Best Insta360 Go 3 Accessories : 2023

by Ekta

Best Insta360 Go 3 Accessories : Introducing a world of possibilities for enhancing your photography and videography adventures with the Insta360 Go 3!

This compact and versatile camera is known for its ability to capture stunning moments on the go. However, to take your creative journey to the next level, you’ll need the right accessories.

In this guide, we explore a curated selection of the best Insta360 Go 3 accessories. These add-ons are carefully chosen to complement your Go 3, whether you’re a seasoned content creator, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply someone who loves capturing life’s extraordinary moments.

From essential mounts and protective cases to innovative gadgets that expand your shooting options, these accessories offer versatility, protection, and creativity at your fingertips.

Whether you want to capture smooth action shots, experiment with unique angles, or keep your Go 3 safe during extreme activities, we’ve got you covered.

Join us on this journey as we dive into the world of accessories that will transform your Insta360 Go 3 into a powerful tool for capturing memories, sharing stories, and unlocking your creative potential.

Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or a casual adventurer, these accessories will help you make the most of your Go 3 and elevate your content to new heights.

1. LEWOTE Accessories Kit Compatible with Insta360 GO 3

The LEWOTE Accessories Kit Compatible with Insta360 GO 3 is a delightful assortment that adds flair and functionality to your Go 3 setup, but it’s not without a few quirks.

On the positive side, the silicone camera case cover and lens cap provide robust protection for your precious camera. They snugly fit, ensuring your Go 3 remains safe from scratches and minor bumps.

The 3D screen protector films add an extra layer of defense, safeguarding your camera’s lens while maintaining crystal-clear visuals.

The outdoor carrying case bag is a standout feature. It’s not just any bag; it’s an adventurer’s dream come true. With an auto-locking carabiner and an anti-loss lock,

you can trust that your Go 3 will stay securely fastened, even during the wildest escapades. The sleek black design adds a touch of sophistication to your gear.

However, a few considerations must be made. While the silicone case and lens cap are protective, they can be a bit challenging to install and remove. Additionally, the 3D screen protector films may require precise placement to avoid bubbles or misalignment.

In summary, the LEWOTE Accessories Kit for Insta360 GO 3 combines style and utility, making it an excellent companion for safeguarding and transporting your camera.

While installation can be a tad tricky, the overall protection and convenience this kit provides make it a valuable addition to your Go 3 setup, especially for those who love taking their camera on outdoor adventures.

2. PellKing Accessories Kit for Insta360 Go 3

The PellKing Accessories Kit for Insta360 Go 3 is a versatile bundle that caters to action enthusiasts, but it does come with its pros and cons.

On the positive side, this kit is all about hands-free versatility. The quick-release head strap mount is perfect for capturing thrilling first-person perspectives, while the chest mount harness provides a stable and immersive view during your adventures.

The backpack clip holder adds further flexibility, allowing you to attach your Go 3 to your bag, enhancing your on-the-go shooting capabilities. The 360° rotating wrist strap ensures you can capture unique angles effortlessly.

However, there are a few things to consider. This kit is not exclusive to the Insta360 Go 3; it’s designed to be compatible with multiple action cameras, including the One R.

While this versatility is a plus, it means that some accessories may not be optimized specifically for the Go 3. This might result in a slightly less snug fit.

In conclusion, the PellKing Accessories Kit is a handy addition for action camera enthusiasts. Its versatility and hands-free options make it a valuable companion for various outdoor activities. Just keep in mind that it caters to a range of cameras, so some components might not be custom-tailored for the Insta360 Go 3.

3. XINGFUDAO Upgraded Hard Case, Camera & Accessoriesfor Insta360 GO 3

The XINGFUDAO Upgraded Hard Case for Insta360 GO 3 Camera & Accessories is a smart storage solution that offers convenience and protection, but it also comes with a couple of considerations.

On the positive side, this hard case is designed with precision. It features customized spaces that snugly fit your Insta360 GO 3 camera and its accessories.

This means your gear won’t shift around during transport, safeguarding it from potential damage. The case is made from durable materials, providing reliable protection against bumps and scratches.

The addition of a portable band enhances its portability, making it easy to carry on your adventures. Whether you’re hiking, biking, or traveling, this case ensures your Go 3 is safely stowed and readily accessible.

However, there are a few factors to keep in mind. While the case is undoubtedly protective, it’s relatively compact, limiting the number of accessories you can carry. If you have an extensive array of Go 3 add-ons, you might need to be selective about what to include.

In summary, the XINGFUDAO Upgraded Hard Case is an excellent choice for those seeking a secure and organized way to transport their Insta360 GO 3 camera and essential accessories.

Its precision-fit compartments and durable construction offer peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding your gear. However, for users with an extensive accessory collection, it may require careful selection due to its limited capacity.

4. Coyktonty Filter Lens Protection Filter Set Waterproof for Insta360 GO3

The Coyktonty Filter Lens Protection Set is a creative tool that adds a new dimension to your Insta360 GO3 or GO2 adventures, but it does come with a few nuances.

On the positive side, this set of ND (Neutral Density) and CPL (Circular Polarizer) filters elevates your content creation game. The ND filters reduce light entering the lens, allowing for smooth and cinematic motion in bright conditions.

Meanwhile, the CPL filter cuts through reflections and glare, enhancing the clarity of your shots. Whether you’re capturing mesmerizing landscapes or epic action sequences, these filters help you achieve professional-quality visuals.

The waterproof feature is a bonus, ensuring your filters remain safe even in wet conditions, expanding your shooting possibilities.

However, there are considerations. The set includes ND8, ND16, ND32, and CPL filters, which are fantastic for various scenarios.

