6 Best Wireless Car Chargers : New

by Narendra

Best wireless car chargers from latest to most popular.

Wireless charging in smartphones is now common and to be honest, no one likes to carry charging mats with them, especially when it comes to charge your smartphone in the car, there will be lots of hassle in connecting and disconnecting to access phone while driving.

But not to worry, thankfully there are several best car chargers are available where you just have to put your smartphone on wireless charging mount, and here you go, without any hassle, you can access your device. So if you are planning to buy one dedicated wireless car charger then below we compiled best list that you should check out.

Best Wireless Car Chargers (2022)

1. iOttie Wireless Car Charger

Here is the first item on our list iOttie Wireless Car Charger. The best part is its easy one-touch trigger button that automatically secures your smartphone . Isn’t it interesting? Plus its premium design look with telescopic arm extends viewing angle enhances it more. Specs-wise it doesn’t disappoint you 10W fast Qi certified wireless charging will charge your smartphone 50% faster, even with phone case.

iOttie Wireless Car Charger

Furthermore, it packs with ultra-flexible design, So yes you can easily rotate it in 360-degree and more importantly, it comes with both AC vent mount & Dash Mount with strong hold, So as per your comfort you can place it. Our suggestion is to place it on the AC vent so you can easily operate it.

Apart from that, It charges via USB C port, you just have to attach USB C cable to it and here you go.

Overall, If you are looking for best quality wireless car charger that provides fast charging plus a highly comfortable to use and much more then we recommend you to check it out.

2. Belkin Wireless Vent Mount Car Charger

If a standard look is more you thing, then Belkin wireless vent car charger is good to go. It’s an air-vent mount charger that provides 10 W for charging. Unlike the above one here you have to keep your phone manually in the cradle, but yes your phone is in secure hand, because of powerful gripping so no worry about bumps & turns. Needless to say.

Belkin Wireless Vent Mount Car Charger

Furthermore, as the above car charger here it also provides you optimal viewing angles to follow navigation effortlessly.

The only downside we feel here is it charges iPhone at 7.5W and other Android phones at 10W, in this price segment.

Apart from that, the best thing that we love here is its 2-year warranty that shows how great it product be, well quality cable, power charging mate, strong gripping, standard look and whatnot.

Overall, if you are looking to invest good amount to buy a high-quality car charger that provides almost everything needed then we suggest you go with Belkin.

3. Nalwort Wireless Car Charger

If you are not a fan of an air-vent mounting wireless car charger and are comfortable with dashboard charger then you can check out Nalwort Wireless Car Charger. This one efficient with 15W Fast Charge plus its QI enabled to get safest and fastest charging on compatible android smartphones & iPhones. Just like above chargers here also charging will be capped at 10 W for high-end android phones, 7.5W for iPhones, and 5W for standard wireless charger mode.

Nalwort Wireless Car Charger

Furthermore, If we talk about its features then here it comes with soft and durable silicone material that is perfectly made with anti-slip mat plus anti-skid base too, so no worry in bumps & turns. Aside from that AUTO-CLAMPING & POWER DELAY RELEASE is also works well.

The best thing we like the most is its ergonomic design, and flexbile viewing angle that can rotate at 360 degree with ease.

On the downside, quality of material is not that much good as above one, Although its smooth stylish finish makes it neglate.

Nevertheless, it gains lots of user trust and quite popular on amazon with great ratings, peoples talking about easy installation and performance.

Overall, If you are looking for well featureful wireless car charger for dashboard or air vent with good quality design and material this is good to go.

4. CHGeek Wireless Car Charger

The CHGeek wireless car charger proves to be a perfect purchase if you don’t want to invest much in-car charger. The best thing is its auto clamping sensor and unbtrustive design in budget. Spec-wise it almost the same as above charger, like it charges support max 15W max Fast Charger for LG V50 / V35 / V30 an android smartphone at 10W & iPhone 7.5W and other 5W standard charging.

CHGeek Wireless Car Charger

Furthermore, the thing that attracts most is its features, for instance, you can charge mobile with case what’s new is in this price segment it’s great to get this feature, plus this wireless car charger comes from reputed company so you can believe to be a best product.

