Best Slow Down Music Apps For Android & iOS

by Narendra

Best Slow Down Music Apps: No doubt, We love listening to music, and in which some music touched our hearts intensely by their lyrics especially our favorite song. And to make it more wondrous here I do, slowing down music with the same pitch, that makes lyrics and music more delightful ever. And to do the same there is amazing android and iOS music slows down apps is available that give you beneficial features like fastening music track or slow down any music, and the most important if you are a music creator or learning dance then it works dope for you.

Where you can also customize speed, pitch of your favorite song, and much more. So if you want to enjoy your music track at slow speed or fast then here in this article I will give you the best slow down music apps that you should use.

Best Slow Down Music Apps

Here is the best list of slow & fast music apps at glance:

  • Tempo SlowMo
  • Music Speed Changer
  • Up Tempo
  • Audipo
  • Audiostretch

1. Tempo Slow-Mo

If you are looking for a simple and free slow down music app where it gives you unlimited access to slow down music then here is the best pick for you “Tempo Slow-Mo”, which comes in neat clean UI with a plethora of features, actually, most of the advanced features are paid but using the free version you can do slow down and fastening music moreover there have a marker option through which you can also mark your track, loop and position marker that quite helpful for your work.

Apart from that if you want advanced extra features like pitch, playlist, equalizer, and much more then there is a one-time purchase option is there through which you can unlock all of it at a reasonable price.

The impressive thing that I like the most is here I can pick my favorite track from the various options like wifi, dropbox, and of course device, in addition, it gives recording options too to use well. So if you are one who is casually looking for slow down music app for android & iOS then its free version is great otherwise for professional work just purchase it one-time plan.

Install: Tempo (Android, iOS App In Purchase)

Downloads: 100K+

2. Music Speed Changer

No doubt, Music speed changers are the top most slow down music app for android far better than tempo slow-mo in terms of free tons of features like equalizer, snap pitch, reverse music, player configuration, and much more but in comparison to UI and performance tempo is amazing. so if you are looking for an app that provides most of the features free then for sure you have to go with music speed changer.

Moreover, music speed changer is the complete package for normal and professional smartphone users where in every category you will find lots of features and settings that help a lot. If you are a fan of dark mode like me then here you can also do for better user experience. Moreover, there is also have the extra option of themes and colors where you can change it. So for complete features and less budget option music speed changer app, you should have to use it.

Install: Music Speed Changer (Free, App In Purchase)

Downloads: 500K+

3. Up Tempo

Here is another great app through which you can choose to slow down music perfectly where it gives options of changing pitch and tempo for unlimited tracks in free of cost, but if you want an app for your professional work of editing music and creating markers on track or advanced audio procession and much more then upgrading up tempo is the best option you can do.

For free it’s good where you can slow and fast your music song with having great eye suited themes and colors UI. So as an overall review Uptempo is a natural lightweight slow down music app that you can use if you want to slow down music for work else music speed changer app is best in the free version.

Install: Up Tempo (Free, App In Purchase)

Downloads: 100K+

4. Audiopo: Audio Speed Changer

Audiopo is another best music slow down app for learning music with many customization options of changing pitches slow down music and loops and quite a different user interface. Here the app comes in the free and paid version. In the free version, there are limited options are available like speed up & down loop like these. But features like export music, sleep timers and vocal remover for these you have to purchase there plan but its quite good to use, If you working on a project.

The best thing I like about the app is sound quality customization where if you listening a lecture then you can change sound quality to speech that varies the great sound and vice versa for music. There are also many options available for free in pitch & sound speed. Hence Audiopo is another great option you can use to slow down or edit music at own.

Install: Audiopo (Android, iOS App In Purchase)

Downloads: 1M+

5. AudioStretch

If you are like me who loves a clean white user interface with various features that does pretty much of our task like speed up and down. Setting pitch, loop and much more than audio stretch is another best app you can use instead of other complicated and not that great UI apps.

Here the app comes in both version free as well paid, as for the normal user free version is sufficient but to be a professional of editing and learning languages with doing high and low itch with various edit features then you can go for the pro version of it.

But the thing I most liked about the app is a clean and simple way to do the task of slowing down any tracks easily and enjoy and understand the song.

Install: AudioStretch (Android, iOS App In Purchase)

Downloads: 10K+

Bonus: VLC Player

Yes, VLC if your work is only for speed up and down music track without losing pitch or any customization in track with equalizer then why you are installing any other slow music down app. Herewith the VLC media player, you can do multiple tasks like it a full topmost video player and here it gives lots of options to customize music audio playback speed as per you want. Like other apps here it has equalizer speed settings and much more. So if you are a normal user who is already using a VLC player for watching videos then from the advanced setting you can also slow down your audio without installing any third-party application.

Download: VLC (Free)

Wrapping Up: Best Slowing Down Music Apps

These were the ultimate picks of best slowing down music apps for android and iPhones which can help you to edit and learn music in a better way, I mostly prefer these apps to understand college lecture in speed up way. If you are a normal user who wants a free version of the app with having lots of features and great UI then for sure go with music speed changer. Where it has all the quality that pro version apps caters. Last which app you are going to use let us know in the comment section.

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