10 Best WiFi Hacking Apps (Latest update) 2019

Hey are you looking for best wifi hacking apps ?

As we are going to learn about hacking we are always curious to hack wifi with some method and in the easiest method is wifi hacking apps in the wifi hacking apps it’s having programmed for lots of keys and logical data which will ease to crack wifi password.

Here in this article you will knows the best list of wifi hacking apps which really works in 2019.

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List of Best WiFi Hacking apps 2019 :

1. WPA WPS Tester

WPA WPS Tester app which is the most common app to crack the wifi password in the easiest way, you just have to install the app and scan for the network.

There is two method to hack wifi from rooting and without root.

Without Root:

In without root the app will only check the saved pin and find password through brute-force attack after hacking wifi it will not be shown the password of wifi.

With Root:

With Root, you have access to see the password after wifi hacking and you can do more attacks on wifi to crack, like bruteforce, and in the middle attack.

Download: WPA WPS Tester

2. Aircrack

Aircrack is another great app in the list which will use to crack the WEP and WPA wifi password with its great algorithm which will collect the victim wifi details and cookies from which it will send to the third party app for further processing of attacking.

Air crack is the complete suite of a package of wifi network to gather the information in packets to make the process of wifi hacking will be easier.

Air crack Having different steps to crack password

  1. Monitoring: In the monitoring, it will capture the whole information of victim wifi address and export data to the text file to make read easier.
  2. Attacking: Next step after monitoring from which it makes fake access point and injects the different files and packets.
  3. Testing: Testing of different drivers and its capability how much it secure or handle penetration.
  4. Cracking: After knowing almost all details the aircrack ready to crack the WEP and WPA PSK wifi network.

Air crack best work on linux OS, windows, freeBSD, NetBSD .

Download: Aircrack

3. WPS Connect

WPS connect is the great option if you want the crack password of WEP enabled router it will work without rooting of your phone, you can be called wps connect as the alternative of WPA WPS tester which is the great wifi hacking app.

For the begginer, you can try this app from your nearby wps network and surely is works well.

Download: WPS Connect

4. Air Snort

Air Snort is the hacking tool to crack the WEP encryption of wifi network with there tough database and programming to crack the WEP encryption it will first collect the data from victim wifi same as aircrack app.

Air Snort is the open source project which is light weighted and has a lot more features that we want.

Air snort is the free tool which will best perform in the Linux and windows system.

Download: Air snort

5. Kali Linux Nethunter

Kali Linux system which is the most useful for the hacking purpose and in which the Kali Linux nethunter application you can penetrate and inject the data file wirelessly through victim wifi application to know the database and testing of security.

It is basically an android penetration testing platform for the one plus and nexus devices.

Download: Kali Linux Nethunter

6. WIBR+

WIBR+ is another app which will use to know the wifi password with the combination of different letter and number, in the wibr+ there is tons of common words and symbols from which it makes the brute-force attack on the victim wifi.

It is a great method to know wifi password but it takes too much time to know the exact passcode of wifi.

Time is taken to known the password totally depends on the strength of there password how much the password is complected.

Download: WIBR+

7. Kismet

Kismet software which will be known by sniffer to known the wifi network. kismet will collect the packets of victim wifi to identify the network and locate the loophole to enter.

Kismet software works well on Linux, windows and BSD system.

Download: Kismet

8. Andro Dumpper

Another WPS enabled wifi router app which will detect and form the system to enter into it, the app will automatically detect the WPS network and try to enter different pins to unlock wifi password.

Andro Dumpper works with rooted and non-rooted devices, another wps app in the list because sometimes app not find password so you can try another one.

Download: Andro Dumpper

9. Wifi Inspect

Another great wifi hacking app which will have a function to track the IP address of the networks, check the vulnerability, and analyze the security of wifi system, there is lot more option available for collecting information of victim wifi it will much help you to wifi hacking.

Download: Wifi Inspect

10. CoWPAtty (Wifi hacking software)

CoWPAtty is another wifi hacking software which will crack WPA-PSK router password with the help of dictionary where lots of passwords is stored before, in the technical term its called SSID where the password is managed and check every password one by one in WPA_PSK router to check these password.

Download: CoWPAtty

Basic Q&A from user in wifi hacking ?

Q.1 Is wifi is easy to hack with these app ?

Yes, of course, you can hack nearby wifi with above wifi hacking apps some having limitation but you can try each with care and you will be successful to crack the password.

Q.2 Is it illegal to hack others wifi ?

Yes, its an illegal process but everyone knows how to hack wifi and how you will be secure to be hacked by a hacker.

Q.3 Is there is any book which will teach wifi hacking ?

Yes, there are lots of books available online here I recommended the book from which you can learn ethical hacking in easy steps.

Hacking book

Conclusion :

Here in this article, you were learned “how to hack wifi”, “10 best wifi hacking app”, a lot more software for Linux and windows system these are the best software from which you can start hacking in beginning as a beginner and go through the book for detail study of hacking software.

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