6 Best Cases and Cover for the M1 Apple iPad Pro (2023) New

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The best Cases & Covers for Apple iPad Pro M1 from popular to latest.

Imagine! you’re holding the newest 2021 Apple iPad Pro with an M1 chip and suddenly your hand hit the wall and it falls. Literally quite a horrifying situation for a new M1 iPad pro. Right?

So why not be aware before this happens by picking up the best cases and cover for the M1 Apple iPad Pro to make it in pristine condition and enjoy for long run.

So if you are in the market and looking for top cases & covers for 11-inch apple iPad Pro M1 chip then here are our recommendations that you can consider buying.

Best Cases and Cover for the M1 Apple iPad Pro (2023)

1. Fintie Rotating Case for iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd Generation)

Here is the first best case for your M1 iPad Pro to secure your device from scratches & damage. Thanks to hard interior cover with synthetic leather exterior that feels so smooth.

The main highlight of this case is its flexibility which you can use it in landscape to watch Breaking Bad plus the case fully cover the iPad Pro so you’ll experience the automatic wakes & sleep feature.

Fintie Rotating Case for iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd Generation)

Other than that, the one has built-in pencil holder so yeah you can easily carry an iPad pencil all the time. What’s more important is the case works well with wireless charging.

If you love these foldable book-type cases then there are plethora of many colors option available to pick the best one for you like Rose gold, black, purple, designed one, and more.

2. Ztotop Case Compatible with iPad Pro

Next up we have the full body shockproof protective cover with kickstand for M1 iPad Pro. This is definitely for one who wants top-notch protection and doesn’t care about design. If we talk about its material quality then this case is made of with solid PCB & TPU material which is known for protection.

Ztotop Case Compatible with iPad Pro

Furthermore, this case will not only protect your iPad Pro M1 from damage but also it comes with built-in screen protector which delivers scratch proof from the front also.

More importantly, being a lightweight case it supports wireless charging plus thanks to unique design to easily fit iPad pencil as a magnetic attachment.

Aside from that, it has very well cuts & designs for ports, speakers, and cameras. So yeah not to worry about that. Did I tell you this case also come in pink color?

3. ESR Matte Case For iPad Pro M1 11 Inch

If you want standard white case for your iPad Pro M1 then this one you can consider buying. As the name suggests it’s a matte case that ensures to deliver scratch proof plus provide top drop protection. On top of that, here the case is free from fingerprints so yeah you’ll feel as new every time.

ESR Matte Case For iPad Pro M1 11 Inch

Furthermore thanks to little raised edges which support screen and camera lens from drops. In addition to that, corners are shock absorbing. So yeah by unfortunate drop it will easily handle.

As I said earlier this is simple iPad Pro M1 case that has soft & flexible design. The best thing is it will not cost you much at the same time deliver clean standard look to the table.

4. GROLEOA iPad Pro M1 11 inch case

If iPad Pro protection is your only motive then buying a military-grade shockproof cover worth your every cent. This one is made of with high-quality material with three-layer structure that promises to protect iPad Pro M1 from bumps, drops, and scratches. So yeah freely drop your iPad.

GROLEOA iPad Pro M1 11 inch case 2021

Apart from that full protection from back to front plus it also comes with adjustable handle & portable shoulder strap which is more convenient for one who loves hiking and traveling.

Moreover, it supports built-in apple pencil holder plus you can also charge iPad Pro wireless without taking off the case. Cool right?

Overall, if you really want to care about your new iPad Pro M1 from accidental drop & scratches then you can’t go wrong with this one.

5. HOLIMET iPad Pro 11 inch Case

If you are looking for some cool PU leather iPad Pro M1 case then this one is worth a peek. First thing that eye catches is its attractive look with a comfortable feel in hand, all thanks to the leather exterior which is non-skid at the same time it does a pretty much good job to protect iPad Pro M1 Chip from scratches.

HOLIMET iPad Pro 11 inch Case 2021

Moreover, the case will cover whole iPad Pro body and give feel like a light book. Auto wake and sleep feature you will surely enjoy here. And not only it is multi-functional like card pocket but also it delivers multi-viewing angles to enjoy your favorite TV shows.

Quality of case is pretty good as of price point, you can also clean with ease. Did I tell you this one also has built-in Apple Pencil holder?

At last, the side edges have tough thickness plus several users are praising for their protection. So yeah no worry about that. Overall, best for your iPad Pro M1.

6. Fintie Hybrid Slim Case for iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd Generation)

If you are looking for transparent with tough full body cover protective case for iPad Pro M1 then this is pretty good deal to take. The main highlight here is its hard shell back cover which is transparent plus gives top-notch protection. Moreover, the front & side edges have shockproof shells which will easily take care of scratches & bumps.

 Fintie Hybrid Slim Case for iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd Generation)

Aside from that, this is another full iPad Pro body lightweight case that looks amazing. What is more interesting is the one comes in diverse colors & designs which you’ll gonna like it for sure.

As I said case is light in weight that will not feel heavy at all, The main advantage of this type of case is it provides a better viewing angle plus long-lasting secure feeling.

Overall, if you want to show off your iPad Pro Apple logo with pretty good cover then this is another good option you can pick.

Wrapping Up: Top Cases for M1 Apple iPad Pro

These were some of the best covers and cases for the Apple iPad Pro M1 latest which you can consider buying. Using iPad Pro without case is not a good call.

Being a pricey device plus while picking with sweaty hands increase the risk factor of an accidental drop. So it’s definitely better to use top-quality cases which not only protect the iPad but also deliver viewing angles. More importantly, case gives the confidence to put iPad anywhere without having any fear.

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