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by Narendra

Best Headphones For Big Heads: Choosing the right big heads headphones can be a tedious job. After all, you’re spending a notable amount of money on these headphones.

You need to check multiple aspects like highly adjustable headband, built quality, sound quality, comfort, and much more. All these features include making a perfect headphone for big heads that works well for casual listening to songs or for gaming as well.

Similar to most big head featured headsets are available over a broad price bracket. You can come across headphones priced as little as Anker Soundcore Life ($49.99) and can go high as Sony WH-1000XM4 ($348).

But here we are including budget-friendly big head headphones that come under the price bracket of $50 to $150. So that takes into mind here we have compiled a list of best headphones for big heads that will provide you ultimate sound quality with comfort. So no further ado let’s begin.

But First,

1. Check out some lovely Cat Ear Headphone for your loved ones.

2. Take One pair of Ultimate Ear Buds For self.

3. Check out some headphone stand with wireless charger.

Best Headphones For Big Heads (2023)

1. Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR: Overall Best Headphone For Big Head

Starting at the top are the Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR headphone. The one is specially made with ultra extended headband space that effortlessly fits large head and gives super comfort with genuine leather headband. Plus it comes with replaceable deluxe memory foam ear pads that are super breathable and large to easily fit on-ear, you can easily wear it for long without pain or heat.

When it comes to sound quality, then no doubt Philips delivers high-resolution natural sound that is crystal clear audio with balanced crips bass mixture, that you’ll surely enjoy listening to your favorite playlist or playing games.

The highlight of the Philips Audio is cloud-like comfort, & built quality that is top-notch. Plus it is lightweight item that provides ultimate ergonomic fit, you’ll not feel weight on your head.

Overall, if you’re searching for best headphone for big head that provides ultimate sound with comfort then you can’t go wrong with Philips Fidelio.

2. Sony MDR7506: Comfortable Big Head Headphone

Here is another best headphone for big heads “Sony MDR7506”. These are wired headphone that comes with super comfort large-diaphragm to wear whole day long without any issue, Plus headband leather padding is cherry on top.

When it comes to sound quality, then the one delivers professional high-quality studio sound which is crystal clear plus decent bass mixture. Best for one who loves standard music audio.

If we talk about its built quality then its needn’t to say that Sony headphones are known for their high built quality and performance. The wires of this headphone are sturdy with highly durable and are likely to last long.

Apart from that, the one is lightweight over-ear headphone that is foldable, so yeah you can easily carry it while traveling effortlessly.

At this time of writing, SonyMDR7506 had 4.8 star out of 5 positive rating on amazon that show love of users.

Overall, If you want professional stereo sound quality, comfort, under 100$ item and easy to wear for large heads then this sony headphone is best to go with.

3. Anker Life Q30: Featureful Wireless Headphone For Big Head

The Anker Life Q30 headphone is the ultimate choice if you want ANC (Active noise canceling) wireless headphone in an affordable range. The one will give you 40 hours of battery life for non-stop playtime.

That’s not the end of story, The one presents several great things that you gonna love. First thing first Anker life Q30 comes with a premium matte finish that looks gorgeous, secondly advanced noise cancellation helps you remove all your noise distractions, Plus it also gives 3 modes like outdoor, indoor, and high sounds. Pretty much things!

Well, when it comes to sound quality, thanks to 40mm driver that offer fantastic audio anywhere, ANC support to delivers noise-free sound.

What’s more, It is lightweight build headphone, Ergonomic design help you to rotate earcups by 15 degrees for comfort & secure fit, Control headphone by app and more importantly it is best for large heads, the strap of headband is long enough.

Overall, If you want an excellent wireless headphone for big heads that caters to quality sound, features, comfort, and in under budget then I recommend you to go with this for sure.

4. COOSII Bluetooth Headphones: Budget-Friendly Headphone For Large Head

COSSII has many good things. With a sleek standard look, long battery life, and noise-canceling dual microphone, these new styles overhead headphone brings a lot to the plate. When it comes to audio quality it delivers decent sound for one who loves listening to smooth music, though, it does not give you booming bass.

To be honest, COOSII headphone mostly uses for online meetings & normal music because of ultimate dual noise-canceling microphone, meanwhile microphone is unattachable so you can use headphone without them as well.

Most importantly, it provides large adjustable headband that perfectly fits with large head, plus delivers smoothly padded for comfort. So yeah don’t worry about that.

If we talk about battery life then it gives you 40 hours of work time, although you can also use headphone in wired mode.

When it comes to built quality & look then it not wrong to say it quite decent as per budget price segment. It comes with sleek finish that looks pretty good.

Overall, COSSII is decent normal use headphone for big head that you can consider.

5. Srhythm NC25: Best Casual Bluetooth Headphone For Big Head

If you are looking for wireless headphone for casual listening to songs under budget that can provide you several great things like active noise cancellation, 50 hours long battery life, ultimate sound quality, and much more then you can’t go wrong with Srhythm NC25.

The main highlight of this headphone is its comfort, the one appears with unique foldable lightweight design, that perfect for large heads of peoples, comes with swiveling ear-cups for max comfort, headband is adjustable as per user’s head with soft cushion.

When it comes to sound quality, the one not disappoint you, here it comes with dual 40mm HD resolution driver that delivers high-grade sound clarity with require thumping bass. Best for casual listenings.

What’s more, the quality of material is decent, gives you premium look. So no worry about that. Other than that, it comes with pretty much features that normal budget-friendly headphone offers.

Overall, If you are struggling to find best hedphone for big head that would provide you good sound quality, features, and comfort in budget then this is the best headphone you can go with for sure.

Two-More Good Options

1. Audio-Technica ATH-M20X

2. Anker Soundcore Life Q20

Here both headphones have several great features, built quality and sound clarity plus high positive reviews from users. But as per comfort for big heads you might not get here, the strap of headband is medium that might uncomfortable for large heads. I recommend you to go with some above big head headphone mentions, If your head is not that large then these were another ultimate choice you can go with.

Wrapping Up: Top Headphones For Large Head

These were some of the best headphones for big head that comes with good quality sound, comfort, and in under budget that you can consider buying. Although every other headphones have their pros & cons, so make sure you read out carefully and pick the good one as per your requirement.

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