How To Remove Unwanted Apps That Connected With Facebook Account

by Narendra

Nowadays, majority of android apps wants your facebook account details to log in to there app, And says “We cannot post anything without your approval”, do you ever think what the app developer will do with your facebook details, You might be don’t know there are tons of cases are revealed where apps will sell your private information to companies, and there it major chances that your account will hack by hackers.

I am not saying all the android apps will leak your private facebook information, but as you log out from there apps or you uninstalled that app from a long time ago, thereafter you never know how your facebook details can be used against you.

But Don’t worry Facebook have feature for our security from which you can remove that unwanted apps that take your facebook details, For that here in this article I will going to tell you how you will be on the safe side by removing those unwanted and deleted app to catch your details.

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Steps To “Remove Apps That Connected With Your Facebook Account”

Step 1: Firstly, Open your Facebook account and go to the “setting option” by click on the upper right side arrow.

Step 2: As you open the facebook setting, a new window will open which has lots of general account options, Now you have to go and select the “Apps and website” option on the stright left below side, click on that.

Steps 3: After opening “Apps and website option” you will see your connected apps from facebook account in the active tab just like I have one.

Step 4: Now you have to remove those apps if that apps you are not using from a long time or you uninstalled it earlier, so to remove just select those apps which you want to remove from accessing your data, and click on the “remove button”.


On beside of active tab there is an “expired tab” also in which lots of expired apps are accessing your facebook data, for security, I suggest you remove those apps also by selecting all and click on remove option.

Wrapping Up: Secure Your Privacy By Removing Apps From Facebook

These were the steps you have to follow if you want to secure your account from hacker and don’t want to leak your private facebook details to any unwanted application, tons of facebook data leaks and hacks news comes every day to be one safe side make sure you remove those apps from facebook if you are not using them.

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