Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Android (2022)

by Narendra

WPA WPS Tester, Air Crack, and much more. Here are the best WiFi hacking apps for android you should know.

No doubt, WiFi hacking is the most straightforward part that comes under the hacking field. If you are going to an in-depth look at various methods to hack a wireless network, then you would get shocked. You can easily hack WiFi in multiple ways; for instance, most accessible is WiFi hacking android apps, WiFi hacking tools, and computer systems such as Kali Linux, Parrot OS, and much more.

And the reason behind every tool can break WiFi security is because it is connected to router transmission that everyone can access and the second reason is most of us use default WiFi password or any simple password that WiFi hacking apps or tools can guess using brute force attack and attempting various alternate pin and passwords. So if you get curious to know how hackers hack any WiFi password, then here in this article, we are going to tell you the easiest way to hack WiFi using best WiFi hacking apps for android. Let’s Begin.

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1. WPA WPS Tester [Best wifi hacking app]

WPA WPS Tester is the most popular best wifi hacking app for android to hack wifi passwords. developed by Sangiorgi Srl Team. The app has a work to check the vulnerability of wifi network, if your victim has WPS WPA security then we strongly recommend you to check out the app.

To do you just have to install the app and scan for the network, then it will automatically do the work like scanning and try to crack the password with various numbers and letters combination, from the WPA WPS dictionary, if wifi not cracked by those keys then there is another method which takes time from 1 day or more where it uses many combinations to make the password but you have to permit to root your device. If you are looking for free and 100% working wifi hacking apps then you should have to try WPA WPS tester for sure.

wps wpa wifi hacking app
wifi signal

There are two methods to hack Wi-Fi from rooting and without rooting:

Without Root:

Without root, the app only checks the saved pin and find a password through brute-force attack after hacking wifi. It will not show the password of wifi.

With Root:

With Root, you have access to see the password after wifi hacking, and you can make more attacks on wifi to crack, like brute-force, and in the middle attack.

Download: WPA WPS Tester

2. Aircrack [Best wifi security hacker]

Aircrack is an excellent WEP wifi security cracking app in the list that use to crack the WEP and WPA wifi password with its great algorithm, which collects the victim wifi details and cookies from which it will send to the third-party app for further processing of attacking.

Moreover, Air crack is the complete suite of a wifi network package to gather the information in packets to make the wifi hacking process easier. If you want to go beyond wifi hacking, you should try aircrack-ng, which shows how the wifi system hacks in various steps.

air crack ng wifi hacing app

Air crack having different steps to crack password

  • Monitoring: In the monitoring, it captures the whole information of the victim’s wifi address and export data to the text file to make read easier.
  • Attacking: Next step after monitoring from which it makes fake access points and injects the different files and packets.
  • Testing: Testing of different drivers and their capability how much it secure or handle penetration.
  • Cracking: After knowing almost all the details, the aircrack ready to crack the WEP and WPA PSK wifi network.

Air crack best work on Linux OS, Windows, FreeBSD, NetBSD.

Download: Aircrack

3. WPS Connect [Best wifi hacking app on playstore]

WPS connect is another best wifi hacking app without root option to choose if you want the crack password of WEP enabled router it works without rooting of your phone, you can be called WPS connect as the alternative of WPA WPS tester which is the excellent wifi hacking app, the best thing we like in WPS connect is here you don’t need to do anything it just connects any WPS enable wifi by there custom pins. Still, here also you can’t see the password untill you are not rooted your device. WPS connect is an excellent option to crack WEP enable wifi you should have to try to crack wifi.

wps connect wifi hacking app

Download: WPS Connect

4. Air Snort [Wifi password hacker]

Air Snort is the best wifi hacking tool to crack the WEP encryption of wifi network with their robust database and programming to crack the WEP encryption; it first collects the data from victim wifi same as aircrack app. You can call Air Snort the open-source project, which is light weighted and has a lot more features that we want to crack wifi; the best thing available is the free and best performance in the Linux and Windows system where it can efficiently work to crack WEP Wifi.

air snort image

Download: Air snort

5. Kali Linux Nethunter [Top real wifi hacking tool]

Kali Linux system, which is the most useful for the hacking purpose and in which the Kali Linux nethunter application you can penetrate and inject the data file wirelessly through victim wifi application to know the database and testing of security. It provides you superior numbers of tools that can help you to penetrate, security, and research; It is basically an android penetration testing platform for the one plus and nexus devices; you should take a look if you are going to learn more about ethical hacking.

kali nethunter picture

Download: Kali Linux Nethunter

6. WIBR+ [Free wifi hacking app for android]

WIBR+ is another free wifi hacking app for android which uses to know the WiFi password with the combination of different letter and number, in the wibr+ there is tons of common words and symbols from which it makes the brute-force attack on the victim WiFi.

wibr+ picture

It is an excellent method to know the WiFi password, but it takes too much time to know the exact passcode of WiFi and mostly depends on the strength of their WiFi password, but it does great work to know the WiFi password.

