15 Best Facebook Games Ever I Played

by Narendra

There is no doubt, Facebook is the most popular social media platform, but after adding an extra feature to play games on facebook, it rapidly turned into biggest online game active user platforms where you can play any games online or offline with your group of friends that seems much interesting and Facebook contains every genre game so every user can enjoy gaming and compete with friends by just inviting them into game. But with having tons of games there is always a problem to find out the best facebook game to play, for that, I do hard work for you and make a great list of best facebook game through which you can choose your favorite genre and games to play.

Best Facebook Game You Should Play

1. Best Facebook Game (Action)

1. Last Knife

Here is the most interesting and addictive game on the list, where you have to shoot the spinning ball with your knife so that it will break its seems easy isn’t it but its not, In that spinning ball there were knife already, if your knife will strike on another knife then game is over, if not then there is more hardest levels are there, that for sure make you an addictive with the game, its really a good game you should have to try.

last knife facebook game

Last Knife: (Play)

2. Knife.io

Here is another great game to play with your friends where you are covered with knifes and to fight with more opponent and beat them by defence or attack so that your knife covers will be more powerful and then you will easily destroy other, but its not that simple here as your level up the more level players you have to fight, where your strategy to play game works, you can also invite your friend to compete with them to make more interest in-game, overall game is good to play.

knife.io facebook game

Knife.io: (Play)

3. Gold Digger FRVR

As the name suggest gold digger where you have to dig and find the gold coins from the underground, here you have tools to dig the ground but the main part you have to find a way to go and collect gold coins, to make the game harder here somewhere bomb is planted, By which you have to be aware otherwise you die. Game is pretty good when you play the game with your friends.

gold digger facebook game

Gold Digger FRVR: (Play)

4. Shot Hero: Avengers

Shot hero is another game in the list where the gameplay basically a fight between two warriors with arrow, you have to kill the rival with throwing an arrow its a fun action game which you can play with your friends and kill them, there is a point for every hit with arrow as you win matches the difficulty level increases it becomes hard to hit, that’s it you should try the game with your friends.

shot hero game

Shot Hero: Avengers: (Play)

5. Crowdy City

As the name suggest crowdy city where you have to make a crowd by touching other peoples in the city, as you touch more the crowd of public with you to win the game you can also steal some peoples of your opponent crowd and make the big group of peoples who have most number of person that player goes for win, The best part of game is the visual graphics and cute robots that run in cities to join.

crowdy city action facebook game

Crowdy City: (Play)

2. Best Facebook Game (Board)

1. Snake & Ladders King: Challenge

Here is the most popular game on facebook and offline, here you can play the game with the computer or with your friends, The gameplay basically you have to go on top with the ladder at the number comes on die, Game make more interesting when snake eats and you fall down to there tail then again you have to spin the die and start, Really a very interesting and famous game in childhood you should have to play on facebook.

snake ladder facebook board game

Snake & Ladders King: (Play)

2. 8 Ball Pool World

If you are interested to play pool, then here in facebook you can play the game with your friends and another online player where you have to put many balls in hole with the help of stick in one chance, the game becomes more interesting when the opponent is playing so well that time your chances never come to win.

8 ball pool facebook game

8 Ball Pool World: (Play)

3. Glow Hockey arena

Here is another great game where you have to goal the ball using the strike, The game becomes more interesting when you are playing with friend online who have more goal on another area that player will win, its an addictive game when your rival has more accuracy to goal, you should have to play glow hockey.

glow hockey areana game

Glow Hockey arena: (Play)

4. Chess

Here is the chess game which is famous in facebook instant playing game without including, the list is not fulfill,its an interesting game when you get bored while playing normal game then send the invitation on facebook friend and play chess its really a fun and enjoy when both players are in distance and play chess online, But make sure both players already know rules of game for more interesting conversation.

chess facebook game

Chess: (Play)


5. Tic Tac Toe

Here is another great board game tic tac toe which is the most famous and interesting game, we always want to play on offline but here in facebook you can play game with friends and compete for short time, it’s having levels easy and hard choices as per your ability, its quite difficult to make your row while beating your opponent, you should have to try tic tac toe.

tic tac toe picture

Tic Tac Toe: (Play)

3. Best Facebook Game (Sports)

1. Snow Racing.io

If you looking something funny and interesting game then snow racing.io is the best choice to play here you have to race with five other opponents, race is not like car race its a snow race with having funny cartoon and there best move, its really a good game with the group of friends or play with online player from all over the world, there are more then 1.4 M players are playing the game, you should also try the game.

snow racing facebook game

Snow Racing.io: (Play)

2. Golden Boot

Here is the game for football lover, The gameplay is simple you have to do goal as a penalty shootout, every shoot there are some point in different direction at corner of goal have high point and in mid having low points, its a great game to play with friend where competition is hard to make a goal against your competitors as goalkeeper, try the game you love it.

golden boot facebook game picture

Golden Boot: (Play)

3. Super Bowling

As the name suggest super bowling its an bowling game where you have to throw a ball that will hit the target pinball, here you have many chances to hit but the condition is you have to hit pins and knock down all the pins in one throw, its an interesting game when you play with your friends and compete with them.

super bowling picture

Super Bowling: (Play)

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4. Beach Volleyball

Here is another amazing game beach volleyball where you can play volleyball on the beach with your friends the game having really nice graphics and control the action to play if you like volleyball then you should have to try this game on facebook instant with many other online players.

beach vollyball

Beach Volleyball: (Play)

5. Top Skiing

If you looking for some skating game then you should have to try top skiing where you will skiing on snow and collects the coins, but you don’t have to strike on the sidewall or any tree otherwise game is over, as much as coin you collect you have higher chances to win the match, you should have to play game with your Facebook friends and challenge them.


Top Skiing: (Play)

Wrapping Up: Best Facebook Games

These are the most popular game on facebook which played by millions of players, I mostly like a crowdy city that a very interesting game, if you want to enjoy these game then invite your Facebook friends and play with them, and tell me which game you gonna play by writing in the comment section.

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