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by Narendra

Hey, are you looking for the best lightweight and Fastest browser for Linux?

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Here in this article, we will tell you the best lightweight and fastest browser for best use in the Linux operating system.

We all are aware of most of the browsers like google chrome, firefox, and opera. Which is normally used in every operating system whether it’s windows, Linux or Mac.

So, here we do not include google chrome, firefox, and opera browser in the list of best Linux browsers because it’s common and most of the time it crashes a lot in Linux systems, So get ready to boom your Linux with new and amazing best Linux browsers.

Here is the list of best Linux Browser at glance:

  • Vivaldi | Overall best Linux browser
  • Falcon | Fast Linux browser
  • Midori | Lightweight & simple Linux browser
  • Yandex | Normal Linux browser
  • Luakit | Best performance Linux browser
  • Slimjet | Multi-featured fast Linux browser
Best Lightweight And Fastest Browser
“Highest the value in chart, best the Linux browser in lightweight & fastest”.

1. Vivaldi

Vivaldi is forever the first choice if you are looking for the fastest and lightweight browser in Linux OS, Here it has loads of new features that make the user work so easy & gives the fastest performance as compared to chrome, firefox, or any other browser, Moreover, the best thing we like in Vivaldi is its tons of customization options, through which you can create your own user experience that pretty nice to use.

vivaldi best linux browser

Apart from that, in terms of privacy and security, Vivaldi never traces your private data and nor does it give third-party software to control the browser to decrease the security of the browser. So if you are strongly looking for the best Linux browser that gives tons of customization and features that never delay your work then trust me Vivaldi browser you must have to use.

What We Liked Most In Vivaldi Browser

  • Tons of features with their own customization.
  • Awesome Tab Management option with a user interface.
  • Inbuilt a tool that improves performance.
  • More light in weight and high performance.

What We don’t Like

  • Simple User interface.
  • The update does not provide frequently.

Browser: Vivaldi

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2. Falkon

If you are looking for a web browser that has the main focus to build and gives the fastest performance on Linux system, then here is falcon Linux browser that you should have to use, which is basically an open-source web browser that comes with a simple user interface and contains every needed feature that helps to give better performance while doing task and provides better user experience.

Moreover, the best thing we like is its various customized options where you can easily build your browser as you want, It comes with default settings and useful extension that helps to faster performance while surfing like here is an inbuilt adblocker, vertical tabs, mouse option and many more.

falkon linux browser

Hence, if you want the fastest simple user interface browser coded mainly for Linux users to make browser experience more fantastic then you should have to try falkon.

What We Liked Most In Falkon Browser

  • Only having a useful customization option for fast performance.
  • You can choose a default search engine.
  • Made perfectly for Linux users.

What We Don’t Like

  • Fewer features as compare to Vivaldi.
  • Basic UI.

Browser: Falkon

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3. Midori

Here is the web browser which has mainly focused on lightweight rather than tons of features, so if you are one who is looking for a lightweight browser for your Linux system then you should use Midori, with having light in weight it’s sure that improves its speed.

Moreover, If I talked about its features then it has all normal features, that every browser has except some advanced ones.

After using from the month, we experienced really great in terms of surfing rending websites, it’s really fast as compared to others, so if you are looking for the browser which gives you fast performance, in lightweight then I recommend you to use Midori for sure.

midori browser

Note: Midori browser is not made for the person who loves interface, features, on any type of advanced experience, it’s only for a simple, fastest, and lightweight browser users.

What’s Great in Midori Web Browser?

  • Most of the users like the clean interface in the browser, then Midori, is a power user of the clean interface.
  • It will give you the safest browsing experience.
  • It provides web apps that help developers and browsing experience.
  • Web kit is a web engine in Midori which is fastest in browsing.

What We don’t Like

  • Not having advanced features like other browsers.
  • Very simple UI.
  • No extension supports.
  • Not supports international languages.

Browser: Midori

4. Yandex

No doubt, Yandex is a great browser that is mostly used in countries like Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, it’s also the normal browser as others but if you are looking for features or any advanced customization then this browser is not for you. The Yandex browser mainly focuses on the performance of searching that all.

yandex linux browser

So in short if you want to make Yandex a default browser only for surfing on the internet then it’s best it gives you the best fastest performance but having fewer features to do more tasks.