However, there is always a downside, and here is in built quality, as compared to other car charger mount, but yes, if you want budget-friendly and feature-full charger then you will have to compromise.

Overall, If you are looking for lightweight, featureful with perfect fast charging then you can choose CHGeek wireless car charger.

5. Topume Wireless Car Charger

Last but not least, If you are looking for under budget wireless car charger, that will give you fine wireless charging with perfect gripping mount then you can’t go wrong with the Topume Wireless Car Charger.

Topume Wireless Car Charger

This one is the best choice for one who loves stylish and trendy designs, with perfect wireless charge. Interestingly it can provide you auto-lock when the phone is placed plus its touch sensor works well every time. It is compatible with car air vent and adjustable with almost every new smartphone.

Moreover, here you will also get 360-degree rotation for navigations and to operate easily. However, here we don’t like its quality material although it’s stylish but yeah its ok.

So, overall, if you are one who cares about items and looking for budget-friendly car charger with almost all features then you should check out Topume wireless car charger for sure.

6. MOKPR Wireless Car Charger

Buckle up, tech enthusiasts, for the MOKPR Wireless Car Charger is about to revolutionize your driving experience! This futuristic gadget is a magical blend of a car mount and a fast wireless charger, designed to keep your smartphone securely in place while juicing it up at warp speed.

Positive: The auto-clamping feature is a sight to behold, effortlessly embracing your phone in a secure grip with just a touch, freeing your hands for safer driving.

Fast charging capabilities of 15W/10W/7.5W ensure your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Series get powered up in no time, even during long drives.

The air vent car mount design keeps your device cool while charging, preventing overheating even on sweltering summer days.

Universal compatibility caters to a wide range of smartphones, from the latest iPhone 14 to trusty iPhone 8 series and various Samsung Galaxy models.

The adjustable viewing angle allows you to customize the perfect phone orientation for navigation, hands-free calls, or streaming music on the go.

Negative: The auto-clamping feature may be sensitive, occasionally engaging unexpectedly, which could be slightly inconvenient.

Users with thick phone cases may need to remove them to ensure a proper wireless charging connection.

In conclusion, the MOKPR Wireless Car Charger combines the best of both worlds – a secure car mount and a fast wireless charger. Its auto-clamping technology, fast charging capabilities, and universal compatibility make it a top-notch companion for your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices during road trips and daily commutes.

While the auto-clamping feature may need some fine-tuning, its cooling design and adjustable viewing angle ensure a smooth ride. Say goodbye to tangled cables and welcome the future of convenient car charging with the MOKPR Wireless Car Charger!

What To Look Before Buying Best Wireless Car Chargers For Smartphones ?

Before purchasing the best wireless car charger for smartphones, consider the following factors to ensure a seamless and safe charging experience on the go:

  1. Compatibility: Check that the wireless car charger is compatible with your smartphone model, ensuring it supports the wireless charging standard used by your device.
  2. Charging Speed: Look for a wireless car charger that offers fast charging capabilities, such as 15W or 10W, to ensure quick and efficient charging during your commute.
  3. Mounting Style: Choose a car charger with a secure and convenient mounting style, such as air vent, dashboard, or windshield mount, to keep your phone easily accessible while driving.
  4. Auto-Clamping or One-Handed Operation: Consider chargers with auto-clamping or one-handed operation features, allowing you to easily place and remove your phone with minimal effort.
  5. Stability and Security: Ensure the charger holds your phone securely in place, even during bumpy rides, to prevent it from falling or slipping.
  6. Cooling Mechanism: Look for chargers with built-in cooling mechanisms to prevent overheating during prolonged charging sessions.
  7. Universal Compatibility: Opt for chargers with universal compatibility, supporting various smartphone models, to cater to multiple devices if needed.

By considering these factors, you can find the best wireless car charger for smartphones, providing a safe, convenient, and efficient charging solution while you’re on the road.

Wrapping Up: Best wireless car chargers for smartphones

Wireless chargers are the best way to remove hassle of plugging and unplugging cables. Now you just have to pick best one and place it on vent or dashboard & here you go without worrying about bumps and turns. Above was the list of wireless car chargers with mount, so pick one which is most suitable for you and drive safely.

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