Best lightweight and fastest browser for Linux 2019

Hey, are looking for lightweight browser for Linux?

Here in this article, I will show you the best lightweight and fastest browser for best use in the Linux operating system.

We all are aware of most of the browser which is normally use like google chrome, firefox and many more.

Here I will not include google chrome and firefox browser because it’s common and sometimes it crashes in Linux system.

After a lot’s of research on browsers and use, I find most of the useful browser.

Best lightweight and fastest browser for Linux os :


Vivaldi browser which is the most usable browser which gives a fast experience.

Vivaldi gives you the best Customizing feature in the browser as you want with the new themes and design which look more attractive.

Vivaldi is also best in privacy which doesn’t track your data on the browser.

Browser : Vivaldi

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2. Falkon

Falkon is next fastest browser on Linux os which is an open source browser which is made on Qt web engine developed by KDE.

After using while I experience the user-friendly interface and faster search result than chrome and opera browser.

You have the option to choose different themes on browser like google chrome and have a new user interface that you will surely like it.

Browser : Falkon

3. Midori

One more browser which gives you option of private browsing in the browser and it will work on an opensource web browser like other Linux browsers.

What’s Great in Midori Web Browser?

  1. Most of the user like the clean interface in the browser than Midori is a power user of the clean interface.
  2. It will give you the safest browsing experience.
  3. It provides web apps which will help to developer and browsing experience.
  4. Web kit is web engine in Midori which is fastest in browsing.

Browser : Midori

4. Yandex

Yandex is mostly used in foreign countries like Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and many more and gives a lightest and fastest browsing experience.

What’s Great in Yandex Browser?

  1. Clean and simple user interface.
  2. Lightweight and fastest browser for Linux and windows.
  3. Mostly used in a foreign country.
  4. The best alternative of google chrome.

Browser : Yandex

5. Luakit

Luakit browser which lesser number knows but its again a great browser for Linux user.

From the surveys of the browser, most people will recommend the luakit browser to use.

It is a very fast and configurable browser which will surely give you a great experience.

Browser : Luakit

6. Slimjet

Slimjet as we all know which is the fastest browser in page loading user searching and having highly efficient UI which gives the best experience.

Slimjet having automatic protection against the malware and virus contain advanced level system which will protect our browsing.

Browser : Slimjet


These are the best and fastest browser you can use in Linux OS which I recommend to use.

I mostly prefer the short list and great points which I try to cover In the above lists.

Do you have any other lightweight and fastest browser then comment below to tell us?

Hope you like the list of browsers for Linux.

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