5 Best Wire­less Key­boards for Mac­Book Users (2023) New

by Narendra

Best Wire­less Key­boards for Mac­Book: Needless to say but most MacBook users prefer apple magic keyboard but if you are like I’m who prefer attractive new designs plus always fond to try new features then undoubtedly external wireless keyboard you’ll gonna love it.

These third-party keyboards not only deliver a slim & lightweight profile as an apple magic keyboard but also comes with seamless connectivity with a stable connection.

So that you can effortlessly connect your apple devices with it like iPad, m1 MacBook air, or m1 MacBook pro. More importantly, being slim & short wireless keyboard you will easily carry them with your self.

Nevertheless, if you want to upgrade your MacBook keyboard then here we have lined up the best wireless keyboard for MacBook that you can consider buying.

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Best Wire­less Key­boards for Mac­Book Users (2023)

1. Logitech K380 Wire­less Key­board for Mac­Book

Starting from the top, here is the Logitech K380 for one who loves slim & premium-looking keyboards. Here Logitech brings several good things to the table like first the design with round keycaps looks attractive plus easy to click. These are low profile so you hardly hear the click sound but yeah it gives you haptic feedback.

Furthermore, Using Logitech K380 you can easily connect up to 3 devices simultaneously plus it is easy to switch between them. Talking about wireless range then you can operate your MacBook, iPad, or iPhone in the range of 10 meters which is quite good.

The best thing that surely impresses you is the 24-month battery life so effortlessly connect and enjoy typing.

Here on keyboard, you’ll find some shortcuts & media keys plus indicating light is a bonus although there are no caps lock light.

Other than that, this is small and slim Bluetooth wireless keyboard for MacBook that has pretty premium design which is easy to take out in the cafe. Did I tell you there are 4 unique colors are available to choose from?

2. Macally Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Macbook

If you want full-fledged wireless keyboard for MacBook that comes in a slim and premium look then macally keyboard is another great alternative to apple magic keyboard. The one comes in slim aluminum body design which is best suitable for home and office. Moreover, as above one here you’ll get low profile keys which are scissors flex keys that deliver your fast & quiet key stock.

The best thing that several users have been admiring is its slim design with a pretty solid body that gives strong feel.

Aside from that, you can pair this keyboard with 3 more devices via Bluetooth whether it’s your TV, laptop, or apple tablet.

Being a full-size keyboard you’ll get all the required keys and 20 Mac OS shortcuts are cherry on top. Although there is some downsides like there are no backlit plus quite simple keys.

Battery wise, here it provide you impressive 3 month of usages in single charge. Although it could be more better.

Overall, if you need wireless keyboard for home office that works with Mac OS & delivers great performance to the table then Macany won’t disappoint you for sure.

3. Keychron K2 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard For Macbook

How does mechanical keyboard sound to you? If interesting then let me introduce you to Keychron K2 keyboard this is 75% layout keyboard that bring several new interesting features. First thing first, here the keyboard comes with gateron brown switch which provides you tactile feedback with medium sound. Secondly, being a 75% keyboard it has only 84 keys that make it super small but thick overall deliver pretty good quality to the table.

Now the best thing here it comes with white LED backlit which makes your work easy at night. Moreover, the keycaps are well designed to do fast typing.

Battery wise the performance is pretty standard here the battery lasts to 7 days.

Aside from that. the keyboard is fully compatible with MacBooks or Mac OS where it has every required mac functions keys that you can use. Did I tell you there is USB type C connection for wired mode?

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Overall, if you want to experience mechanical keyboard & want backlit & ultimate performance in typing plus connectivity then Keychron is another keyboard for MacBook you can buy.

4. Logitech MX Keys Wireless Keyboard For Macbook

If you don’t mind spending $100 on MacBook keyboard then this Logitech MX is worth your every cent. The first thing that eye catches is its premium quality look that not only comes in slim & selvet look but also has every required feature.

Being a full-fledged keyboard it allows you to type fast, more importantly, the one comes in spherical keys that matches the shape of fingertips plus satisfying feedback is cherry on cake.

What’s more, the Logitech also reminds take care of your comfort while typing to the fullest. What impresses me here is automatic backlighting that auto-adjust as per room lighting. Cool right?

Other than that, this is USB C rechargeable keyboard that with full charge you can effortlessly use it for 10 days plus if you turn off backlighting it works well for up to 5 months.

Overall, if you don’t want to compromise with performance & premium design in full fledge keyboard then this one from Logitech keyboard is worth a peek.

5. OMOTON Wireless Keyboard For Macbook

Ahoy, tech-savvy sailors! Feast your eyes on the OMOTON Bluetooth Keyboard, a treasure trove of typing delight with both positive and negative winds.

On the positive side, this compact wireless keyboard is a perfect mate for your Mac devices, be it the MacBook Pro/Air, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Mini, or Mac Pro. Its seamless compatibility ensures smooth sailing through your typing adventures.

The sleek design and compact size make this keyboard a stylish addition to your Mac setup, saving precious space on your deck or desk.

The wireless connectivity unleashes you from the chains of cords, granting you the freedom to roam and type with ease.

However, even the finest treasures have a few hidden waves. Some users have noted that the keys might feel a bit shallow for those used to more tactile keyboards.

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Additionally, the keyboard lacks backlighting, which might be a consideration for night owls who prefer typing under dim lighting.

In conclusion, the OMOTON Bluetooth Keyboard is a reliable and stylish companion for your Mac devices, offering wireless connectivity and space-saving design.

Just keep in mind the key feel and backlighting as you embark on your typing voyage. Overall, it’s a treasure trove of typing bliss to make your Mac experience even more delightful!

What To Look Before Buying Best Wire­less Key­boards For Mac­book Users ?

Before setting sail to find the best wireless keyboard for MacBook users, consider these key factors to ensure a smooth and seamless typing experience.

  1. Compatibility: Ensure the wireless keyboard is specifically designed for Mac devices to ensure optimal performance and compatibility.
  2. Layout and Design: Look for a keyboard with a familiar Mac layout and sleek design that complements your MacBook’s aesthetics.
  3. Connectivity Options: Check for multiple connectivity options like Bluetooth and USB receivers, offering flexibility for different devices.
  4. Key Feel and Tactility: Seek a keyboard with responsive and comfortable keys, providing a satisfying typing experience.
  5. Battery Life: Consider the keyboard’s battery life to ensure extended usage without frequent recharging.
  6. Additional Features: Some keyboards offer convenient shortcuts, multimedia keys, and backlighting for enhanced user experience.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can confidently choose the best wireless keyboard for your MacBook, elevating your typing journey and making your MacBook experience even more delightful. Happy typing!

Wrapping Up: Top Wireless Keyboard For M1 Macbook air and M1 Macbook pro

These were some of the good wireless keyboards for MacBook that you can consider buying without any doubt. As you go up on the price ladder you’ll get some new features plus premium-quality look. If you type a lot and travel then above wireless keyboard is definitely for you. So read the article carefully and pick your favorite one.

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