Download: WIBR+

7. Kismet [Wifi Cracker tool]

Kismet tool is top wifi hacking app for android that uses sniffing techniques to know the wifi network details. Kismet collects the packets of victim wifi to identify the network precisely and locate the loophole to enter, it’s a software that most of the hacker is using to enter someone wifi networks, and as per we think it first collecting data in packets and then finding a way to enter is the safest and advance way to crack wifi network.

kismet wifi hacking software

Kismet software works well on Linux, Windows, and BSD system.

Download: Kismet

8. dSploit [Popular Wifi hacking app]

dSploit is one of my favorite wifi router penetration testing tools developed by Simone Margaritelli, Where it includes various modules of testing security of wifi network for instance: Router PWN, Trace, Port Scanner, Inspector, Vulnerability Finder, and much more. Using these modules you can do various types of attacks on wifi such as man in the middle attack, network mapping, and more.

dSploit wifi hacking app

But, to perform all tasks of wifi testing, You need to full fill some android requirements such as your device is fully rooted, You must have upgraded the android version, and the device must have a busy box or superuser installed.

Download: dSploit (Free)

9. AR spoofing

ARPspoofing (Address Resolution Protocol) is the ultimate hacking technique that hacker mostly uses to manipulate the network. Let me tell you how arp spoofing extract works, So arpspoof basically force and redirect router traffic to our device by manipulating the client network by arp spoof truest that flow mac address to IP address of another host.

After that, we have access to modify network, and also do various attacks such as man in the middle attacks, session hijacks, and more. Quite confusing to understand but it’s pretty interesting. Apart from that, arp spoofing is the most powerful tool in android os that every network trust to cross from it, and that’s where you do attacks to crack networks.

ARPspoofing wifi hacking app
Source: Wikipedia

Note: There is some requirement for android devices such as smartphones must be rooted and have ADB drive on the phone.

Download: ARPspoof (Free)

10. Andro Dumpper [Easy wifi password hacking app]

Another WPS enabled best wifi hacking app for android which will detect and form the system to enter into it, the app automatically detects the WPS network and try to enter different pins to unlock wifi password, just same as wibr+ but it quite advanced and fast to know the password as compare to WIBR+; moreover Andro Dumpper works with rooted and non-rooted devices for the rooted device you get more feature as compare to non-rooted smartphones.

andro dumpper hacking tool

Download: Andro Dumpper

11. Wifi Inspect [New wifi hacking app]

Another best wifi hacking app for android which has a function to track the IP address of the networks, check the vulnerability, and analyze the security of wifi system, there is lot more option available for collecting information of victim wifi it much helps you to hack wifi.

wifi inspect app image

Download: Wifi Inspect

12. CoWPAtty [Best wifi hacking app without root]

CoWPAtty is best android wifi hacking tool that helps you to crack the WPA-PSK router password with the help of a dictionary where numbers of passwords are stored before, in the technical term, it’s called SSID where the password is managed and check every password one by one in WPA_PSK router to crack victim password.

cowpatty image

Download: CoWPAtty

13. Nmap

Nmap is another best wifi hacking app for android on the list, which is an open-source network scanner. That has work to discover hosts and services by just sending tons of packets or request to reveal the devices on the network. It works on both computers as well as in android OS. In this process, Nmap has a motive to disturb the network and find a loophole to steal the passcode of wifi.

But the reason that I’m not too fond of Nmap to use often is it takes time and no surety to crack the password. Apart from that, Nmap is one of the most powerful and easy to use the option that compatibility with various Android OS version. So if you are looking for a great list of wifi hacking apps, then you can add Nmap to your list for sure.

 Nmap wifi hacking app

Download: Nmap (Free)

14. Reaver Android [Simple wifi hacking app for android]

Need a simple and easily crack the wifi password, here is reaver android app through which you can get wifi password it works for WPA enable wifi network, The app contains lots of great feature like.

  • It will automatically detect WPA network router.
  • Instant connects as it finds WPA Pin.
reaver wifi hacking app

Reaver wifi hacking app you should have to try if you are really looking to crack wifi password.

Download: Reaver Android

Best Wifi Hacking apps for android : FAQ’s

Q.1 Is wifi is easy to hack with these apps?

Yes, of course, you can hack nearby wifi with above wifi hacking apps some having limitations but you can try each with care and you will be successful to crack the password.

Q.2 Is it illegal to hack others wifi?

Yes, its an illegal process but everyone knows how to hack wifi and how you will be secure to be hacked by a hacker.

Wrapping Up: Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Android

These were the best free wifi hacking apps for android, and there are numerous more apps are available on the internet, As we will find more strange and genuine Wi-Fi hacking apps that literally works on android then for sure we will add up more in the list, so make sure you stay tuned with this article.

Is there any hidden Wi-Fi apps that you want to add on the list then feel free to comment below.

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