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by Narendra

Best Distance Measure Apps For Android: It’s not always likely to measure the distance like walking distance, building height, farm area, or our daily equipment with our measuring tools, it may be cost high to use; for that there are lots of distance measure apps are available in the google play store as well in the iOS store, those distance measure apps will help to measure distance, whether it’s a walking distance, building height or a farm area, but mind that distance measure apps will not give a perfect accurate height or distance from that you will only know the approx value of distance. 

Now the main problem arises that there are tons of distance measure apps are available to download which one is actually working and trusted. Don’t worry here in this article we will tell you the best distance measure apps for your all type of measurements.

Distance Measure Apps 2022

Categories of Distance Measure Apps For Android & iOS

  • (Distance Measure Apps In Walking & Running)
  • (Distance Measure Apps In Area, GPS & Small distance)

Distance Measure Apps In Walking & Running

1. Pedometer

Here is the leading best distance measure app on the list (Pedometer), which helps you to record your walking distance with the steps counts, The app have pretty simple and straightforward analytics to show the graph of your distance with high accuracy that tracks your distance activity. The most useful feature I like in pedometer is here it will also give you the data of your burning calories while walking and how quick you are walking in a particular time, it all you will show in the graph with very perfect UI of the app.

Pedometer distance measure app


  • Apart from the distance measure, it will also capture burning calories while walking.
  • Have the best user interface to use the app.
  • Fast and accurate distance measurements.

Download: Pedometer (Android | iOS)

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2. Running Distance Tracker +

Here is another useful app for tracking distance it will track your path through GPS for an accurate calculation of distance traveled, the app is full fill with lots of unique features like here you can access the music player and voice commands while running on tracks, give you the log of running activities, apart from features it also has a unique user interface which shows you the miles covers in a period and how much calories you burn, It also has a start and run button through which you can start distance cover.

Running Distance Tracker + distance measure app


  • The app has great unique features.
  • Great UI and shows the full map of cover distance.
  • Easy and accurate distance measurements.

Download: Running Distance Tracker+ (Android | iOS)

3. Nike Running

Nike running is another most useful distance measure app, you just have to click on start button then it will automatically detect your location and traveling distance, The app contains lots of great features while running or traveling, like while traveling you can use music player for fun and in the background, it will record your distance covered, it will automatic as well manually you can stop tracking your distance any time, Apart from the knowing distance its the best app for health and fitness where you can compete with your friends through challenges.

nike distance tracker


  • Convenient to use and track distance through GPS.
  • Great UI For easy to use.
  • Detailed data of your distance traveled.

Download: Nike Running (Android | iOS)

(Distance Measuring Apps In Area, GPS & Small distance)

1. GPS Measure and Save Location

Here is another distance measuring app that helps you to grasp the distance area of a particular region through GPS, The app carries lots of excellent features like Area measurements, distance measurement in different units. Furthermore, the app is most suitable for all who are curious to know the area from one point to another, Here you can also choose the distance units like meter(m), kilometer(km), yard(yd), and several more. To know the area or distance you just have to pick the points of location in map that’s all it will automatically analyze the distance and show you.


  • Easy to measure the distance from one point to another.
  • Have the option to choose different units.
  • You can also save measures for later use.

Download: GPS Measure (Android | iOS)

2. GPS Fields Area Measure

GPS Fields Area Measure is another great distance measuring app that helps you to measure distance, area, perimeter by marking out the area which you want to cover the distance, apart from the point out you can also measure distance by walking in that part it will capture your distance traveled through GPS, An app is certainly an excellent tool for the town planner, construction landscape designer without investing in their tool it will give you the approx distance of area, so its to be simple to plan for doing something.

GPS Fields Area Measure


  • Ease to do the calculation with the highest approx distance.
  • You can also save your measurements in-app.
  • You can also change measurements like unites.

Download: GPS Fields Area Measure (Android | iOS)

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3. Smart Measure

If you are looking to know the height of the tower on yourself then smart measure is the choicest distance measure app which helps you to know the height and distance, The app is very easy to use you just need to aim the camera on the ground and press shutter to capture the height and distance it’s really amazing if you don’t have any tool to know the height or distance of an object. Before using the app you should have to calibrate for perfect accuracy.

Smart Measure

You can now smartly measure any distance using a smart measure, for instance, you can use as a smart ruler for a short distance, smart measure for medium distance, and for more long-distance also you can use the app.


  • Measure distance and height as well.
  • Give approx distance values.
  • You can use the app as a smart ruler or for long-distance and height as well.

Download: Smart Measure (Android| iOS)

4. Maps Ruler

Maps ruler is simple and easy distance measure app here you just have to point the initial to the final point in the map while using GPS it will automatically detect the distance covered between two points, Here you can use three maps mode which is normal, satellite, terrain as well as give it the units which you want to show distance, No doubt its a great alternative of distance measurement tools.

 Maps Ruler


  • Simple to use.
  • Fast and accurate distance measurements.
  • continuous path calculations.

Download: Maps Ruler (Android | iOS)

5. Google Maps

Here is most general map app from Google, which shows you the precise distance between the point you choose to the destination you want to measure, if you don’t trust above those apps then using google map you can know the distance its a trusted app from the google. Apart from the distance, it will show you the traffic, nearby activities, shops, and most important vehicles you will go to your destination. Really surpassing app to be used to know the distance between two-point.

Google Maps

Moreover, if you want to measure distance in a nearby location for example within 5 km without any popular place then you just have to follow this. Just go to google map and long tap on your location where you will see the new tab bar shows below, open it and select option distance measure that’s it.

After that, you can select a different point from which you want to measure distance, it’s a quite comfortable and accurate distance measurement without the use of any third-party app.


  • Great to know the exact distance between two points.
  • Highly trusted and developer by google.
  • Easy and fast to use.

Download: Google Maps (Android | iOS)

6. Smart Tools

Smart Tools is one of the best apps in distance measure to be used to know the distance of the object, here you will get lots of tools in one app like here you will get a ruler, units, distance, sound, compass, light measuring tool through which you don’t need any other tool, all the tools give ideal value and straightforward to use for anyone, if you really need any great tool in paid then smart tools you should have to try.

Smart Tools distance measure app


  • Having all in one feature tools.
  • Easy and great user interface.
  • Great variety of conversions and calculating distance height using cameras.

Download: Smart Tools (Android | iOS)

7. Image Meter Pro-Photo Measure

Here is another great option in the paid version to measure distance which is highly recommended for the construction site engineer which use in design or calculate the height and width of windows, house and make the proper design by calculating, angles, using this app you can do anything you want and also draw shapes or freehand drawing and share with your manager, really great app for the professional use.

Image Meter Pro-Photo Measure


  • Best for design engineers.
  • Give accurate distance and height of objects.
  • Great UI and easy to use.

Download: Image Meter Pro-Photo Measure (Android | iOS)

Wrapping Up: Distance Measure Apps 2022

These were the best free and paid distance measure apps for android & iOS through which you would know the distance, area, height as well, all the apps having there different feature you can read them and choose wisely as per your requirements. My favorite distance measure app is smart to measure where you can measure distance and measure height very easily, which one is your favorite app tell me in the comment section.


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