Best Emoji Keyboard Apps For Android 2021

by Narendra

Looking for best emoji keyboard apps for android ?

Over millions of peoples are using emoji keyboard in android, to make their conversation more engaging, and short, only one emoji expression can change your way of chatting, if you someone like me who don’t feel interested in giving a reply with extended writing, instead of like to send emoji, for that you should to try these best emoji keyboard apps, It would surely make your conversation more engaging and connect to person fast, For that here in this article, we compiled an inclusive list of free emoji keyboard for android that you ought to try, to make your chatting more imposing.

Best Emoji Keyboard Apps For Android 2021

These are the top emoji keyboard apps for android at a glance:

  1. Emoji Keyboard: Overall best emoji keyboard app
  2. Go Keyboard – Emoji, Sticker: Best performance emoji keyboard app
  3. Japanese Emoticons -Kaomoji: Emoji alternative
  4. SwiftKey Keyboard: Popular emoji keyboard for android
  5. Facemoji Keyboard: Good emoji keyboard app
  6. Wemoji
  7. Typany Emoji Keyboard: Simple yet fast emoji keyboard
  8. Cheetah Keyboard – Emoji: New emoji keyboard for android

1. Emoji Keyboard

Here is the first best emoji keyboard which I liked the most, it contains every emoji that you want, approx 3000+ emojis are available to use, and certain period emoji collection got an update to explore new one, If you like me who always use standard emoji-like pretty much simpler then, this Emoji keyboard is the best choice for you.

What’s more, This emoji keyboard comes with loads of features besides emoji, for instance, like Stickers, GIFs, Emocations with beautiful themes, and more that give magnificent look to your keyboard, Plus you can also customize your keyboard themes by changing style, size, or colors for best performance.

emoji keyboard app


  • Having a great collection of emoji.
  • Customize your favorite ones with keyboard themes.
  • Use the keyboard in a one-handed mode.
  • Excellent user interface and performance.
  • Multilingual keyboard over 150+ language supports.

Download: Emojis Keyboard (Free)

2. Go Keyboard – Emoji, Sticker

If you looking for a simplistic with best performance emoji keyboard then I suggest you continue with Go keyboard. Here you will get quite well customize emoji and themes for your keyboard to give a standard look, There are thousands of exciting themes option through which you can choose better one for your keyboard; moreover, The best feature I like is an emoticon, where you will get awsome design emoticons that make the conversation funnier.

Besides Emocations and emojis, Go keyboard gives you smooth performance while swiping and typing on a keyboard, you should give it a try if you want smooth and significant emojis collections.

go keyboard emoji


  • Best emoji, fonts, emoticons collections.
  • Having stable performance on the keyboard.
  • You can use emoticons pack for free.
  • Having loads of options to change keyboard themes.
  • Having the option to keep fonts as you want.

Download: Go Keyboard (Free)

3. Japanese Emoticons -Kaomoji

Whenever I have to send funny messages on groups, then I mostly use Japanese emoticons instead of emoji, emoticons are the best alternative of emoji to express the message funnier, here you will get heaps of best emoticon which you simply copy and paste on any messaging platform to send; Moreover, With owning 2500+ emoticon with plethora of categories like, animals, actions, the big picture, and many more to express conversation in new style. So if you want something new, you should give it a try instead of emoji.

japanese emoji keyboard picture


  • Having big emoticons to send friends.
  • It has many styles of emoticon to use.
  • A more engaging and effective way of conversation.

Download: Japanese Emoticons (Free)

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4. SwiftKey Keyboard

Every emoji keyboard in android gives diverse emoji. Still, before sending emoji, you also need to write effectively, with the classic performance for that, swiftkey keyboard is the best choice to use. Here you will get the most needed emoji with a standard look. With that you will get the writing performance, you can use swipe keyboard for faster typing without type one by one letter.

Furthermore, Here you will get free themes, and good-looking designs if you want to customize your keyboard then you can also do that here, like change layout, change keyboard themes, use your photograph in place, use emojis, gif, emoticons for better conversation. Overall Swift key is one of the best free emoji keyboard that you can use. For more read our review on gboard vs swiftkey.

swift key emoji keybaord


  • You can text up in five languages as you want no more other keyboard needed.
  • Make a custom keyboard as you want.
  • Best for themes and emojis.
  • Microsoft keyboard app.

Download: SwiftKey Keyboard (Free)

5. Facemoji Keyboard

If you are viewing for an evergreen emoji keyboard app for android then face emoji is the best one, here you will get 3600+ emojis, stickers, and themes that have great styles to send in messages, Facemoji is the overall best emoji keyboard to be used as a default keyboard, Here you will get a feature like a custom keyboard in which you can change keyboard color, fonts, wallpapers, themes and many more, it gives you the option to smart input which autocorrects the word and spelling for better use. Overall, face emoji keyboard is simplest yet featureful free emoji keyboard app you can try.

facemoji picture


  • Simple and fast experience.
  • Smart input option for emoji prediction.
  • Having lots of emojis and GIFs to use.

Download: Facemoji Keyboard (Free)

6. Wemoji

If you get annoyed while using emoji and need something new to send then you should give a try to wemoji, here you can make your own sticker same like emoji to send your message creatively, To creating sticker is a new and exciting feature to send a message with your face, in term of emoji, its a simple process to create your sticker you just need to crop your face and add some text sticker, that’s all and publish it, it’s a great way to send a message instead of emojis, you can create as many stickers as you want with different styles.

wemoji pic


  • Great way to describe the conversation.
  • Best use for Whatsapp.
  • It’s a fast and easy procedure to use.
  • New feature to try to make a good message.

Download: Wemoji (Free)

7. Typany Emoji Keyboard

Here is another emoji keyboard for android which has lots of unique features that are different from other emoji keyboard apps like here you can use AI-Powered input tech through which as you type a word it will automatically give you a suggestion to use in the right word to make better conversation. Typany provides translator through which you can change your native language to another, it’s a great way to talk with any country’s languages plus more than 100+ languages available to use.

The best feature I like is keyboard themes not like every other it’s different, here you can customize words to a DIY theme to make useful messages. With that, you can customize your emoji as well as you want, surprisingly a must-use emoji keyboard for android.

typany emoji keybaord


  • Make a customize emoji as you want with (emoji maker).
  • AI-powered technology like iOS messaging service.
  • Having an inbuilt translator option to translate text.
  • Lots of great themes and emojis to use.
  • Great Performance to use the keyboard.

Download: Typany Emoji Keyboard

8. Panda- Cheetah Keyboard

Cheetah keyboard emoji is the best way to wrap up the article, here is the most popular emoji keyboard for android with ultimate panda style, which is used in many smartphones nowadays. It contains lots of great features and emoji which make the conversation more effective, The cheetah keyboard having features like 3D themes, GIFs keyboard, Customize keyboard, and lots of standard emoji, you can use this keyboard for better typing, good looking emojis. Fun as well it has over 500K+ downloads on play store, which makes it’s most potent you should give a try.


  • Great user experience on a keyboard.
  • Having lots of emojis, themes, gif images.
  • Smart auto-correction feature for non spelled word.
  • Having a gesture typing feature for fast typing.

Download: Panda Kawaii- Emoji (Free)

Wrapping Up: Best Emoji Keyboard Apps For Android

These were the good emoji keyboard apps, which I personally use, all the emoji app have their own feature which makes them more effective to use, you can check out as you prefer, I mostly prefer to use emoji keyboard to fast and packs of emoji. Which emoji app you are going to use, and Is there any more excellent emoji app for android are available you have to add on the list?

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