What’s Great in Yandex Browser?

  • Clean and simple user interface.
  • Lightweight and fastest browser for Linux and windows.
  • Mostly used in a foreign country.
  • The best alternative of google chrome.

What We don’t Like

  • No More features.
  • Less used in a majority of the country like India & US.

Browser: Yandex

5. Luakit

Want more lightweight and fast web browser, then here is luakit you can try, which offers performance with quite normal features as Midori, if you are a power user and have a lot of browsing work then luakit never disappoint you with its performance.

luakit best linux browser

Having a simple user interface with fewer features, on another side except for features, you will definitely go for luakit, if you want a browser for Linux then luakit you must have to try once, it gives a seamless performance for sure.

What We Most liked In Luakit

  • Performance and user interface.
  • Light in weight.
  • Works well in every situation especially for the power users.

What We don’t Like

  • Less in advanced features.
  • Mainly focus on Linux and raspberry pi.

Browser: Luakit

6. Slimjet

Last but not least, Here is the browser “Slimjet” that has a main focus on privacy and security of the user, where it provides you an inbuilt adblocker with advanced anti-tracking technology that safe you from threat and malware, apart from that if we talk about its performance and UI then here also it gives faster performance with having simple UI.

In the inbuilt features, slimjet is working impressive as compared to other browsers where it provides a lot of useful features that make work smooth and comfortable, here are some features we liked the most such as hi-speed download manager, manually customized tab, mouse gesture and many more.

slimjet linux browser

Hence If you are looking for multi-featured, faster performance, and security then you should have to try slimjet browser in your Linux OS.

What We Liked the most in Slimjet

  • Fast performance with lots of features.
  • Simple UI with an ok customizable option.
  • Best in security.

What We don’t Like

  • Less customized option.
  • Less trust by peoples.

Browser: Slimjet

Unique Information About Lightweight Linux Browsers

Above was the complete list of best lightweight browsers for linux that you can use in your Linux system, Now, here we are going to add some additional information about these browsers, that might helpful for you to take a correct design. So no further ado let’s begin.

Lightweight Browser Of LinuxDeveloped BySupported OSCountry Origin
1. VivaldiVivaldi TechnologiesWindows, Linux, AndroidNorway
2. FalconKDELinux, Windows, Android New Zealand
3. MidoriChristian Dywan & othersLinux, WindowsJapan
4. YandexArkady Volozh & othersLinux, WindowsRussia
5. LuakitMason LarobinaLinux
6. SlimjetFlashPeak, IncLinux, WindowsAustin, Texas

Wrapping Up: Best Lightweight & Fastest Linux Browsers

These were the best and fastest browser you can use in Linux OS, every browser have there own pros and cons that make it different but here in this article we include the best browser as per performance and lightweight that gives better user experience to surf without any bugs.

Lightweight & Fast Linux Browser: FAQ’s

Is Vivaldi a lightweight?

Yes, Vivaldi is one of the popular Linux browsers that is lightweight plus delivers super fast speed while surfing on the internet. All thanks to a clean and minimal user interface with fewer scripts.

Which browser is fastest on Linux?

If you want to choose the fastest among the above Linux browsers then I’d recommend you to download flacon the fastest browser for Linux. Although the UI is very simple and has fewer features but it will not disappoint you in speed.

Which browser uses most RAM?

According to our tests, Chrome maintains its position as the most CPU-intensive browser even when considering CPU usage.

Is Brave better than Vivaldi?

In these synthetic benchmarks, Brave was slightly faster overall, while Vivaldi performed better on the Speedometer 2.0 test. Therefore, both browsers should be adequate for a swift web experience.

Who owns Vivaldi?

Vivaldi is a cross-platform, freeware web browser developed by Vivaldi Technologies, a company founded by Tatsuki Tomita and Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, the co-founder and former CEO of Opera Software. The official launch of Vivaldi occurred on April 6, 2016.

What is Vivaldi built on?

Since Vivaldi is based on chromium, the chromium settings are present.

Do you have any other lightweight and fastest browsers then comment below to tell us?

I hope you like the list of best browsers for Linux.

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