How To Predict Future Traffic on Google Map In Android

by Narendra

How great it was, if you already predict the future traffic condition using your google map in android, Yes, you can do that with the new update of google map, now you can easily see the future traffic to avoid unusual traffic conditions like hazard, accidents, weather and much more so that you can plan your next step before living your favorite place and safely step out to the destination. So no further ado let’s begin.

How Google Map or any third party android app predicts traffic?

It’s very hard to see the real-time traffic conditions so the google map or any other third party android app works on the previous data which they collected and takes the average duration time that takes to cover the particular route and it also collects the real-time conditions of cars, how fast they are moving on a route that makes the average and map will easily predict the traffic for next days or hours based on these results.

Here in this article, I will tell you the method of how you can easily predict traffic so that you will save your precious time and make a perfect route decision before leaving.

1. How To Predict Traffic In Google Map

Let’s Start, Firstly Open your Google Map and make sure you have updated version, Now just go to direction (Go) option, and choose the staring and destination point as you want and the map will show you the route.

destination symbol for traffic prediction

After setting up the direction, there is three dots option on the top right, after clicking on it, the drop-down menu will show up, here you have to choose the second option ( Set depart or arrive time ) and set your depart and arrive time which you want to predict traffic conditions and click on set. That’s it.

set route
set time to check traffic

Now you able to see different colors which define the traffic ( red color for high traffic ) and other colors for different traffic conditions after this you will be able to predict traffic.

showing traffic

2. Traffic Spotter ( Best for Map Event condition )

Here is the Android app ( Traffic Spotter ) which shows you the live map event like high traffic, Accident happens on route, police, Snow, Road Work, Hazards and many more using the app you can check these incidents before going on the route and that helps you to save your time you can also be called as the traffic prediction at the live time, The Best thing I like in-app is it all works like a google map with having lots of great feature with accurate information.

traffic prediction app

Download: Traffic Spotter (Free)

Wrapping Up: Future Traffic Prediction Using Google Map

If you know the traffic conditions and hazards before living your home is the best way to save your time while traveling, with the new update of google map and traffic spotter you can easily save your time, Traffic Prediction not always the accurate but is the average that was analyzed by the previous some days so you trust on map algorithms.

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