How to see hidden password behind dots 2019

Do you ever think that you can see the hidden password behind dots?

Today I will tell you the trick to see the hidden password behind the asterisk?

And after that don’t save your password in websites login page otherwise your account should be hacked by someone. This trick applicable wherever you see the asterisk (dots).

Here I will tell you the example on Facebook that steps are applicable on all websites.

Steps to see hidden password behind asterisk :

1. Firstly you have to open the website (Facebook) where the password is saved in their login page.

2. Now you just have to select the dots in the form of password and Right click on it.

Right click

3. In the bottom, you will see inspect option or press key (ctr+shift+I) to open in the inspect element.

open inspect

4. Then press CTR+F and find password or you can see in the line <input type=”password” class=”input text” name = pass.

double click on password

5. Now double click on password and type there “text” and hit enter to show the hidden password behind the dots.

write text

After writing “text” in the change of password you can see the password on the website.

Wrap Up :

These are the way by which you can use and see the hidden password behind dots from any website but not works in highly authorized sites which not allowed you to save the password like a bank, money transaction sites, government websites and many more.

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