Still, some users may find the collection lacking more extreme ND filters for extremely bright conditions. Additionally, attaching and detaching the filters requires careful handling to avoid smudging or fingerprints.

In summary, the Coyktonty Filter Lens Protection Set is a creative asset for Insta360 GO3 and GO2 users. Its ND and CPL filters enhance your visual storytelling capabilities, but some may desire a more comprehensive range of ND filters.

Overall, it’s a valuable addition to your accessory arsenal, bringing professional-level visuals to your content.

5. Coyktonty Camera Frames Adapter Bracket for Insta360 GO3

The Coyktonty Camera Frames Adapter Bracket for Insta360 GO3 is a handy accessory that adds versatility to your camera setup, but it does have a couple of aspects to consider.

On the positive side, this adapter bracket is all about flexibility. It allows you to connect your GO3 to various accessories like selfie sticks and tripods using the 1/4 threaded hole. This means you can capture shots from different angles and perspectives, expanding your creative horizons.

The foldable design is a standout feature, making it highly portable and easy to carry. It’s a useful addition for those who like to travel light with their GO3.

However, there are a few considerations. While the foldable design is practical for portability, it may not be as robust as some users would prefer. For those seeking an ultra-sturdy frame, this might not be the ideal choice.

In summary, the Coyktonty Camera Frames Adapter Bracket is a versatile accessory for Insta360 GO3 users who want to diversify their shooting options. Its 1/4 threaded hole and foldable design enhance its portability and functionality.

However, users with a preference for a more robust frame might need to explore alternative options.

6. Ngaantyun Go 3 Case for Insta360 go3 Action Camera

The Go 3 Case for Insta360 GO3 Action Camera is a versatile accessory that serves multiple purposes, but it comes with its own set of pros and cons.

On the positive side, this case is all about adaptability. It’s not just a case; it’s a multi-purpose strap that can be used as a wristband, backpack attachment, palm strap, bicycle handlebar holder, and even a dog or cat collar.

This versatility opens up a world of possibilities for creative mounting and shooting angles. It’s a fantastic choice for users who enjoy experimenting with different perspectives and settings.

The silicone material offers durability and flexibility, ensuring it can withstand various outdoor conditions. It’s also compatible with DJI Mini 3 Pro, Mini 2, Air 2s, and Air 2 drones, making it a versatile accessory for multiple devices.

However, there are considerations. While its adaptability is a plus, the strap’s versatility might not be suitable for every shooting scenario. Users should exercise caution when using it as a dog or cat collar to avoid any discomfort or harm to pets.

In summary, the Go 3 Case for Insta360 GO3 is an innovative accessory for creative content creators. Its multi-purpose design and compatibility with various devices offer flexibility and fun.

However, users should use it responsibly, especially when utilizing it as a pet collar, to ensure the safety and comfort of their furry companions.

What To Look Before Buying Best Insta360 Go 3 Accessories ?

When in search of the best accessories for your Insta360 Go 3, here are key factors to consider:

  1. Compatibility: Ensure that the accessories are specifically designed for the Insta360 Go 3 to ensure a proper fit and functionality.
  2. Functionality: Determine the purpose of the accessory and how it enhances your creative process. Whether it’s for mounting, protection, or improving shooting angles, it should cater to your needs.
  3. Quality: Look for accessories made from durable materials that can withstand outdoor use and provide reliable performance.
  4. Versatility: Opt for accessories that offer multiple functions or mounting options, allowing you to experiment with different shooting styles.
  5. Portability: Consider the ease of carrying and storing the accessories when you’re on the go. Compact, foldable, or lightweight options can be more convenient.
  6. User Reviews: Read user reviews and feedback to gauge the practicality and effectiveness of the accessory in real-world usage.
  7. Price: Set a budget and compare prices, ensuring that the accessory’s features and quality align with your spending plan.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can make informed decisions when selecting the best Insta360 Go 3 accessories. Whether you’re looking to protect your camera, expand its shooting capabilities, or simply enhance your creative process, the right accessories can significantly elevate your content creation game.

Wrapping Up Best Insta360 Go 3 Accessories

In conclusion, the world of accessories for the Insta360 Go 3 offers a myriad of options to elevate your content creation and unleash your creative potential. Let’s recap the key takeaways from our exploration of the best Insta360 Go 3 accessories:

Purposeful Compatibility: The best accessories are those tailored specifically for the Insta360 Go 3, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal functionality. Compatibility is key to a hassle-free shooting experience.

Functionality Fuels Creativity: Each accessory serves a unique purpose, from mounting options to protection and versatility. The right accessories can unlock new shooting angles and styles, enhancing your storytelling capabilities.

Quality is King: Durable materials are the foundation of reliable accessories, guaranteeing they can withstand the rigors of outdoor use. The best accessories provide not only functionality but also long-term value.

Versatility Unleashes Creativity: Many accessories offer multi-purpose functions, allowing you to experiment with different shooting styles and adapt to various scenarios. Versatility is the hallmark of a well-rounded accessory.

Portability Matters: Accessories that are easy to carry and store while on the move are essential for content creators who are always on the go. Compact and foldable designs enhance convenience.

User Insights: User reviews and feedback provide valuable insights into the practicality and real-world effectiveness of accessories. Learning from the experiences of fellow creators can guide your choices.

Balancing Budget: Setting a budget and comparing prices ensures you get the best value for your investment. High-quality accessories that align with your spending plan are the ideal choice.

By keeping these considerations in mind, you can curate the perfect ensemble of Insta360 Go 3 accessories to support your creative journey.

Whether you’re a vlogger, an adventurer, or a storyteller at heart, these accessories will become your trusted companions, helping you capture and share your world in new and exciting ways. So, gear up, get creative, and make every moment unforgettable with the best Insta360 Go 3 accessories at your side.

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