5 Best RGB LED Lights For Monitors & TV : New

by Narendra

Govee, Hitlight, and more. Here’re the best RGB LED lights for monitors & TV.

Great RGB LED lightning has potential to completely change the aura while working on monitor or watching favorite show on TV, these RGB lights not only give attractive background but it is an original mood changer for many.

However, on the market there are several LED lights which make it quite difficult to pick the best one that really has good quality & lightning effects.

Luckily for you, here we have lined up some of the best RGB LED Lights for Monitors & Smart TV that you can consider buying to give background a unique look.

Best RGB LED Lights For Monitors & TV (2023)

1. Govee Smart Light Bars

If you don’t want to compromise with quality of light plus want premium option then Govee smart light bars worth your dollars. These are high-quality bars that deliver 12 scene modes that look more stunning when you sync with your music.

Govee Smart Light Bars

The best thing you can have full control with smart app through which you will be able to customize colors, effect, light intensity, and more.

Another upside that makes it popular is the two-way installation for instance bars comes with a proper stand that makes it easy to move secondly, you can also attach bars on the back of monitor or TV.

These Govee smart light bars are the latest option which not only brings super-premium lightning that are easy on eyes but also long-lasting solution.

Overall, if you want quite trusted & best RGB LED lights for monitor & TV that bring quality plus features to the table then Govee bars are first best option you can buy.

2. ABCidy Under Monitor Light Bar

How does under monitor light bar sounds to you? If interesting then let me introduce you to ABCidy RGBIC Bar. This one takes one step further to give desk a gorgeous look here it comes with 351 dynamic modes with more than 10 colors modes that after attaching under the monitor it spread colorful lights which are not only eye-soothing but also give gaming look.

ABCidy Under Monitor Light Bar

What’s more, the light bar allows you to adjust brightness up to 8 levels. More importantly, you can also control speed of color changing. That’s pretty cool, right?

Other than that, installation is pretty easy thanks to strong adhesive that only take 2 min to install, for power you can insert USB into monitor port.

The best thing about these light bars is you can get this in budget price point so it makes it easy to buy more and make an attractive ambiance to the desk.

Overall, the quality of light and different color modes are just more than enough to make a modern look on the monitor.

3. Govee RGB TV & Monitor LED Backlight

Another best RGB LED light for monitors and TV is Govee the most popular option among gamers & backlighting. Here the one comes in 10ft of LED strip light that easily covers the whole border of monitor and up to 60 inch TV.

 Govee RGB TV & Monitor LED Backlight

What makes it popular in market is its sync with music feature where it delivers most beautiful colors to make the perfect vibe behind the monitors. More importantly, Govee provides a versatile remote control through which one can customize lighting colors, speed of light, brightness, music, and whatnot. The best thing here I like is it works from far 32 ft.

As I said earlier the quality of colors is fantastic at the same time 32 colors with 6 level brightness levels make it cherry on cake. Did I tell you this light strip is very affordable?

Overall, if you’re planning to buy RGB LED light strips for monitor or TV then Govee is the first best option in terms of high quality & features.

4. HitLights Store LED Strip Lights

If you are looking for super bright RGB LED light that brings several nifty features then this one from Hitlights store worth a look. Although it comes in small size with 4 pre-cut but that doesn’t deter you from buying this. Here it has ultra-bright 5050 LED strip that delivers quality light with good customization.

HitLights Store LED Strip Lights

Thanks to 19 modes with 12 colors that are sufficient to make eye-soothing ambiance. Moreover, the best thing is you can effortlessly operate lights colors and function with a simple remote.

There is only one downside is the one comes with power adapter which you have to connect to power socket Unlike above one where you just have plugged in a USB port.

Other than that, the quality of light strip is too good plus company ships strong adhesive to attach behind the monitor or TV.

For light quality, several users have been praising and to date, there is no problem found. So no worry about that.

Overall, this is again an affordable price best LED strip for monitor & Tv that you can buy more for ultimate setup.

5. CT CAPETRONIX RGB LED Lights For Monitor & TV

Want to spend less as possible plus at the same time want a pretty good RGB LED light? The CT Capetronix light strip is worth considering. At this low price, it delivers pretty good features like music, dynamic and static modes. Another good thing you can operate it by Ehome light app using Bluetooth.


What’s more, being an RGB LED you’ll get several unique colors to the table plus as of several users the quality of light is good as of price point.

Aside from above, this one comes in three sizes so for big ultra-wide monitors or Smart TVs it effortlessly attaches and gives perfect background.

The best thing that I like the most is here it powered by USB plus strips easily connect as you want.

Overall, if you don’t want to invest much in LED light plus bright and decent feature is good for you then this is definitely for you.

Top RGB LED Backlight For Monitor And TV

These were some great options to make the desk setup complete and give monitor an eye comfortable background that not only improves productivity but also makes a new ambiance in the room. However, Govee smart light bar is simple and fantastic option you can try and for unique customization you can try out other light strips.

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