How To Create Carousel Post On LinkedIn (Step-By-Step)

by Narendra

Here’re the steps to create a carousel post on LinkedIn!

Hey, your LinkedIn post not gives you lead?

Do you want user engagement toward your post? Without any ads.

Don’t worry, Here I am going to show you the best strategy through which you will definitely get more user engagement & leads.

The main reason why your post is not gaining user interaction totally depends upon your LinkedIn posting style.

Yes, without showing the extra or new part in your post, No one will want to interact with your post. Because every day millions of posts being posting on LinkedIn.

And you might be shocked, research shows that users who post carousel posts on LinkedIn get more engagement as compare to normally written posts.

Now the question arises why the user not being posting carousel posts.

The answer is so simple there is no direct way to post carousel posts on LinkedIn. And the users don’t know how to create a carousel post and upload it to LinkedIn.

But Don’t worry, I am here to solve your problem. Here in this article, I will be going to tell you the complete procedure to make carousel posts step by step for smartphone users.

Steps For Creating Carousel Post On LinkedIn For Smartphone Users

Step: 1 Firstly, to create the best carousel post you should need 5 to 10 photos. For instance, your brand image, the screenshot of your written post, or hook up text, make sure it looks nice.

{Tip: Do some editing before selecting images}

Step: 2 Now you have done that, Install an app “IMG2PDF” (Android | iOS) or any image to pdf converter available to store, that converts your all images to pdf format, LinkedIn never self arrange images in the carousel style so to make like that this trick works well.

Step: 3 As your PDF file is ready then download it and go to your LinkedIn Account.

Step: 4 Now, Create a new post and choose the last-second option that is “Add a document” where choose the pdf file and gives a descriptive title for that.

add document

Step: 5 That’s All You have to do now Click on “Next” and write something about it and add a proper hashtag to more reach. Lastly, Post-it.

image of LinkedIn

Quite a simple procedure to create a carousel post may give you more sales and engagements.

Note: The Same steps you can follow on your PC to create an awesome carousel post I recommend you to use canva website for doing editing your images and then convert it to pdf using any image to pdf converter.

Video Explanation :

Wrapping Up: Create a Carousel post on LinkedIn

These were the steps you have to follow to create and customize LinkedIn post “different from majority” that gives you more likes and shares. Carousel post is one thing, to make sure you also focus on image editing with nice graphics and icons.

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