivers new look to the table that brings full-motion comfortable view like 360-degree rotation, 180 swivels, +90 to -90 tilt, and most important enough height adjustment. In addition to that unlike above counterpart here, you can mount monitor up to 17 to 32 inches only, note that it is not made for ultra-wide monitor plus at the same time it holds up to 17.6 lbs.

EleTab Single Monitor Desk Mount

Being a budget option here you’ll get the spring-assisted system for smoothly and steadily monitor rise and fall. Did I tell you this monitor arm has a cable management system?

Build wise, the monitor arm is made by thick high-grade aluminum material that promises for long arm life at the same time, heavy-duty C clamp and grommet mount installation ensure stability which is pretty good as of several users review.

The best thing that I like about this monitor arm is its full motion view which is actually good as compare to the above counterparts.

Overall, if you have a standard heavy monitor and want decent price option monitor arm for desk then this is another trusted monitor arm you can buy.

4. HUANUO Single Monitor Arm

Best stylish monitor arm for heavy monitors

Weight Capacity: 19.8lbs | Monitor Support: 17 to 34 inches

If you’re looking for modern sleek design monitor arm for heavy monitor in mid-price segment then Huanuo monitor arm will be worth your dollars. This one comes with same bells & whistles like this is full motion arm that allows you to work from desired angle flawlessly. What’s more important is it reaches up to 23.2 inches thanks to articulating gas spring arm which provides smooth motion overall.

 HUANUO Single Monitor Arm

The most important thing, stable clamp and grommet base which is of fine thick material quality that looks promising which makes the arm stable & secure.

This monitor arm can easily mount monitor from 17 inches to 34 inches plus can hold weight up to 19.8lbs, the safe side you can take weight to 18lbs.

Aside from that, This arm not only delivers an attractive look to the table but also caters to strong quality thanks to high-grade steel construction. So no worry, this is the best of both worlds.

Overall, if look & quality is what you want and if your monitor is under 19lbs weight then this is excellent pick in budget.

5. Single Monitor Mount Arm

Best Cheap Monitor Arm For Heavy Monitor

Weight Capacity: 14.3lbs | Monitor Support: 17 to 27 inches

If you don’t want to spend much on monitor arm and want pretty simplistic solid build monitor arm then this is another good option to look at. This one comes with sleek design look which is similar to wali monitor arm again it allows you to full motion as of your comfortable viewing angle.

 Single Monitor Mount Arm

Talking about monitors compatibility then here the monitor desk arm is perfect for any 17 to 27 inches flat and curved monitors under the weight of 14.3lbs.

On the downside, being a low price item do not expect much height although it comes with pretty satisfactory height for any under 25-inch monitor.

On the upside, the clamp & grommet base is of the best quality so no worry it will effortlessly manage your monitor weight as recommended.

Overall, if you want to try out monitor arm at best price that has solid build, full-motion view angles, and whatnot then this is good to go.

6. ErGear Monitor Mount Arm

Best Monitor Arm For Heavy Monitor

The ErGear Ultrawide Single Monitor Arm Desk Mount offers both positive and negative aspects, making it a solid choice for monitor setups.

On the positive side, this monitor arm is compatible with a wide range of monitors, accommodating sizes from 13 to 35 inches. The height-adjustable gas spring allows easy positioning for optimal viewing angles, reducing neck and eye strain during long hours of work or gaming.

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The USB ports built into the mount offer convenient connectivity options for your peripherals, keeping your workspace organized and clutter-free.

The sturdy clamp and grommet base ensure a secure and stable attachment to your desk, providing peace of mind while your monitor hovers above.

However, even the most practical mounts have a few drawbacks. Some users have mentioned that the assembly process might be a bit challenging and time-consuming.

Additionally, while the mount can hold up to 26.4 lbs, it may not be suitable for heavier monitors, so it’s essential to check your monitor’s weight specifications before mounting.

In conclusion, the ErGear Ultrawide Single Monitor Arm Desk Mount is a versatile and ergonomic solution for elevating your monitor setup.

Just keep in mind the assembly process and monitor weight as you embark on your monitor arm journey. Overall, it’s a treasure trove of comfort and flexibility, ready to elevate your workspace to legendary heights!

What To Look Before Buying Monitor Arm For Heavy Monitors ?

When searching for a monitor arm to support heavy monitors, consider these key factors to ensure a sturdy and reliable setup.

  1. Weight Capacity: Check the arm’s weight capacity to ensure it can support the specific weight of your monitor without strain.
  2. Build Quality: Opt for a monitor arm made from high-quality materials like steel or aluminum for durability and stability.
  3. VESA Compatibility: Ensure the arm is compatible with your monitor’s VESA mounting pattern for a secure fit.
  4. Adjustability: Look for a monitor arm with adjustable height, tilt, swivel, and rotation options to achieve the best viewing angles.
  5. Mounting Options: Choose between a desk clamp or grommet base, depending on your desk’s design and stability preferences.
  6. Cable Management: Consider a monitor arm with integrated cable management to keep your setup neat and organized.

By considering these factors, you can confidently find the best monitor arm for heavy monitors, creating a comfortable and efficient workspace for extended use.

Wrapping Up: Top Monitor Arm For Heavy Monitors

These were some of the best monitor arms for weighty monitors that you can buy. With these monitor arms, you can make your work-life productive by being in a good ergonomic position.

Before buying a monitor arm make sure you check arm weight capacity, desk thickness, clamp quality, and full-motion support. Lastly, read the article completely and pick the best monitor arm for you.

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