Ultimate Google Map Alternative in 2019

by Narendra

No doubt google map is the best version of Maps till you don’t know the other alternative of google map.

There is a lot more alternative of google maps which gives you a great experience with tons of features with timely updates to make their app more effectively as per user experience.

Here in this article, I will give you the list of apps which can easily available in Android, iOS, and web through which it’s easy to navigate the location as per your available devices.

Best Google Maps Alternatives you should try in 2019

1. Bing Map

We all know about the bing web search engine which is handled by Microsoft having the bing map where it provides user to navigate the direction in very handy experience.

Features :

1 Bing Map Provide you traffic updates in different colors to make user-friendly.

2 Fast and accurate direction navigation control.

3 Having 3D views in navigation, aerial view, Road View, and venue maps through which person more understand the place.

4 Great and loving user interface.

5 Real Time update and shortest distance capture as per your vehicle compatibility.

Install : Bing Map

Compatibility : Android / Windows / iOS

2. Waze

Waze is the best google map alternative which provides you the best navigation and information about nearby so with waze you can travel all over the world.

Features :

1 You always have update what’s happening on your route.

2 Instant update of traffic, hazards, Crashes on your route.

3 Best navigation as per traffic to reduce destination time.

4 Having voice navigation to guide the navigation.

5 Android auto supported with this you can use waze on car display.

Install : Waze

Compaibility : Android / Windows / iOS

Downloads : 100M+


Fantastic alternative of google map which has a very nice user interface with map direction and navigation feature in very less time it will show you perfect time and vehicles to the destination point.

Features :

1 Free Offline Maps with GPS voice navigation.

2 Accurate navigation using any trasit.

3 Automatic detect the best direction route as per less travelling.

4 Fast and comfortable to use.

Install : HERE WeGO

Compatibility : Android / Windows / iOS

Downloads : 10M+

4. Navmii ( Navfree )

Navmii is another great alternative of google maps which help you to detect the hazards, traffic in your way or any accident happened with knowing this information it provides you the best option of the route in less time duration as possible.

Features :

1 Guide the navigation and direction using voice.

2 Real Time update about traffic and route information.

3 Ease to search using post code / city / street points.

4 Fast and accurate navigation map in HD quality.

Install : Navmii

Compatibility : Android / Windows / iOS

Downloads : 10M+

5. Sygic Maps

Over 50M+ downloads and having the best reviews it also proves us sygic map is another great alternative of google map on the fifth position where it provides the best route and fast direction in very less period of time.

Features :

1 Navigate anywhere without internet connection.

2 Fast and make best route as per traffic detection.

3 Turn to Turn Navigation with voice commands for better use on bike.

4 Shows the current speed and having alert on crossed speed limit.

5 Real time location sharing in the current position.

Install : Sygic Map

Compatibility : Android / Windows / iOS

Downloads : 50M+


Maps.me is another great google map alternative which will help you to navigate the direction without the internet connection here it will save the map and direction before proceeding.

Features :

1 Best nearby guide to stay, food, parks and more.

2 Best navigating feature with great simple user interface.

3 Optimized map which give accurate directions.

4 Uphill and Downhill way shows when walking and bicycling.

5 Updation of traffic and navigation is perfect.

Install : Maps.me

Compatibility : Android / Windows / iOS

Downloads : 50M+

7. City Mapper

City mapper which helps you to detect the best traveling option in very less time it’s basically a journey planner which plan the route by which user will feel free and comfortable.

Features :

1 City mapper provide you the best routing option to plan your journey.

2 Real time update of bus, train or your vehicles traveling.

3 Share the live location using social media .

4 Best for sydeny and many more cities in the world.

Install : City Mapper

Compatibility : Android / Windows / iOS

Downloads : 5M+

Wrap Up :

After Reading this complete article you will know the complete details of google maps alternative to choose best for you if I am in your place to choose best google map alternative then I will choose the waze because of its accurate and perfect user interface with lots of features.

So Which one you are going to use for your upcoming family trip.

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